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Chapter 211: Defensive Set Up (2)
It was a wise choice for Wisp’s organization to ask a strong wizard to deliver the eight pieces of crystal leaves.
Angele stayed in the living room and finished checking all the crystal leaves when the sun started setting.
*Thud thud*
Someone knocked on the door behind.
He returned the crystal leaves into the bag and hung it on his belt before opening the door.
It was Rossi, a wizard of the Jones Family trusted by Isabel.
The silver owl pattern on the top right of his robe was eye-catching.
"Master Green, I’m here to deliver the materials from master Isabel."
Angele’s brow knitted. The number of rare materials Isabel delivered to him was worth much more than the work he did for her. However, more materials would always be helpful and there was no point for Angele to refuse it.
"You know the location," he responded with a light tone.
"Yeah." Rossi nodded and clapped his hands. The dwarfs carried a bunch of boxes into the garden.
Angele moved to the side and watched them put down the boxes in the living room.

"Master Isabel…you have to stop."
Inside a manor of the Jones Family, Isabel carefully picked up a flower from the garden and sniffed at it.
A female wizard apprentice stood behind her with a disappointed expression on her face.
"Master, why are you sending all your materials to the wizard named Green? That’s your allowance," the apprentice wondered.
"I think he’s just using you for the materials…That’s not what a true friend will do."
"You’re progressing slowly recently…I’m wondering if you’re sending away too many resources. The family members will notice what you’ve been doing soon."
Isabel hesitated and turned around.
"But…I sent him a lot of resources since the first time. I can’t just reduce the number without notifying him…and he’s not using me."
"There are many wizards trying to do that…We’re from a strong family. I don’t recall him showing his gratefulness to you." The wizard apprentice shook her head.
"I told you wizard Green is different. I trust him, he’s a friend of mine."
"The main issue is that your progress is slowing down, and your grandmother will notice sooner or later. You’re borrowing materials from other wizards just because you want to support your friend. A true friend will stay with you even if you stop sending him materials."
Isabel remained silent, not sure of how to respond.
The female wizard apprentice bowed and left after finishing her words.
Isabel stood in the garden and watched the apprentice leave.
"But…the only thing I can give him…are resources…" she muttered helplessly.

Angele watched the dwarfs carrying all the boxes into the living room.
"That’s it?" He counted the number and questioned.
It was different from the last time since there were only three boxes at present. Isabel’s material delivery usually came with at least five boxes.
Rossi nodded. "Yeah, that’s it for this time. Master Isabel needs to keep some materials for herself recently, so we can’t share that many resources with you anymore. Please understand."
"No, not a problem at all." Angele shook his head slightly. He was not in need of materials at the moment and he could summon Wisp when necessary. However, Angele was shocked that Isabel still had enough materials to support her own progress after sending him so many resources.
Rossi and the dwarfs left after Angele confirmed the materials.
Angele carried the boxes to the bas.e.m.e.nt like usual and put the rhino blood into the potion room.
The number of materials Isabel had been sending to him was more than enough to pay for the stabilized rhino blood. He asked Isabel multiple times to stop sending that many resources to him, but she jus

t would not listen.
Angele knew Isabel thought their relationship would deepen if she could support him with more materials. She had no idea how to communicate with a friend properly and would feel secure if Angele accepted everything she sent.
Angele left the bas.e.m.e.nt after everything is stored and started checking the other items inside the black bag.
The crystal leaves were not the only things inside the bag delivered by the black cat. There were also six special family emblems that were crafted in silver. The patterns on the front side of the emblems varied. Some were flowers and some were birds, but all of them were surrounded by twisted runes.
"So this is the defensive rune matrix Wisp talked about." Angele grabbed one of the emblems and started observing.
The one in his hand had engravings of petals and strings on its surface.
He carefully dropped the emblem to the floor.
There was no noise of the emblem hitting the ground. It just sank into the floor quietly.
A big gray b.u.mp appeared on the floor within two minutes. Angele stepped back and started observing the changes.
The b.u.mp was suddenly stretched by some strange energy wave. It became elastic and its height was growing fast.
The gray b.u.mp turned into a cylinder-shaped stone platform that was about one-meter-tall breaking from inside. Four glowing white cracks appeared on the surface of the stone platform shining like diamonds.
The floor stopped moving after several seconds.
Angele walked to the stone platform.
The front side of the platform slightly leaned forward. It was clean and smooth. There was nothing on the surface.
Angele raised his hand and lightly tapped on the stone surface.
A red light dot emerged out of the stone and sank into his chest.
Angele could feel the information of the defensive matrix being transferred into his brain.
He then tapped on the stone surface again.
A white distorted wave started spreading out.
The wave moved out of the wall and pa.s.sed through the garden.
The area around the house with a radius of ten meters was surrounded by the white wave.
Angele learned the effective range through the information.
The defensive matrix could easily cover a large area around the house.
The name of the matrix was Soaring Night Owl, which was mainly used as an alarm system. The matrix could protect the area from being detected by low-level tracking spells. The cost was one regular magic stone per three days or one mid-level magic stone per ten days. It was not that expensive to maintain.
Not all wizards were wealthy, but it was no problem to Angele.
He lowered his hand and checked the surface of the gray stone. A red circle slowly appeared in his sight that covered most of the area on the stone surface.
It was the basic function of the Soaring Night Owl, which meant that nothing was detected within the effective range.
If a wizard tried to cast a low-level tracking spell to check the area, the circle would become a small red dot and a noise that sounded like birds soaring would echo in Angele’s ears.
The magic circle had not yet been fully activated.
Angele took out a high-level magic stone and pressed it against the center of the red circle.
A notch appeared and fitted the magic stone in perfectly. The red circle blurred for a second and absorbed the stone.
"This high-level magic stone will keep the matrix going for months." Angele did not care too much about using a high-level magic stone. The trading he had been doing recently involved a large number of valuable resources and some of them were priceless.
After everything was done, Angele took out the two other emblems.
He decided not to put all the control panels in the same room. He opened the door to the bas.e.m.e.nt and walked downstairs.
The other emblems worked exactly like the Soaring Night Owl, Angele set them up in the main hall of the bas.e.m.e.nt.
Quickly, two stone platforms with red and black crystal edges raised up in the hall.
The one on the left was named the Air Bat and the inspiration came from a magic creature named air bat. It had a great range that could cover the house, the lake, and all the guard posts around his residence. Air Bat could detect the life energy waves from creatures that reached a certain level.
However, its cost was higher than the Soaring Night Owl. One high-level magic stone could only keep it active for a month. The function sounded nice, but it would only work for certain targets.
The other matrix was called the Sanctuary that was mainly used to prevent curses from wandering souls or ghosts. It was a rare defensive matrix that could only be acquired through certain ways. Angele encountered cursed souls in Moon Gin Garden and the ruin of Axis of Time. He knew how hard it was to lift curses, so he decided to be more cautious.
Wisp probably spent a good amount of time trying to find the Sanctuary for him.
Sanctuary’s main function was to expel or attract the wandering souls within its effective range with a range similar to the Air Bat.
To attract the souls or expel them depended on how Angele wanted the matrix to do.
Capturing some weak souls would help Angele study them.
After the three defensive matrixes were set up, the only thing left for Angele to do was to wait for Wisp to pick up the potions he prepared.
Angele could start trying to advance to the next stage after the transaction was completed. His success rate was higher than 80% at the moment, so it should not pose a big problem.

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