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Angele entered the hall through the entrance on the left. There were many similar entrances on both sides of the walls.

"Alright, let’s find a good spot." Shiva was almost yelling.


The four found their seats at the back.

In the front of the hall was a sh.e.l.l-shaped black podium and the workers were still preparing for the starting auction. Most of them were wearing yellow coats.

Angele waited quietly in his seat. There were more than a thousand chairs in the hall but only about 300 people were on the seats, including the followers of the wizards.

Half an hour later, the doors on the walls were finally locked.

An elegant lady wearing a long white dress walked to the middle and stepped onto the podium.

"It’s 8:30 in the evening. I a.s.sume everyone in the hall is ready for the auction. The auction will start soon."

The lady’s voice was clean and sweet. There was an attractive smile on her face.

The people in the seats stopped chatting after hearing her words. The wizards started using the energy particles to transmit messages. Angele could see random light dots flashing in the air.

Muscular dwarfs with white beards started carrying black metal cages to the front. Inside the cages were naked male human beings. They were around 20 to 30 years old and all of them looked depressed. Most of them had strong bodies and some of them were covered in scars.

The lady in white dress stood on the right side. She did not cast any spell, but the whole hall could hear what she was saying.

"As usual, we’ll be auctioning those slaves sent by the Northland Alliance first. They’re as good as the dwarf workers. We transported them here from the Northland within 30 days. They can live for at least ten more years, I can a.s.sure you that."

"Here are 25 male slaves and all of them has the potential to become Knights. Starting bid is 35 regular magic stones…"

"40!" Before she could finish, someone already started bidding.

"45!" Someone else yelled.


People in the hall kept bidding and some followers were yelling for their masters.

"The Northland Alliance captured them from the wars they fought."

Shiva explained as Angele was listening to the biddings.

"Northland Alliance again? They really love wars." Angele turned his head to Shiva.

"Yeah, they’re strong because the alliance has more than ten wizard organizations. They’re fighting every other organization around, especially the land of death, Ramsoda." Shiva nodded. "Most of the organizations in the alliance are small and the whole Northland Alliance is weaker than the three major organizations. However, they’re very close."

Quickly, the auction for the male slaves was completed and some more cages were carried to the front. Female human beings were inside those cages. Their age varied from five years old to 20 years old. Most of them were pretty. The clothes they were wearing barely covered their private parts.

Those girls already lost their hope for their lives and their eyes were soulless.

"Again, the female slaves from the Northland handpicked by us," The lady introduced, "Pay close attention to cage 10 and cage 6. They’re virgins and are unaffected by any plague. Our professional medics double checked them. Please place your bid if you’re interested. There are 15 female slaves in total and they’re good for more than 10 years. The starting bid is 50 magic stones."

The wizards on the seats seemed excited.

"60 magic stones!!" A bald muscular man sitting on the right side of the hall yelled.





The bald man furrowed his brows and shouted again.

The bidding stopped after he yelled the number. It seemed that 100 magic stones were already considered a lot for purchasing human slaves.

Angele stared at the bald man and sensed the mentality wave of a Gas stage wizard. However, the energy waves around him were unstable. It seemed that he was carrying explosive enchanted items just like him.

"That guy’s name is Hamlet, a captain of a hunting team from the Six Ring High Tower. He’s also a leader of a small organization in the public area." Shiva noticed who Angele was staring at.

"May I ask a question?" Nancy suddenly questioned.

"Huh? What do you want to know?" Shiva looked at Angele and responded.

"Do light wizards care about their slaves?" Nancy asked in a low voice.

Suddenly, the people around them started chuckling and some wizards were shaking their heads.

Shiva shook his head as well, but he had a serious expression on his face.

"As long as you don’t use them for human subject research, the owners are allowed to expel them, or…kill them."

"Thank you, master Shiva." Nancy lowered her head and stopped talking.

Shiva started introducing the wizards that were bidding on the slaves.

He lived for so many years that he knew most of the wizards in the hall.

Angele learned that the wizards on the seats were divided into three levels.

Although it looked like they picked their seats randomly, most of them were sitting beside the ones at the same level.

The crystal wizards representing the three major organizations were sitting in the first row. Angele saw four people there. No one yet had placed any bid on the human slaves. The two female wizards were having a chat, the male wizard was having a nap, and an old man was doing some calculations on a piece of paper. It was as though they did not care about what was being auctioned at the front, and they might only be here to make sure everything was fair.

The wizards seated at the center were the representatives of the families in Six Ring Area. They would never let any possible valuable resources slide. People would fight for the slaves from the rare races and representatives from the families were sent to most of the slave auctions held in different areas.

The wizards sitting at the back were from small organizations and some of them were just living in the Six Ring Area, like Angele and Shiva.

Shiva also told Angele about the political situation in the Six Ring Area.

The situation was complicated at the moment. The large families insisted on keeping the rights in their hands, but the wizards outside were demanding part of the rights as well.

The wizards from the Six Ring High Tower’s branches were refusing to hand back their power to the local large families, although they had to follow the rules, they were still trying to play some trick at the behind.

The Hanson Family from the east of the Six Ring area had the highest possibility of winning the political fight and become the ruler of the Six Ring High Tower.

They owned the largest resource point and the transportation routes of the east Nola. Some important daily supplies had to enter Nola through the east border guarded by the members of the Hanson Family.

The other larges family that had the power were the Jones Family, the Bennis Family, and the Rowen Family.

The Rowen Family was a puppet of the wizards from outside but were getting stronger and stronger every year.

The Rowen Family and the Jones Family were currently fighting for a few critical positions in the organization.

Actually, only three people in this hall were at a different level.

All of them were sitting in the first row. The old man was not interested in the political fights, so he was excluded. He was just here to make sure everything was going smoothly.

"You see that blonde man with a mustache?" Shiva sent a message using energy particles.

The rows at the back were higher so Angele had a clear view of the first row.

The man with a mustache was having a nap on the chair and Angele could see the dark circles under his eyes. It seemed like he was in dire need of rest.

"The man’s name is Poland. He is a famous Crystal stage wizard and is one of the representatives of his family. Poland served in the war against the underground races and was the most powerful person in the southern area. He’s from the Bennies Family that provided countless services to the wizards or apprentices living in the south."

"The two female wizards were from a relatively weak family. The one with red hair is called Julia and the one with black hair is called Mira. Although their family is not in control of any of the high towers, no one wants to mess with them due to the numerous formal wizards in their family."

The auction was still going on, with merfolk slaves being displayed at the front. The starting bid was higher than the human slaves and they were being auctioned individually. The merfolk slaves were born with resistance to magic and could live in Nola for a much longer time than human beings.

After all the merfolk slaves were sold, strong barbarians from the Northland were dragged to the front. Their Stamina was extremely high and they had decent resistance as well. Some wizards needed them to test their potions, so the barbarians were sold out quickly.

"Next, we have the rare race from the Labyrinth College. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed." The lady in white pointed at the cages that were being carried to the front by the dwarfs. Angele was surprised to see female centaurs inside the cages.

The centaurs were moving around with their white hooves.

Their skin was silky smooth and their tails were fluffy. White tank tops barely covered their huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

The female centaurs all had long flaxen hair and their faces were pretty. They all looked elegant with their large black eyes.

"They were captured by the Raven Man Family and sent here by the Labyrinth College. They have high Fire and Acid resistance. Also, it’s a wise decision to reproduce with them since they have a high chance to be impregnated by wizards."

The lady explained the basic features of the female centaurs. It was a common thing for them that most wizards had trouble impregnate human females.

"We handpicked the better ones when they were delivered. There are 12 of them and all of them pa.s.sed the test. The starting bid is 2000 regular magic stones!"

The female centaurs caught Angele’s attention. Immediately, he raised his right hand and shouted.

"2500 magic stones!"

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