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Chapter 234: The School (1)
Angele took out two tiny red eggs and handed them over to the two children.

"Here are some small gifts for you. Take care of them for me, will you?"
"Woah, the eggs of a Lulu Bird! Thank you!" Sophie took one of the eggs. "I have always wanted a lulu bird!"
Morrow held the egg in hand tight, looking joyful.
"Thank you!"
"You’re welcome. Come by my place the next time you visit your grandpa." Angele smiled and pinched the girl’s cheek playfully.
"Ah, master, your hand is so cold!" Sophie stepped back and put her hands on the cheek.
"So, what do you say? You have time today, right? I just finished some of my tasks so I can introduce the school to you," Shiva turned to Angele and said.
"Sure, I just finished my experiment," Angele responded in a relaxed manner.
"There’s an anniversary festival going on in the school and my grandchildren joined one of the exhibitions. They asked me to be an audience." Shiva patted Morrow’s head.
"No worries. I’ll take my time and explore the school." Angele nodded.
They stayed in the living room and chatted for a while.
"Let’s go. Our flying mounts have arrived." Shiva stood up upon hearing the noise made the eagles.
Angele and the two kids followed after the old man.
On the gra.s.ses outside, three humongous eagles’ reins were held tight by several fire spirits. Their wings were several meters long and all of them looked grand and majestic.
Shiva stepped forward and jumped on one of the eagles.
Angele and the two kids followed after him.
He sat on the back of the black eagle and held the saddle tight. The eagle rushed forward as it swung its wings and left the ground.
The three black eagles formed a triangle in the air.
Angele looked down and saw the fire spirits watching them leave. The chilling wind was blowing across the trees and the leaves were dancing in the air.
It was early in the morning. The sky was blue but the gentle sunlight did not bring enough warmth to Angele’s body.
He pulled his collar up and lowered his body. His eagle was the slowest among the three. It seemed like the eagle was having some trouble trying to speed up.
They went past the forest. Angele started seeing rivers, lakes, and several wizards’ territories hidden among tiny trees. There were also several towns built by the wizard families around.
The black eagles finally left the Six Ring Area after pa.s.sing by two towns and there was a long twisted black wall right below them.
"Public area is right ahead. Let’s lower the alt.i.tude and prepare for landing." Shiva buffed his voice with energy particles.
"Got it," Angele responded right away.
The two black eagles slowly lowered the att.i.tude and Angele saw a city that was not surrounded by city walls below.
The city was built on the top of a hill in the plains and the distance between each building was relatively large when compared to other cities that were similar in size.
He heard the noise made by the crowd on the street as the eagle approached the city.
There was a parade going on the streets. People were throwing diced up green leaves to the air on the back of boars and buffalos. There were also kids chasing each other beside the bards and the clowns.
Small vendors were giving people food and drinks for free.
Something exploded down there and the crowd started cheering.
The blue fireworks were shot into the sky and exploded. They were created using energy particles and were popular during festivals.
The three eagles slowly landed on top of the tallest building in the center of the city.
The light-yellow roof of the building looked like the top of a portabella mushroom and there were around five people waiting there.
A middle-aged man with a black mustache app

roached them as the eagles landed.
"Master Shiva, you’re finally here. Master Singerad has been questioning me for hours…" The man looked helpless.
Shiva jumped off the eagle and patted its head. "What’s the matter? I have already finished all my tasks, I believe."
"Well, it's the security of the parade. We need you to set up defensive magic circles in certain areas. It’s the priority right now."
"Really? Fine…" Shiva turned to Angele. "Sorry, Green, there’s something I have to take care of. You can explore the school with my grandchildren first. I’ll come find you later."
"It’s fine, grandpa, we know the way! Don’t worry about it," Morrow interrupted.
"We’ll show the school to the kind and generous master Green!" Sophie emphasized on the word ‘generous’.
Angele shook his head and chuckled. "Well, I’m counting on you."
"Take care of my guest for me." Shiva found a wizard apprentice and ordered him. He then quickly left the roof with the man with a mustache and started chatting about the security issue as they walked.
Angele jumped off the back of the eagle and landed on the ground.
"Huh? Is this really a building…?" It felt like he was standing on something soft but elastic.
Sophie walked to Angele and answered loudly, "It’s a mushroom, master Green!"
"You can just call me Green. For real? This is a mushroom?" Angele was surprised. He stomped his feet several times, and it did feel like stomping on a soft blanket.
The wizard apprentice waiting on the side was a cool beauty with short hair. She walked to Angele quickly.
"Master, my name is Fir. Where do you want to go first? It’s the 100th anniversary of the school and there are many interesting events going on."
"I’ll let them decide. Let’s go to the streets first." Angele pointed at Sophie and Morrow.
Morrow walked in the front and the two left the mushroom building. A light wizard accompanied by two wizard apprentices behind him approached them right away.
"Master Green, master Shiva asked me to give you a tour of the school. My name is Merrat."
In front of the group, there was a sh.e.l.l-shaped open platform that was decorated with red, blue, and yellow flowers. The banner over the platform said: 100th Anniversary Award Ceremony.
There were more than a hundred Knights and wizard apprentices sitting in front of the platform and on the first row, there were two light wizards. All of them were staring at the platform without making any noise.
A female wizard apprentice in a red dress was reading people’s names from a piece of leather paper. Angele had no idea why they were being awarded.
"Just tell me some general information about your school first." Angele stood by the exit of the mushroom building and started talking to Merrat.
"Sure." Merrat started introducing, "The name of the school is Cross. Our organization has a very long history and we also have the 4th largest underground library in the whole Nola. It’s what we’re proud of.
"The school is divided into three major areas—the dorms, the cla.s.srooms, and the library. There are only five big buildings in the area, including this mushroom building. The members of the organization don’t have to stay in the school all the time. They just need to complete their shifts in the three major areas." Merrat stopped for a second and continued, "There are 19 formal wizards in the school and around 6 of them spend most of their time in the school. The number of the wizard apprentices is around 200 and most of them are from the local wizard families."
Angele was wearing a white robe and he was a stranger to the students here. Some of the wizard apprentices on the seats started whispering after seeing the unfamiliar face.
The wizards on the first row also noticed Angele’s presence. One of them turned around and greeted Merrat. He then realized Merrat was taking care of the guest so he decided to focus on the award ceremony.
"Thanks. Let’s get moving then. The school doesn’t sound that big." Angele slightly nodded. He had collected some information about the school before coming here.
A Gas stage wizard like Shiva was rare in the school and the only Liquid stage wizard was the president. The school had a long history and strong background, but it was not very famous in Nola.
Angele raised his head slightly.
The enormous mushroom buildings were the signature features of the school.
All the mushroom buildings had doors and windows on their surfaces. They looked the buildings from the fairy tale.
Five mushroom buildings formed a circle around the city and in the middle, there were several white stone houses.
Merrat showed Angele all the mushroom buildings quickly.
It was not a large school and it had the similar size as the school in Marua Harbor.
There were many young wizard apprentices reading books on the street. Stone chairs and patios were built in the small gardens alongside the main street.
All the wizard apprentices bowed to Angele as they pa.s.sed by, it seemed like they were well-educated.
Angele’s main purpose of his visit was the World Stone Shiva had mentioned before.
He had just created something interesting with the flesh acquired from the Nightmare Realm. Although he was not sure how effective it would be, it should be better than the illusion signet.
Angele wanted to visit the Nightmare Realm as many times as possible so he could collect more extremely rare resources.
However, the great harpy was losing its energy after Angele came back from the Nightmare Realm. It seemed like there was a limitation on entering the realm using this way. Angele thought that the reason was he was not a true inheritor of the harpy and he could not resupply the harpy with the proper energy. The great harpy would lose all her energy sooner or later.

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