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"You know why I want to buy her. She has enough milk for my baby, Grace. But two magic stones? You’re asking for too much."

"It’s not that high, to be honest. Your pet will consume at least five slaves each month. There are not many human slaves with enough milk out there. Several died during transportation and we have ordered them just for you…"

"I’ve been doing business with you for years…"

Angele walked away and kept advancing. There was no valuable information to be taken in the conversation.

He knew how cruel the slave trading market was, but Nancy felt uncomfortable just staying in the hall. Although she knew that that was how slaves treated, she still wanted to do something for them.

Angele walked behind the waitress slowly.

Countless cages were displayed on both sides of the way. Most of the slaves inside were human beings and merfolk.

There was a strange flowery fragrance in the air. It felt like they were trying to cover the stink smell coming from the slaves in the cages.

Angele remained calm. He whispered what he needed to the waitress.

The waitress nodded and led them to a quiet area with fewer cages around after turning a corner.

There were dozens of wizards walking around, trying to find the slaves they needed. The total number of cages here was about 70.

The wizards here were all chatting in low voices.

Most of the slaves inside the cages were old and the rest were in their middle-ages.

"So they are the slaves with specific skills. You can find cooks, blacksmiths, herb masters, and gardeners here."

"Get me the better ones." Angele through a mid-level magic stone to the waitress.

The woman looked excited as she caught the magic stone carefully.

"Of course. I’ll find you the best ones."

"I need to find myself one more gardener. I’ll see you at the entrance. Take your time," Shiva said.

"Sure." Angele nodded.

Angele and Nancy spent some time going through the slaves the waitress showed them. There were cooks, gardeners, coachmen, blacksmiths, herb masters, and sailors. The magic stone he tipped the waitress worked very well.

Angele picked 18 slaves in total, three for each job. Most of them were strong and well-trained. They could live for more than ten years in Nola after consuming a special potion the slave trader concocted.

After everything was done, Angele asked the waitress to take him to find some young girls.

There were many wizards checking the area the young girls caged in.

There were more than ten rows of cages and in each row, there were four to five wizards chatting about the young slaves with the waitresses.

"There are three different types of cages here. The first level has girls with decent body conditions and they’re under ten years old. The second level has girls with average body conditions and they’re under 15 years old."

"And the third level…They’re younger than 18 years old, but their body conditions are questionable. Which level would you like to check?"

The waitress was showing a much better att.i.tude after receiving the magic stone from Angele. One mid-level magic stone was more than her yearly salary, so she decided to take the chance.

"Don’t worry, I’ll just look around," Angele responded and walked to the first row on the right.

Inside the dark metal cages, there were young girls that were around seven to eight years old. Some were trying to stay away from the wizards walking around and some just looked lost. Angele saw several girls staring at him curiously and some were just taking a nap inside the cages.

"I’m here for young girls that can be trained into smart maids. The younger the better. Otherwise, they might die during the times I’m doing my research in the labs," Angele said as he walked.

"Don’t worry. All the slaves here are fed with the Essence of Blue Saber." The waitress walked to one of the cages on the left and tapped on it.

"For example, the girls in these cages are around 8 years old. Ten years later, they’ll stop growing once they reach 18 years old. Their life energy will burst out and prevent them from being killed by the strong radiation. Some can live for more than 20 years."

Angele looked to the left as he heard the explanation.

Inside the cage, there were two girls sitting on the floor, their appearances were identical and the clothes they were wearing looked dirty. Their skin was smooth and elastic. Angele found their long black hair beautiful.

The two girls lowered their heads. They feared the wizard that was staring at them from outside the cage.

"What do you think, master? They’re from an island called Sand Forest in the Gem Sea. The residents on the island were eliminated by wizards from Nola as they robbed the merchant ships around for years. Their parents died during the fight and they’re very smart. You don’t have to teach them twice."

"Sounds like they’ll become great maids." Angele nodded slightly. "I’ll take them then."

He threw another mid-level magic stone to the waitress as a tip.

"So, how much for the two girls?"

"You already gave me more than enough," The waitress replied politely, "I’ll deduct the price of the slaves from the magic stones you tipped me. There’ll be plenty left for me."

"Good, not greedy. I like you. What’s your name?"

"Kesha, master, my name is Kesha." The waitress smiled. "If you want anything else, you can come here. In the future, just tell them you’re looking for me."

"Just give me your communication rune." Angele pursed his lips.

When Kesha heard his words, she nodded quickly.

After giving Angele the communication rune, she stepped to the side and said, "Master, you may go check the slaves you just purchased now. I’ll show you to the room."

She waved at another waitress, then a woman walked to them and opened the cage.

Angele followed after Kesha through the hallway and stepped into a door on the side.

The room was small and empty, about the size of a bedroom.

The floors were white and the walls were painted in light yellow.

Kesha and Nancy waited outside the room.

After several minutes, the two girls were pushed into the room by a waitress and the door was locked immediately by her.

Angele stood in the middle of the room and stared at the two young girls.

"Come here, I need to check your bodies."

The two girls knew it was their chance to leave the slave cage. Furthermore, Angele seemed like a nice person.

The girl with a longer hair grasped the hand of the other girl and walked to Angele slowly.

Angele crouched and pulled the broken dress off the girl in the front, revealing her clean and smooth body. She stared into Angele’s eyes as she held the other girl’s hand tight. It seemed like she was not shy at all.

"You have a pair of beautiful eyes." Angele nodded slightly and straightened his back. He then pulled the other girl off her.

"Turn around for me," he ordered in a light tone.

The girl in front released her hand and spun around first. Her body was nice and clean.

"No scars, no wounds, great. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out."

After Angele spoke, the girl opened her mouth to show Angele her tongue. It was pink and normal. Also, her teeth were white. It seemed like she was cleaned before being sent to the room.

"Raise your arm and …"

After about ten minutes, Angele finished checking the two girls. He asked them to put on their dresses and left the room.

Nancy and Kesha were waiting patiently outside the door.

"They are clean and healthy as you promised. If everything goes well, they could live for at least 15 years." Angele nodded.

He wanted to train them as maids so that Nancy could be freed from housework. The two girls were smart and no tracking spells were planted inside their bodies. They were also good-looking and healthy.

"I’ll take them both. Let’s move." Angele clapped his hands. "Also, get them some nice clothes. How will they be transported to my place?"

"We’ll arrange you a free carriage with a coachman. They’ll go back with you. Don’t worry about it."

"Sounds great." Angele nodded again, satisfied with what he acquired from the slave auction house.

Kesha took the two girls to the carriage. Angele returned to the entrance with Nancy and saw old man Shiva waiting for them.

"So how was it? Found what you needed?" he questioned in a light tone.

"Yeah," Angele responded.

Shiva stopped for a second and said, "I feel uncomfortable buying them actually. Those slaves are not treated well."

"You’re too kind." Angele smiled.

"Is that so?" Shiva looked tired.

"Don’t think too much about it," Angele pursed his lips. "That’s how this world works. The weak will be ruled by the strong." He blinked his eyes.

"If the weak want to make changes to their lives, they’ll have to work their way up to the top. You feel sad for them because you’re powerful enough to change their destiny."

Shiva opened his mouth slightly, but no words came out of it.

"Let’s go."

Angele walked past Shiva and vanished into the shadows in the hallway.

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