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Chapter 224: The Turning Point (1)
It seemed like the old man named Ander had nothing to fear.

Angele’s pouch and his extraction method were not what Ander was going after.
Without the chip, Angele would not be able to extract the ancient blood just by himself. Other wizards had already spent hundreds of years in trying to discover a method that had a high success rate. And even if they managed to find one, they would keep it as a top secret. Extracting the ancient blood was one thing, but creating the signet was completely different. Ander was trying to take everything away from Angele.
He himself knew that if he could get the signet, he would not need to extract the ancient blood by himself.
Furthermore, without the signet, Angele could not backstab him with the illusions. He knew how difficult it was to prepare for a strike from the mysterious signet.
The countless dark flower patterns were squirming around Angele’s entire body. The patterns would only reveal themselves when Angele had the intention to kill.
However, the power of the patterns was not strong enough to directly impact a Liquid stage wizard. He needed to properly time his attack.
Angele wondered how Ander found out that he had the signet, but it seemed like…
‘Zero, can you a.n.a.lyze the properties of the energy waves Ander was releasing?’ He had a plan in mind.
‘Task created…a.n.a.lyzing…Success rate: 83%. The properties of target’s energy wave are…’
The chip evolved again. It could now a.n.a.lyze the old man’s energy properties using the tiny amount of energy waves being released into the air by the target.
Angele was confused for a second after checking the result.
Ander did not notice what Angele was trying to do.
"Master Ander…it seems like…you don’t really care about the extraction method…" Angele suddenly said.
"Huh?" Ander was waiting for Angele to transfer the signet. He hesitated for a second after hearing his words. "Stop wasting my time. Just do it. If you don’t, I’ll let the whole land know about your little secret. Also, you think I don’t know you’re trying to trick with this piece of c.r.a.p?" He waved the notes made by Angele. "I’m sure there are many people interested in the ancient blood that’s in your body."
The old man was getting impatient.
Angele was not intimidated by Ander’s threats.
"I extracted the ancient blood by luck. I don’t think I can do that again. Why should I give it to you? If I transfer it to you, you’ll be satisfied? No, you won’t. You’ll still sell me out." He spoke in a calm tone, "Also, if you want to push me to the public, I won’t stop you."
Ander was not sure what changed Angele’s mind. He knew that the young man had the ancient blood in his veins. Angele showed compliance at first but his att.i.tude suddenly changed. If Ander leaked his secret to the public, many wizards would try to capture him and study his body. The human subject experiment was forbidden in Nola but evil wizards had their own methods of escaping detection.
Ander’s brow furrowed. He believed that Angele found the method of extracting ancient blood by accident and that was the reason why he focused more on the transfer of the signet.
He had spent years studying all the different techniques and he knew Angele’s method came from the dark wizards after reading through the notes. There was nothing new. Apart from that, he noticed the switched concepts from different wizard books. Ander did not believe that a Gas stage wizard would have the proper technique to extract the ancient blood.
Angele noticed the change in the old man’s expression and was now even more certain that his a.s.sumption was correct.
"Alright, master Ander. Hand everything back to me. There were impurities in the ancient blood I extracted, but you…you have the purest ancient bloodline of the harpies, right? How did you manag

e to extract that? You know what? I can leak that to the public, too. Oh, right. You’re a famous potion master, so the rumors probably won’t bring any trouble to you. Also, those greedy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds probably can’t even detect the ancient blood in your veins. Ha."
Ander gritted his teeth. He tried to hide the truth from others by drinking various types of potions that could help disguise but did not expect the young man in front of him to detect it. If Angele sent out the rumor, a few high-level wizards would go after him. Old wizards had spent hundreds of years trying to find the secret of the ancient blood and they would do anything to achieve their goal. Acquiring the pure ancient blood would grant them the chance to reveal the mystery of the ancient wizards.
The reason why he noticed the ancient blood in Angele’s body was that he had the bloodline in his own body and he was an inheritor of the ancient harpy.
Ander’s grandfather was an abandoned child by the harpies. The harpies would only keep the female children. That was the source of the ancient blood in his veins. His grandfather developed special potions to keep him and his children stay undetected.
Ander’s grandfather, father, and himself, all developed a complete method of extracting the ancient blood from harpies, but it would take years to prepare all the necessary materials and creating the signet was a different story.
"What are you waiting for?" The tables had turned.
"I’m sure that those old wizards will be more interested in your body. What do you say? Almighty master Ander?" Angele smiled.
Ander regretted his decision. He would’ve never thought that a Gas stage wizard could detect the ancient bloodline inside his body. The old man thought that he was the only person in Nola who knew how to detect traces of ancient bloodline in the air. The only possibility was that the young man had some incredibly rare enchant items that could track down strange energy waves.
He had met several rank 2 wizards in his life but none of them had been able to detect the ancient bloodline in his body.
"Hurry up. Come on, you know I can spread message anytime I want…" Angele was still smiling.
"I’ll f*cking extract your bloodline if you keep threatening me!" Ander yelled in a cold tone, but he knew he messed up after he finished speaking.
"Aha!" Angele chuckled. "I know you have the proper method. Come on, give me my pouch now and I want yours as well."
Ander was speechless.
He opened his mouth but had no idea what to say. He was the one doing the blackmailing several minutes ago.
Angele caught the two pouches Ander threw to him.
He opened it and checked its contents.
"Nice, nice. You got some rare items, too." Angele sneered and slightly nodded.
Ander might be a decent potion master, but he was not good at choosing his words. Angele checked the result from the chip and successfully tricked the old man.
Angele had no idea how he should solve the problem if Zero had not come up with the report he needed. He was not prepared for the trouble. This area was controlled by the hunting team of Six Ring High Tower, and Isabel would not be able to help him. Apart from that, it seemed like Flan had long been dissatisfied with what Isabel was doing for him.
Ander was a Liquid stage wizard. Although he was just a light wizard, he was still a respectable potion master. There were many potions that could help him defend against damage spells, though he had not yet found a way to deal with the life mark.
"You know what? We’re even now." Angele knew when to stop. "Just one more thing, how about writing down your method for me? We’re in the same boat now. We can work something out here."
Ander bit his lips.
"Don’t be ridiculous."
"It’s not." Angele stared at Ander. "You see, both of us have the ancient bloodline in our bodies, so we can form the best alliance. I’ll help you in the future and you can help me too if I need it, right?"
Ander stared at Angele with hatred. The situation was completely different for him. Since the ancient blood was already part of his system, if it was extracted, he would die within several hours. Furthermore, his method was perfected by hundreds of years’ worth of experiments. In addition to that, Ander had purchased land, potion labs, and there was someone he loved in Nola, so he did not want to lose any of those.
He had made the decision too fast. Ander wanted to acquire Angele’s signet by simply threatening him and it was too late for him to retreat.
Most importantly, Ander could not understand how this young man detected the ancient bloodline within him.
Wizards had their own specialties but it was impossible for a Gas wizard to have such skills.
The two wizards stood face to face inside the room and started communicating using energy particles.
Angele looked satisfied as the conversation continued, but cold sweat was dripping down Ander’s chin.

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