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"The wizard who purchased the centaurs was ambushed and killed. Those centaurs escaped from their cages and ran away. Rumors told that it was the dark wizards who did it. Are you looking for those centaurs?"

"Yeah, but I need your a.s.sistance," Angele said in a low voice. "The intel said that there are many wizards going after those centaurs. It’s very likely that the wizard was ambushed because someone wanted his goods. Some people will do anything to continue their lineage and those centaurs are perfect for that."

"Don’t worry about it. My family has already sent people for that." The old man lowered his voice. "If we find them, I can send two to you." The old man thought that Angele was going to transplant the signet to him and was happily cooperating with him.

"Thank you so much," Angele responded with a smile on his face.

The white centaur’s ancient bloodline was harder to extract than that of the harpies’. But with two centaurs, Angele could still extract a small amount of the bloodline. He could accomplish that only because he had the help from the chip. Zero could control the energy particles and find the hidden bloodline accurately. The only thing he needed to do after was to try to get rid of its impurities.

It was nearly impossible for other wizards to have such precise control of the energy particles. If they were to try to do so, they would need an extremely high level of mentality to perform a similar operation.

The two chatted for a while, with the tension between them almost disappearing bit by bit.

It seemed like the old man felt much better after Angele spoke of sharing the signet with him. After their conversation, he realized that Angele knew a lot more things than he had expected.

At first, Ander thought Angele was just an average Gas stage wizard, but he soon realized that several of the young man’s theories were interesting and complicated. He decided to swallow his pride and then asked Angele some questions regarding ancient bloodline research.

Wizards were all knowledgeable. However, most of them needed to keep revising the knowledge they had learned. Basically, the more a wizard knew, the slower it would be for him to absorb new information.

Unless one had the photographic memory, it was nearly impossible for them to memorize everything they studied.

Only a small number of wizards had developed some special techniques to memorize information they obtained much faster than others and they were given the t.i.tle called ‘Master Scholar’.

Ander’s impression of Angele changed during the conversation. Now, he was certain that Angele was very close to the level of a Master Scholar. Most of the time, it was him listening to Angele’s theories regarding the extraction method. Never did he manage to think some of the theories the young man mentioned in the past.

He did not despise Angele anymore and he realized that he was a much weaker wizard than the young man in regard to theoretical knowledge. Ander had even begun considering Angele as the most talented wizard he had ever met.

They chatted for two more hours and finally stopped when Angele realized that it was already nighttime.

Angele learned a significant amount of information regarding the fundamentals of potion concoction system from Ander. Similarly, it seemed like the old man was satisfied with the new information he acquired.

"It’s late. Let’s stop it from here," Angele suggested.

"Sure, I learned a lot from you today. Sorry, but I didn’t expect you to be so knowledgeable." Ander’s att.i.tude had changed a lot. Although the two still did not trust each other, the atmosphere between them was not intense anymore.

"Not a problem. Thank you for enlightening me on the potion concocting techniques."

They praised each other before cutting the connection.

The light from the crystal orb slowly faded.

"Are you done? Master?"

Peter was waiting on the sofa patiently the whole time.

"Yeah, you can leave now. Thank you, wizard Peter. It’s a pleasure meeting you." Angele smiled.

"You’re welcome, I’ll see you later."

Peter said goodbye to Angele and left the house. Angele sat on the sofa with eyes blinking, thinking about his future plans.

He stood up after about half an hour, then he carried the crystal orb and headed to the biological lab on the second floor.

Angele walked straight to the table and grabbed the crystal bottle with the turtle flesh inside. The special crystal bottle would preserve the meat for a certain amount of time.

‘I should try to inject more of its blood into the creatures.’ Angele stared at the bottle and made his decision.


Several months later, in the morning.


Something exploded inside the biological lab.


The door was pushed open. Dark thick smoke rushed out of the room, and a man covered in black ashes stepped into the hallway.

"c.r.a.p!" Angele coughed several times. A thin layer of metal barrier dropped to the ground, which was coated with the black ashes.

"Master Green, towel." Alice had already gotten used to such situations, so she calmly handed a wet towel to Angele.

"Thanks." Angele grabbed the towel and wiped his face with it.

"Prepare the carriage for me. I need to visit someone," Angele ordered.


15 minutes later.

Angele left the house inside the carriage. The coachman was a male human he purchased from the slave market.

The carriage advanced slowly along a narrow path in the forest.

About half an hour later, he arrived at wizard Shiva’s manor.

"Finally, you’re here." Shiva, who stood by the door of his residence, walked to Angele’s carriage.

Angele quickly jumped off the carriage and gave Shiva a big hug.

"It’s been a while."

"Yeah," Shiva responded then chuckled right after. There were two people standing behind him.

It was a boy and a girl and both of them were around 11 years old.

"Morrow, Sophie, this is the young man I told you about." Shiva pointed at Angele.

The two stared at Angele for several seconds.

"Hi guys, how are you doing?" Angele was not sure what else to say. "You look great."

"Thank you!" the boy and the girl both responded at the same time.

Angele looked at them.

The boy named Morrow had a handsome face with short red hair and was wearing a brown leather armor suit. There was also an ornamental silver dagger hanging from his belt. He looked just like a young swordsman.

The girl’s name was Sophie, who looked cute and elegant. Her long blonde hair trailed over her shoulders and was staring at Angele curiously with a pair of large blue eyes. She was wearing a red one piece with red boots and black tights.

After greeting Angele, Shiva led him into the manor.

The two children followed after them and they were observing Angele.

Their first impression of Angele was good, as he looked like a kind and friendly man to them.

"We can probably make friends with him." Morrow communicated with Sophie using just his lips. It seemed like they knew how to read each other’s lips.

"I hear he’s our grandfather’s neighbor, a smart and talented wizard," Sophie responded.

"I like him. I wonder if he will give us any gift." Morrow had an adorable smile on his face.

"I’ll try act cute and see if he gives me something I like." Sophie turned to Morrow and smiled as well.

"We can probably visit his house later," Morrow added.

The two wizards in front did not notice the two kids’ plan.

Angele entered the living room with Shiva and saw wines and fruits already prepared on the dining table.

Shiva sat down and asked Angele to sit on the opposite side. The two children sat down as well and they started eating fruits right away.

"I think you already know that they are my grandson and granddaughter. Both of them are studying in the school and has spent most of the time playing with my students. I’ll teach them to recognize different materials when they come to visit." Shiva looked at his grandchildren and slightly nodded.

"I know that Nola is a peaceful land, but I don’t think you should let them wander around in the school…" Angele stared at Shiva.

"Don’t worry. I’m fully prepared. I know some special tricks to prevent bad things from happening." Shiva chuckled.

"Well…alright." Angele was a bit speechless. He turned to the two kids.

"You’re Morrow and you’re Sophie, right?"

"Yeah." The two nodded at the same time.

"Tell me, what do you want to become when you grow up?" Angele pursed his lips into a smile.

"I want to be a sailor and I want to design robes for wizards," Sophie answered first.

"I want to be a Knight, so I can win fights against the students in the school!" Morrow patted his dagger.

"You’re not even exercising everyday…" Sophie rolled her eyes.

"Come on, don’t expose me…"

Angele felt a bit speechless. It seemed like they had been spoiled and mostly protected by their grandfather from the moment they were born.

Nola was a safe place. Since they grew up in the school, they must have never met any bad guys before.

On the other side of the Gem Sea, a boy at Morrow’s age would already start learning to hunt in the forest with his father. However, the two kids in front of him did not seem to know how dangerous this world was.

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