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"2600 magic stones!" a chubby male wizard stood up and yelled.

Before Angele could place another bid, several other people started increasing the bid.

"3000!" a tall wizard stood up and yelled as well.

"3100!" The chubby wizard stared at the female centaur. He definitely had evil plans in his mind.

After comparing the information in the database, Angele noticed that the centaurs in the cages had the bloodline of the ancient centaur leaders.

The ancient centaur leaders reproduced the white centaurs with the legendary creature, unicorns, and those white centaurs were much harder to find than the normal centaurs.

Most white centaurs could live for more than two hundred years.

Also, Angele was certain that he would be able to extract the ancient blood from them. He wanted the bloodline of the ancient unicorns and the ancient centaur leaders.

The signet acquired from the ancient bloodline of the harpy helped Angele greatly and became his secret weapon. He wanted to acquire as much ancient blood as possible and discover the truth behind it.

His plan would work if he could win the bid.

Angele narrowed his eyes.

"3300!" He raised his hand and his voice echoed in the hall with the help of the energy particles.

Shiva and Nancy, who initially thought he had already given up, stared at him and wondered why he suddenly joined the bidding again.

The chubby wizard thought no one would pay over 3200 magic stones for the centaurs, he turned his head around and stared at Angele with hatred in his eyes.

"3500!" He raised his hand again.

"4000." Angele looked calm.


"5000!" There was no emotion in Angele’s voice.

The number surprised the crowd and all the wizards tried to find out who was raising the bid.

The chubby wizard was sweating and he looked at the female centaurs again with an unwilling expression.

A wizard apprentice sitting beside the chubby wizard whispered something to him. He contemplated for several seconds and shrugged.

"Alright, sir, you win," he then muttered and sat down.

The lady in a white dress stood on the podium and slightly nodded her head.

"Anyone else? If there is no one, I’ll count down to three and after that, those centaurs will be sold to the highest bidder."

"5100!" Someone broke the silence.

Angele’s expression changed when he noticed whose voice it was.

He looked to the left.

A man wearing a red robe stood up, rubbing his chin as everyone looked at him. Nicolas turned to Angele and sneered.

"6000!" Angele’s expression turned and shouted.

He had ten crystal cards that he earned by trading potions with Wisp.

The crystal cards were highly valuable even for wizards. Just like magic stones, crystal cards could be used as a source of power for certain high-level defensive or offensive matrices. It took more than 1000 magic stones to craft an average-quality crystal card.

Ten crystal cards could be traded for a great number of resources.

"6100!" Nicolas shouted again, knowing fully well that Angele really wanted those white centaurs.



"Alright, you win." Angele had a blank expression on his face. He shrugged and gave up. Many rare creatures had ancient bloodlines in them, so there was no point for him to spend so much money on those centaurs.

Nicolas’s expression slightly changed. He did not expect Angele to give up so easily. He wanted to just raise the price one more time, but Angele was smarter than he thought.

He had to pay double the price for the centaurs. Nicolas pursed his lips and stared at Angele for a while before sitting down.

"Anyone else?" The lady asked several times and counted to three. Those centaurs were sold to Nicolas and she was happy with the result.

"Sorry, it’s my fault." Shiva sat beside Angele and sent the message using the energy particles. "Nicolas is a rich a.s.s r.e.t.a.r.d. He saw us sitting together and wanted to make things hard for us."

"No worries. There’ll probably be something else I want." Angele shook his head. "It’s not your fault."

"d.a.m.n, I wish I’m rich too." Shiva sighed with mixed feelings. He was trying to tell Angele that he could not bid anything for him.

After the centaurs were sold, merfolk slaves, fire spirits, and male tree elves were auctioned. A muscular male wizard even spent 6000 magic stones on a harpy queen.

All the slaves were trained by professional trainers. The ones who tried to fight back had already been killed.

"Next, we’ll bring you the most exciting part of this auction." The lady raised her voice and she looked excited.

The wizards all started whispering after hearing the words. The Crystal stage wizards at the front all straightened their backs and focused on the show in front of them.

"So everyone is waiting for the last one," Angele looked at Shiva and said.

"Yeah, of course." Shiva chuckled. "I will bid for it if I have the money."

Angele nodded and turned his head to the front.

The lady asked the dwarfs to bring up a brown wooden box to the front and she opened it carefully.

"The last item tonight is a forest fairy from an ancient ruin!" She threw the box into the air.

A ray of white light shot out of the box and turned into a rectangle light pillar, then a tiny white dot was pushed to the top of the pillar.

It was a palm-sized girl wearing a green translucent dress. Her long blonde hair trailed over her shoulders. The girl’s eyes were closed. Her skin was clean and smooth. It looked like a beauty that shrank to this size.

The girl lay on the top of the pillar without making any noise and looked like she was sleeping.

Strangely, on the back of the tiny beauty, there was a pair of translucent b.u.t.terfly wings. The wings had strange textures and were larger than the body of the girl. Angele thought it was a large b.u.t.terfly before he could get a clear view of the girl.

"We found it in the ruin. A forest fairy from the ancient times. Legend foretells that if you can sign a blood contract with a fairy, it can become your strong a.s.sistant." The lady was still excited.

"Elemental fairy. She’s incredibly beautiful and can buff your damage spells and create barriers for to absorb incoming damage."

The hall became noisy. It seemed like most of the wizards already knew that the fairy would be auctioned last.

Angele looked at the fairy for a while and shook his head.

"Well, I don’t have enough magic stones for that. Let’s go to the backstage and buy basic slaves." He had learned the procedures from the leather paper.

Shiva nodded. "A forest fairy. They’ll bid for it like crazy."

"10,000 magic stones!"

The bidding was intense. 10,000 magic stones could be turned into about ten crystal cards.



"One serving of Essence of the Lion Scorpion!"

"One Sun Stone!"

The wizards in the auction were going crazy, that they were even bidding for the fairy with rare resources. When they did not have enough magic stones, they were allowed to use rare resources as a subst.i.tute.

Angele and Shiva stood up and left the hall through a door on the right side, with Nancy and the fire spirit following right after them.

Several waitresses wearing yellow short skirts were waiting for the leaving wizards.

"You’re here for the basic slaves, right? Please follow me."

A waitress led the four to a staircase by the end of the hallway. They entered a different area while walking up the stairs.

The noise disappeared as they advanced. There were other wizards walking in front of them. Angele could hear the footsteps coming from behind.

Obviously, not all partic.i.p.ating wizards were buying slaves from the auction. Many people were here just for the normal slaves.

The pathway was illuminated by the glowing crystals on the walls but the light only brought minimum visibility.

They entered a noisy hall after walking for several minutes.

The walls and floor were built with dark stones. Many large cages were lined up on the ground. Dirty and depressed slaves were sitting inside them quietly.

Angele even noticed whole families being thrown into the cages.

A naked human woman was feeding an infant carefully inside a black iron cage on the right side of Angele. She looked helpless and sad after noticing the buyers entering the hall.

In front of that cage, there was a thin light wizard asking a waitress about the price of the mother and the son.

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