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The two old wizards glanced at Angele.

"Interesting. You want to join the potions department?" The old man on the left said in a light tone, "Young man, my name is Ander, and I’m in charge of testing the applicants. You know the basics of potion concocting, right?"

"Come on, no point in wasting our time. Take him to the potions lab. Following the rule, you need to concoct a healing gel within one hour. It should be easy if you know the basics." The other old man was getting impatient.

"Healing gel? Or healing potion?" Angele questioned.

"They’re basically the same thing." Ander slightly nodded, he stared at Angele and hesitated for a second. It looked like he was a bit confused. "Alright, go to your potions lab and finish your test within one hour. Don’t try to play any trick. We know what that potion looks like."

Angele knitted his eyebrows. He felt uncomfortable listening to the two potion masters giving orders like that, but he knew that that was how the potion masters treated other wizards. They were the only people who could supply the organization with the basic potions.

The wizard apprentice led him to the other side of the pond and they entered one of the potion labs.

"That’ll be your potions lab. I’ll come back in an hour. Please use your time wisely," the apprentice said in a light tone.

"Sure." Angele nodded.

The room was a bit dark. On the left side, there was a table that was covered in potion concocting equipment, such as the beakers, burners, and the test tubes. Everything needed for concocting the healing gel was here.


Half an hour later.

"Ander? What’re you thinking?"

Vista stared at Ander. Looking confused, he waved his hands several times in front of Ander’s eyes.

Ander shook his head slightly.

"Ah, nothing. This kid reminds me of something."

"What thing? Why don’t you just tell me?"

"Well, everyone has their own secrets, right?" Ander smiled. "Okay, I’ll go check that young man’s potion skill first."

"There are people waiting for me. I’ll talk to you later. See you. Next time you come to the east, make sure you contact me." Vista chuckled.

"Of course. We know each other for a long time, so how can I forget?" Ander shook his head speechlessly.

"Alright then, I’ll be leaving now." Vista turned around and walked to the garden, then he vanished into the narrow path.

Ander watched his friend leave before walking to the potions labs on the other side of the pond.

‘That feeling…It’s identical to the wreckage I saw earlier…It can’t be a coincidence.’ He stood outside Angele’s potion lab and started thinking.

‘I need to do some basic tests."

Ander turned around and walked away. He entered a small potion lab by the end of the row.

He locked the door right away.

The room was empty, and the stone floor was covered by a magic circle surrounded by runes. Some of the blue runes were glowing but the rest was fading away.

The magic circle looked broken and the glowing runes were the only source of light in the room.

Ander walked to the center of the room and waved his right hand.


His right arm turned into a black wing within seconds that had a metallic silver glint on the feathers.

Ander swung his wing in front and created a black vortex. He stepped into the center of the vortex and started invoking incantations.

As the vortex got intense, red glow surrounded Ander’s eyes, and his incantation speed was increasing.

The vortex slowly slowed down and disappeared after a while.

"That’s it! I knew it!" Ander’s right arm turned into black smoke and formed the human arm he originally had. The old man looked excited about the intel he just acquired.

"It’s my lucky day now! HAHAHA!"



The green liquid was slowly injected into a translucent crystal tube and the liquid was still bubbling.

Angele held the test tube in hand and he flicked it slightly.


He was satisfied with the result he acquired.


Suddenly, the door behind him was pushed open and he heard footsteps.

Angele turned his head around and saw Ander standing by the door.

"Master Ander? Good timing, I just finished making the healing gel…" he said calmly.

"There is…some ancient blood flowing through your veins…right?" Ander sent the message using energy particles.

"Huh?" Angele remained calm. "What are you talking about? Ancient bloodline? You mean the bloodline of the ancient monsters? I certainly don’t have that in my body."

"The ancient bloodline of the harpies…I can smell that from you…Don’t try to hide it from me." Ander sneered. "Don’t try to kill me. I know the bloodline and I know the power of the illusion signet. I can summon the hunt team within a second. You can’t fight a whole group of Liquid stage wizards and possibly a Crystal stage wizard."

Angele leaned to the right and peeked outside. There were several wizards walking around who did not look like ordinary light wizards.

"You’re kidding, right? What are you talking about? I know nothing about the bloodline." Angele’s brows furrowed.

"Explain it to me then. What’s that signet on your palm? The signet from harpy’s bloodline can only be created on the palms. Can you show me your palms if you’re telling the truth?" Ander pursed his lips.

Angele’s heart rate was increasing, but he was trying not to show anything on his face.

The two remained silent after exchanging words. The only thing Angele could hear was the footsteps of the wizards outside.

The place was a branch of the hunting team and it was impossible for Angele to fight all of them just by himself. The old man probably had special methods to contact the team. Even with the illusion signet, he was certain that it would not be highly effective on a Crystal stage wizard.

In addition to that, in Nola, he could not cast high damage spells without being detected by the towers, so his skills were limited.

However, he could not afford if Ander leaked his secret about the ancient blood.

"Hey, Lawrence, what do you need?" An incredibly powerful mentality wave appeared outside the door.

Angele held his breath and decided not to do anything stupid.

The mentality wave was much stronger than the first Crystal stage wizard he met in the mission, and his instinct was telling him to stay away from that man.

"Nothing, you know what’s happening to the resource points, right? I want your opinion on that," another man responded.

The two were chatting beside the pond. The two strong mentality waves were the brightest in the night sky. Although they were far from the potions labs, they could get to Angele’s room within seconds.

Angele narrowed his eyes. "What do you want? Tell me."

"Tell me how you extracted the ancient blood. Otherwise, you know what’s going to happen." Ander chuckled. Angele could see the greed in his eyes.

"Ah, one more thing. I’m a contracted potion master of the Six Ring High Tower. I’m marked with a special life mark. If you kill me somehow, you’ll be tracked down by the hunting team." It seemed he was not confident with his fighting skills so he decided to threaten Angele first.

"Is that so?" Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele’s eyes. The method of extracting ancient blood involved the use of the chip. It was impossible for him to give Ander the complete procedure.

"The method…Sure, I’ll write that down for you. I found it by luck, actually. If you don’t tell me, I won’t ever know that it was the ancient bloodline." He slightly nodded his head.

"Sounds great." Ander sneered again.

Angele had to write down the method recorded in the books he found in Ramsoda’s library. He switched some of its concepts and tried to make it look complicated so that Ander would not notice the method was fake.

Half an hour later, Ander checked the notes from Angele and looked satisfied.

Ander raised his head and looked at the pouch on Angele’s belt.

"Hey, give me your pouch too. You need to pay me so I won’t run around and tell others your secret."

Angele gritted his teeth and stared at Ander. The two strong mentality waves were still outside. He hesitated for a second before he threw his pouch to Ander.


Ander caught the pouch and checked the contents. A surprised look appeared on his face.

"You have some great items here…" the old man muttered.

"Happy now? I extracted the ancient blood by luck. Don’t be too greedy," Angele said calmly. He was waiting for an opportunity. After the two strong wizards outside left, he wanted to finish off Ander without triggering the life mark. It was not an impossible task.

"One more thing." Ander stared at Angele in his eyes.

"Transfer your illusion signet to me." He suddenly lowered his head and tried to find the signet from Angele’s palm. "Do it, I want it right now. I know you can transfer it."

The atmosphere here was heavy.

Angele narrowed his eyes again. Invisible black flower patterns appeared all over his skin. They looked like snakes that were moving around and surrounded by a mysterious aura.

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