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The crystal leaf quietly lay atop Angele’s palm. With his other hand, he pointed at the door and controlled the wind particles to push it close.

He then turned around and walked to the staircase. The hidden door’s gap was filled up by silver metal after Angele stepped into the tunnel.

He entered the Potions Room after walking down the stone stairs.

Angele grabbed a large slim-neck bottle from a line of clean gla.s.s bottles and quickly put different materials into it from the small containers.

There were amounts of red powder, twisting worms, and various colorful steaming potions.

Angele slightly swung the bottle after everything was mixed inside.

The random potions and materials quickly turned into dark green liquid. There was a strange meat barrier on the surface of the liquid pumping slowly like a heart.

Angele raised the bottle in front his eyes and checked the color. Blue light dots were flashing. Several seconds later, a satisfied look appeared on his face.

"That’s it." He carefully dropped the crystal leaf into the slim-neck bottle.

The glowing crystal leaf exploded right after dropping on the surface of the green meat barrier.


Angele already knew what would happen next. He closed his eyes and suddenly, the weight of the bottle in his hand changed.

An octopus-shaped monster appeared in the bottle as Angele opened his eyes. Countless wet tentacles were trying to leave the tiny s.p.a.ce and some of them were already hanging around the neck of the bottle twisting.

The strength of the monster was so strong that Angele could barely hold the gla.s.s bottle steadily.

Angele remained calm and pointed at the monster with his finger as it was about to leave the bottle completely.

The tip of his index finger turned into a silver needle and stabbed right into the monster’s body.

Within a second, the twisting tentacles stopped moving and returned to the bottle, melting into slimy liquid. It was spurting out of the mouth of the bottle.

The body of the monster turned into a dark human’s face after all the tentacles melted. The face was about the size of a palm, it was twitching in pain. Angele’s silver needle was left in the center of the face’s eyebrows.

"You’ll burn in h.e.l.l!" The face groaned, staring at Angele in the eyes with its soulless eyes.

"I’m trying to free you from the suffering." Angele had a blank expression on his face. He grabbed the monster and put his other hand into its mouth, taking out a ball of green slime. The slime was steaming out and the dark green liquid was dripping down its surface.

"Ah…!" The monster shrieked in pain. Its whole face started melting and turning into dark green sticky liquid.

The crystal leaf was a legendary material, but light wizards did not know the proper way to stimulate its full potential. One more critical thing was needed in any potion that contained this incredible material.

That thing was commonly used in most dark wizards’ experiments—the hatred from departed souls.

The monster was created by all the hatred from the people Angele had killed. As dark wizards were known to practice dark magic using such materials, he had learned the extraction method from the book and decided to mix it with the crystal leaf.

The furious souls were no longer bothering Angele after being extracted to the potion. The cold expression on his face changed. He then looked elegant and wild just like the Baron from his memory. With his golden glowing eyes, Angele looked like a scion of a wealthy family.

He held the green slime ball in hand and blue light dots flashed in front of his golden eyes.

"Asura…Toriunan…" He was speaking in the ancient language, which meant "Come to me, my child." Angele’s voice was light and gentle, repeating the words several times.

The slime ball started transforming when Angele invoked the incantation. Then it started withering almost as if it was being blown by heated air. After the liquid ball solidified, long wrinkles slowly appeared on its surface.

Angele’s hand was still inside the solidified slime ball.


The green slime ball suddenly cracked open.

After several seconds, pieces of small shards dropped down the surface of the ball.

Blue sticky leaked out of the crack that quickly gathered together, turned into a small ball, and floated in front of Angele’s eyes.

He heard the clean sound of a bird twittering.

The ball quickly transformed into a glowing blue bird that flew around Angele’s head while twittering.

The bird drew a bright blue arc in the air.

Angele dropped the green shards to the ground and raised his right hand.

The blue bird slowly landed on the tip of his index finger and started cleaning its feathers.

Glowing blue light dots were dropping down from Angele’s finger.

The blue bird was about the size of a human fist and its wings were translucent. The blue light dots came from the end of its tail.

The light dots that dropped on Angele’s skin had the texture of light soap foams, gentle but freezing.

Those light dots were brighter than the dim glowing crystals in the room. The light from the bird illuminated on all the objects around.

A light smile appeared on Angele’s face as he stared at the cute little bird.

Suddenly, the bird soared and turned into a blue light needle, shooting into the center of his eyebrows.

Angele was. .h.i.t by the impact, causing him to take several steps back before regaining balance.

He shook his head.

The liquid inside the slim-neck bottle was no longer there. The only thing left was a sh.e.l.l-shaped seed. The surface of the seed was smooth and clean, a ‘V’ shaped glowing blue rune was engraved onto its surface.

‘Crystal leaf successfully extracted, seed acquired,’ Zero reported back immediately.

Angele held the black seed in hand and started observing.

"This is the seed…I can consume it together with the Tree Killer potion."

Angele nodded, looking satisfied.

"Now, I only need to wait for the crystal leaves promised by the Wisp."


Two days later.

Inside the Potions Room underground, Angele suddenly woke up from meditation.

He sensed the presence of unfamiliar energy wave approaching the house, but he was not sure if it was an enemy.

Angele stood up and wiped the dust off his white robe. He pushed the door open and left the room.

He then walked across the hall, went upstairs and slightly tapped the surface of the white door.

Angele made sure the door was sealed properly before walking to the door of the house.


The door was opened.

However, there was no one outside. Nancy was still patrolling around the guard posts.

Angele surveyed the other side of the lake. There was no one around the white stone tower. The patrolling Knights and apprentices disappeared.

His brow furrowed and he decided to summon the apprentices first by activating the communication rune.

He heard some movements from the left side of the fence.

Angele turned his head around but nothing was there. He turned his head back and was surprised by what just appeared in front of him.

A black cat was sitting by the gate. Its eyes were surrounded by a mysterious green glow, and it was staring at Angele.

Angele carefully put up his metal barrier and was ready for a fight. The eyes of the cat were so deep that they made his skull numb.

After several minutes, the black cat stood up and slowly walked out the gate.

Angele quickly rushed out of the gate and glanced around, but the cat had already left.

He noticed a black bag hanging on the gate’s handle.

Angele hesitated for a second but still reached out for the bag.

The bag was made from black fur. He untied the bag and saw the furry inner layer.

Angele realized what was inside after sensing the energy wave. His expression changed as he reached into the bag.

He quickly returned to the living room and locked the door before pulling his hand out of the bag.

There were about seven pieces of glowing crystal leaves in his hand.

"That black cat…"

Angele realized the cat came from Wisp’s organization. Its mentality wave was hard to detect but was extremely strong. It should be the first time he had encountered such mysterious creature.

The cat’s mentality had similar properties as the two-ring wizard Flan from the Jones Family, different from any rank 1 wizard he had ever met.

"Interesting. I really want to know how strong this organization is now." Angele pursed his lips. He thought once again of the encounter and figured out that the cat was not a magical creature but a strong formal wizard.

The cat came from nowhere and disappeared without leaving any trace behind. The only reason it released the mentality wave was to let Angele detect its presence.

If the cat wizard wanted to attack Angele from behind, he would at least be severely injured. Zero would not even be able to warn him in time.

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