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Caitlyn was pregnant. That was something Angele had never expected.

It had been years since he left his homeland. The child stayed in Caitlyn’s body for so long. Angele knew that she was likely not treated well by the locals, as people just liked to spread rumors. Maybe she stayed in her family territory the whole time but it was lucky that she survived the plague.

Angele was not sure why it took so long for the child to be born. Perhaps it was due to his special bloodline.

His mother was a tree elf, and tree elves usually chose to reproduce with a human due to the higher fertility rate.

Angele wondered if he failed to control himself during the intercourse with Caitlyn and some of his special bloodlines went inside her body. That was probably the reason why it took years for her to give birth to the child.

However, he was certain that it was his child. As wizards had special mental connections to their inheritors, they themselves would know when their child was born.

If the child had talent, he wanted to bring it to Nola but if the child was not gifted, the radiation in Nola would be too much for the child to handle.

It was Angele’s plan and the decision he made. He could understand why Caitlyn decided to keep the child. After all, having an inheritor of a wizard in the family could bring her anything she wanted.


A purple fireball exploded on top of an oil lamp. The light from the fireball illuminated on Angele’s face and the walls.

He removed his right hand from the top of the oil lamp and stared at it. It was steaming hot and that was the result of the explosion.

‘I need to ignite my right hand once a day now… The implant of the turtle flesh might be a huge mistake.’ Angele shook his head and extinguished the remaining purple flame.

He stood up and walked to the window of the biological lab to peek outside.

It was 9 o’clock in the morning. The eye-blinding sunlight had already warmed up the land. The air was hot and dry.

The warm wind entered through the window and blew over Angele’s face. It helped lighten up the mood a little bit.

‘I haven’t made a lot of progress on the study of the World Stone and now I suddenly have a child. Also, the marriage with Isabel…Misfortunes never come singly…’ Angele’s brows furrowed.

Suddenly, light blue smoke rose from the tip of his finger and a blue rune started flashing on the back of his nail.

"Green, do you have time right now?" Isabel’s voice echoed in his ear.

"Isabel? What happened?" Angele responded right away.

"Well, do you know that my grandmother wants you to marry me?" Isabel was speaking in a shaky tone.

"Yeah, she told me the day before yesterday. Master Flan came to me right after you left. For the marriage, if you don’t want to, I can go talk to her. We are good friends but there’s no intimate love between us." Angele smiled. To be honest, Isabel was a good girl but Angele did not like her personality. Isabel was way too naïve, and Angele would not have the time to protect her all the time.

"Yeah, I’m sorry but I don’t think we’ll be a good couple too." Isabel hesitated for a second and responded, "Actually, there’s someone that I fall in love with right now…My grandmother probably noticed it but she did not like my choice."

"Huh? That’s the first time I heard you talk about it." Angele was surprised. "Who’s the lucky guy? Can you tell me more about him?"

"His name is Raymond. I met him on the third time that I left my family’s territory," Isabel was speaking in a gentle tone. She sounded a bit shy when talking about her man.

Angele shook his head. Although Isabel looked like she was lacking in emotions, she still had a pure heart, and it sounded like they were deeply in love. He recalled the words Flan said to him that night and he suddenly felt a bit depressed.

"How’s he treating you? I mean…" Angele regretted right after speaking.

"He’s a great guy and he’s treating me very well…" Isabel lowered her voice. "Alright, let’s stop talking about him. I contacted you because I want to apologize for my grandmother."

"Don’t worry about it. I wish you two the best," Angele responded in a light tone.

"Thank you."

The communication was cut off here.

Angele stood by the window with his eyes narrowed and he started thinking. He could smell something fishy in the whole incident but he couldn’t make tails or heads about the reason why. There was also no evidence supporting his a.s.sumptions so he decided to give up and focus on the World Stone project instead.

Isabel never contacted him again after the short conversation they had.

He spent most of his time studying the World Stone and testing the basic models. Angele was still meditating every day but his mentality was barely growing. He also made some basic potions for daily use.

Several days pa.s.sed.

At noon of the fifth day.

It was dark outside. The thick clouds blocked the bright sunlight and it looked like it was about to rain.

Angele was collecting some material samples by the lake and he wanted to grow plants that were polluted by the turtle flesh in the area.

He suddenly heard a noise that sounded like a sheep bleating.

Angele leaned to the side and saw an enormous white sheep slowly stopping by the road sign that indicated that the area was wizard Green’s territory. A fully geared Knight jumped off the sheep quickly.

Two patrolling Knight walked to the sheep and the man handed a brown wooden cylinder to them. They then quickly delivered it to Angele.

"Master, a letter from the Jones Family delivered by the post office." The Knight handed over the brown wooden cylinder.

"Thanks." Angele grabbed the wooden cylinder and unsealed. Inside it was a light-yellow leather scroll.

He unfurled the scroll and read it through. His expression changed afterward.

The letter was from the Jones Family but there was no name on it. It seemed like the sender did not want to leave any trace so he chose to send it by means of the postal office.

The information on the letter was simple. It listed the things Isabel did recently.

Angele put down the letter and he knew something was not right. He tried to talk to Isabel using the communication rune but no one responded.

"Amy, prepare the eagle for me."

"Yes, master."

Several minutes later, a black eagle took off from the house and flew toward the location where Isabel was last seen.


Angele was not sure if he had enough power to help Isabel this time.

He found it hard to believe that Isabel did so many wrong things just in several days.

First, she sent out a part of her family resources to someone without permission and then she stole one of the most important family heirlooms before sneaking out of the territory. Second, she rushed into the Bennis Family’s territory and stole two more important family heirlooms. The report said that Isabel was injured by the guards of the Bennis Family before she escaped. The Bennis Family had been pressuring the Jones Family intensely after the incident and Flan had to put a price on Isabel’s head.

Flan had no idea how her granddaughter found a way to destroy the runes that she set up for monitoring the girl’s daily life. She was the leader of the family so she needed to give the council an account for what Isabel did. The council of the elders was still voting for the best solution at the moment.

No one expected that Isabel would become a criminal. After all, she was a good girl.

The letter also said that a team had been formed tasked to track Isabel down. The two families wanted to capture her and question her as soon as possible.

The Six Ring High Tower paid a lot of attention to the events and the organization was also pressuring the Jones Family for an answer.

Angele tried to look for Isabel before the team captured her. However, he failed.


Inside a black castle that was built in a sea of trees.

Angele finally met Isabel in a prison with heavy defense. The prison was called the Eye of the Dark Forest and it was controlled by the Six Ring High Tower. Countless defensive magic circles were set up around it and wizards inside could not cast any spells due to the special energy barrier.

A team of on-duty wizard apprentices guided Angele through the hallway and headed to the underground cells. The place was dirty and it smelled like rotten meat.

Isabel was kept in an individual cell with only one entrance.

There was nothing inside the dark room. Isabel was sitting on a chair, staring at the black ceiling. It almost looked like she had lost her soul.


The metal door of the cell was slammed closed.

Angele glanced around after entering the room.

The only things he saw was a chair and a female wizard.

"Hey, Green, it’s you." Isabel stood up. She looked depressed and tired. Her cheeks were thin and there two dark circles surrounded her eyes.

"I don’t understand. Why did you do this?" Angele knitted his eyebrows.

"My family didn’t like Raymond." Isabel forced a smile on her face.

"Raymond, huh?" Angele shook his head. "It seems like many things have happened between you two but I know nothing about it. You need to know that advancing to the next stage should be your priority right now and what you did was against the rules. I can talk to master Flan and try to make her change her mind but all these things you did…You’re just looking for trouble."

"I know the consequences…" Isabel remained calm. "But I trust him. He’ll never lie to me…!" Isabel suddenly started coughing after speaking and she covered her mouth with both hands, but Angele saw blood leaking out through the gaps between her fingers.

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