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The silver needle was coated with the dark green liquid from the potion and the liquid splashed onto Angele’s body. Several seconds later, his skin was painted in green.

Angele’s cold body was warmed up again. The surging life energy brought him back to life, and the blood in his vein started circulating again.

His heart was still not beating due to the power of the Tree Killer Potion.

With the help of the potion, Angele’s pale skin turned red and was absorbing the green liquid quickly.

Each serving of Tree Killer Potion could keep him alive for about two hours, so he needed to hurry.

He started following the basic rules and procedures to construct the necessary runes while he was still meditating.

Angele’s mentality model was shrinking and transforming as the runes changed his mind.

The huge amount of mentality was concentrated into translucent rune models that varied in shapes and sizes. Also, some of the runes were moving toward each other and some were rotating.

Time flew.

Two hours pa.s.sed by.

Angele used another serving of the Tree Killer Potion with the help of the silver needle.

The green liquid splashed onto his body again.

He consumed the last serving of the potion after another two hours pa.s.sed by.

Only the last half an hour was left. He barely managed to modify all the mentality models into the translucent rune models that looked like ants moving around.

Angele finished organizing all the models, then started the basic meditating that he had been doing for years.

Suddenly, all the translucent mentality models started repositioning by following a specific pattern.

The models lined themselves up and started hitting each other like building blocks. They merged together after several seconds and turned into a new model.

After the models became larger, they started moving toward each other again. There was not a single gap between any of them.

Several minutes later, only eight large mentality models were left.

However, it seemed like there something stopping those models from merging. No matter how Angele repositioned them, there was always a large gap between them.

Angele opened his eyes and his mouth. The silver needle quickly skewed all the seeds of crystal leaves and sent them into his stomach.

Something cold and freezing exploded in Angele’s stomach and that kind of feeling rushed into his head.

All the remaining mentality models were then coated with some vibrating light red slimy liquid.

Angele started meditating again.

This time, when the gap appeared between the merging mentality models, it was filled up by the light red liquid.


All the mentality models merged into one complete piece.

It looked like a translucent crystal orb. The orb’s surface was solid, but inside it was the translucent gasified mentality. Angele created an energy barrier to stop the gas from leaking out of the orb.

In the core of the crystal orb, there was a special force that was pulling everything toward it. Angele did the calculations using the mentality compression method and this was what he came up with.

Different wizards would acquire different abilities or perks after advancing to the next stage, such as faster casting speed, spell power buff, and body improvements. Their appearances might change as well and that was why some wizards’ faces were covered in strange tattoos.

There were also many possible negative consequences if things went wrong during the advancing process. Some wizards even lost the ability to support their force shields with the right amount of mentality and could then easily be killed by physical attacks. It would be a critical weak point since most wizards needed protection when channeling their spells.

Angele created the mentality orb with thousands of tiny mentality models and each of the models was specifically organized. Their force orientation was modified, which was why the core of the orb could keep everything together.

When the power created by more than a thousand mentality models was directed to one single point, the damage it could do would be incredible.

The crystal orb floated in Angele’s mind quietly and it almost looked like it had a physical form.

The translucent orb was still slowly shrinking, still progressing as Angele had planned.

The green color disappeared from Angele’s skin after a while. The life energy waves from the mentality crystal orb replaced the red dots in his head and kept his heart pumping. The blood flow also returned to the normal state.

According to the records in the books, each time a wizard advanced to the next stage, a new mentality crystal orb would be created. Angele was trying to acquire his second mentality orb and advance to the Liquid stage. After the orb became stable, the solid barrier protecting it would disappear and reveal the core’s true form.

The sealed mentality inside the orb could no longer be taken out, as one orb represented one Talent Spell, but at the same time, he would lose a great amount of mentality.

Wizards were evolving by advancing to the next stage or rank. They could acquire the abilities and talents from different strong creatures, including the ones that could control the nature.

The large mentality orb could provide the minimum amount of life energy to help Angele stay alive.

Time flew by.

Eight days pa.s.sed.

In the afternoon.

Only a tenth of the original size of the mentality orb was left and it looked like a walnut.

Suddenly, Angele opened his eyes.


Cracks appeared on the surface of the crystal orb.

The cracks covered the orb slowly and it started shedding. The orb was shrinking quickly.

The appearance of the core was revealed when the orb shrank to the size of a rice grain.

It was a sticky water drop and it just floated there without making any noise.

‘Finally, it’s done!’ Angele knew that the shedding was the process of removing the impurities. The amount of impurities in his mentality was above average. He gained his mentality through shortcuts and the impurities was a byproduct of the potions he had consumed.

Angele finally acquired a drop of liquefied mentality, but his mentality point was reduced to a single digit.

He needed a long time to meditate before regaining the liquefied mentality.

During this period, he could only use the mentality he had after breaking the limit.

The liquefied mentality drop had nothing to do with the mentality he had before breaking the limit. The two were different, as the liquefied mentality drop used the mentality he had acquired after becoming a formal wizard.

Each time he advanced to the next stage or rank, he needed to regain the mentality through meditation and turn it into mentality crystal.

Also, he would be able to acquire one more Talent Spell after reaching the Liquid stage.

If a wizard had enough knowledge about the nature of strength, ability, and power, they would be able to turn them into Talent Spell or Talent Ability.

That was what differed between wizards and apprentices.

Ancient wizards could master the talents of the magical creatures, prevent natural disasters, and control plagues as long as they had enough knowledge.

However, modern wizards did not inherit the technique. They could not communicate with other worlds, so they lived in a world full of mysteries.

Angele started meditating after acquiring the liquefied mentality drop. He needed to recover.

He expected the decrease of mentality since the impurities were removed, what left was the pure and compressed mentality.

However, he was surprised to see that Zero had absorbed most of the impurities while the mentality orb was shedding.

It seemed like the chip evolved again. Zero now could handle more complicated calculations.

The biochip was operating as part of his brain. He could check the whole calculation process if he wanted to, but those processes were complicated and it would take a lot of time for him to do them himself.

After the chip finished upgrading, most of his mentality was recovered and he had already stayed in the bas.e.m.e.nt for more than 20 days.

He had not eaten anything during the time he had just spent. The fat and nutrients in his body were converted to enough life energy power to keep him alive.

Angele needed to check the plans given by the Zero. He wanted to know what he gained from the advancement. He used a special method to compress his mentality and he was curious about the outcomes.

Angele was certain that he did everything properly. He would choose the best plan after checking what Zero had to offer.

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