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After leaving the registration room, Angele went straight into the library.

All the divisions of the Six Ring High Tower had libraries to store the important books.

The library here was built in a separate building beside the main one.

The building was surrounded by gra.s.ses.

Sitting in the center of the gra.s.sland was a lonely black stone house. Large mysterious runes were painted on the surface of its walls.

The sun was setting and the orange light illuminated on the runes.

No entrance could be found on any side of the stone house.

Angele followed a wizard apprentice and walked to the library slowly.

Several light wizards were walking out of one of the walls. It almost looked like they appeared in the air from nowhere.

Angele narrowed his eyes.

"Those walls…are illusions?" he asked in a light tone.

"Yes, master." The apprentice responded politely, "They were set up by a wizard from the headquarters."

The two walked past the white robes and arrived in front of the stone house shortly.

Angele walked straight into the wall without any hesitation.


As expected, he pa.s.sed through the wall without hitting anything. The black wall distorted for a second and revealed a tall arched stone gate as Angele approached.

The wizard apprentice waited outside the gate.

Inside the house, there were three bookshelves. There was no window, no ceiling, no carpet, and no glowing crystals.

Clean books lined up on the three red wooden bookshelves. These were glowing and its produced light illuminated the whole room.

Angele smelled a flowery fragrance as he walked to the bookshelves, making him feel comfortable and relaxed.

Two white robes were checking the books on the same bookshelf. One was a male, while the other one was a female.

They had no interest in Angele’s presence. Both of them were completely focused on the books in their hands.

The three bookshelves divided the room into four areas and two were occupied by the light wizards.

Angele walked around the shelves and checked the labels.

‘Basic Knowledge.’

‘Spell Models.’

He walked pa.s.sed two shelves and stared at the label of the last shelf. It was labeled, ‘Rare Books’.

The other two wizards were checking this shelf as well.

Angele took a glance at the books and saw the t.i.tles of the various types of books in this shelf.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biological Modification, The Horn of Akraham, The Water of Seal, The Cursed Wizard Books, The Light of the Eternal Night…

He had never heard of any of the books but the glows surrounding the books were much stronger than the ones on the other shelves. It meant that the wizards who wrote those books were much stronger.

Angele walked to the shelf that was labeled as ‘Spell Models’ first and started searching for the information he needed.

Most of the spells in the library were basic. Only some of them were slightly modified, but they were still weaker than the ones improved by Angele. Although the numbers and figures on paper looked better, he doubted if those spells would be more effective.

Angele grabbed one of the random books. Each book recorded one certain spell model and it also indicated the method of casting the spell properly. Wizards could die if they failed to follow the correct procedures when casting the spells. Furthermore, the hardest part was creating the mentality model. Some spells even required supporting materials.

He was trying to find strong damage spells to replace the heart bombs and he could make those spells even more powerful after improvements.

The Lesser Fireball was his most used spell during battles, and he had been relying on his Metal Mastery way too much. Angele barely cast other spells he knew but combining the Metal Mastery with the Electric Rune was the most effective way to execute the enemies.

The illusion signet and heart bombs were helpful but there could be situations that he was restricted from using them.

Angele had recorded so many spell models back in Ramsoda. He wanted to master the better ones after reaching the Liquid stage.

‘I need Fire and Wind spells. I can also check out illusion spells since I have the great harpy’s blood in my veins.’ Angele had a plan in his mind.

The High-Temperature Field and the Evaporate spells were the best choices for him, as he could use these two to damage his opponents during close combat.

Angele had been improving these two spells for years after acquiring them from Ramsoda.

Both spells were of the Fire category. For the Wind category, he only found the Light Weight spell practical but if the battle got intense, it would be nearly impossible for him to prepare the spell. Most of the time, fights would happen randomly in the wild.

Angele was thinking with great efforts to figure out a way to solve the problem.

He had many fights with dark wizards and learned one critical thing from his experiences: one must finish his incantation faster than his opponent. In a kill-or-be-killed situation, one extra second could change the outcome of the battle.

Angele thought that the spells that needed long preparation should be used for ambushes.

He wanted to store one powerful spell in the chip so he could cast it instantly when necessary.

For a very long time, Angele had been storing the Lesser Fireball in his chip, but he wanted something better as he advanced to the next stage.

He also wanted to find high-level enchanted items, or even magic devices, as these objects would aid him in battles greatly.

High-level enchanted items and magic devices could be used instantly, but they were extremely difficult to find. It was said that only the strongest wizards had access to such high-quality gears.

Angele found a spell called the Breath of Nature after searching for a while on the shelf.

The spell was simulating the breaths of some magic beasts. It was basically creating wind in front of the caster, which could knock back the target and slow them down. The wind produced was also infused with acid damage.

It was not a powerful spell but its effects lasted long and it had a great range.

The wind could cover a sh.e.l.l-shaped area in front of the caster. Its effective radius was more than 20 meters and could last for about three hours.

However, the model was hard to learn considering how it was complicated.

Angele realized that the book in his hand was just the part one of the spell. In total, the spell comprised of 20 parts.

He sighed with mixed emotions. The spell would be a great addition to the Metal Mastery. When the enemies became impaired by the negative effects, it would be easier for him to find the right timing to strike. Average wizards would have a hard time trying to dodge the spell due to its range.

The creator of the spell explained why the spell was so complicated. The energy particles were arranged in a certain structure that was completely different from average Wind spells. Those energy particles would change the energy flows in the air within the effective range in order to deliver the negative impact to the enemy.

The only hard part of the spell was in learning and mastering it.

Meanwhile, the mentality required to cast the spell was nigh insignificant.

Angele calmed down and started reading those books. He also scanned everything into the database.

Time flew by.

The sun was sinking into the horizon.

Suddenly, he heard an eagle soaring through the sky.

Angele put down the book and leaned to the door, moving his lips slightly.

He saw the wizard apprentice who brought him here walking toward him. The wizard apprentice lowered his head while avoiding in looking at the book in Angele’s hand. His mentality level was not high enough to read the strong wizard’s books and he could get injured if he read it by accident.

"What happened?" Angele questioned.

"Master, the new wizard apprentices have just arrived at the area. The noise you heard was from the eagles they rode," the apprentice responded politely. "They’ll stay here for the second test and if they can pa.s.s it, they’ll be sent to the school or other departments."

"Newbies, huh?" Angele closed the book and walked out of the library. The other two wizards were still standing there reading the books, not concerned about the situation outside.

Warm wind blew over Angele’s face as he raised his head. He saw a convocation of black eagles slowly landing on the empty ground in front of the main building.

"Since master Tyler is leading the group today, those apprentices must be talented," the wizard apprentice said in a light tone. "Master, the test will start soon and you can meet the leader of this branch’s hunting team, master Robin, there. Would you like to go take a look? It only happens once every four years."

Angele stared at the building. He could hear people chatting and eagles shaking their wings. It seemed like the atmosphere there was phenomenal.

"I’ll pa.s.s. You may go if you want. I prefer quiet places." He scrunched his eyebrows.

"I’m in charge of a.s.sisting you, master. I won’t go if you don’t want to go," the apprentice quickly responded.

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