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The stench was becoming worse by the second. It was the first time that Angele experienced such an unpleasant smell after reincarnating into this world.

About ten minutes later, he raised his head and straightened his back.

"Well, it definitely caused some damage to my body."

Zero displayed the hologram of his body in front his eyes. The hologram was rotating slowly and red glowing dots were moving inside his body, from the head to the lungs. The distance between each of the red dots was close.

‘Unknown bacteria detected, please use antibiotics immediately.’

Zero warned.

Angele knitted his eyebrows. "It seems like I need to rest for a while before using it for meditation again. I need to increase my Mentality to 40 in order to advance to the next stage, but it seems the process will take a while. Also, I reached Gas stage faster than most of the formal wizards…If I advance to the Liquid stage in such a short period, I may get in trouble. The old guys will want to know how I did that."


In the next several months, Angele stayed in his house and focused on meditating with the a.s.sistance of Demos’ Water.

He spent his free time trying to concoct the Tree Killer Potion. However, the difficulty was much higher than the Demos’ Water. Furthermore, he kept improving the current spell models and studied the Giant’s Fire enchantment skills.

Although Nola should be a safe place, he was still preparing for possible ambushes from the Labyrinth College. He still had some high-quality heart bombs left but nothing had happened during these past months.

The old man with red eyebrows knew what Angele looked like and could easily recreate his appearance in a mirror using spells. Angele was still not sure what spells the old man used to track him down, so he decided to stay alert.

It seemed like someone had handled the trouble for him as there was no report on sighting spies of Labyrinth College recently. The only possibility was Isabel’s family, the Jones Family, had helped him.

Angele’s a.s.sumption was that he was Isabel’s friend, and for some reason, the Labyrinth College feared the power of the Jones Family.

It was possible for him to win a 1-on-1 battle against a Liquid stage wizard. However, he doubted if he could last two seconds under the spells of a Crystal stage wizard. The horrifying spell cast by old wizard Melissa back in the ruin could probably purify a whole city. He could not imagine how much damage an explosive spell from a Crystal stage dark wizard could do. They could likely even easily block his heart bombs.

Wizards who had reached the Crystal stage must be extremely talented and hardworking.

Many Crystal stage wizards were only one step away from advancing to rank 2 and most of them already lived hundreds of years’ time in this world.

Angele recalled the conversation he had with Isabel on the ship. She said that her grandmother, Flan, monitored her daily life.

Flan gave Angele an impression that she was a pervert.

Isabel once discussed the problem with Angele during a chat through the communication rune.

She said that her grandmother spent hundreds of years in the laboratory, meditating and doing researches after the war ended. Thus, it was understandable for Flan to develop some special interest to stay sane.

However, Angele still thought that Flan’s love to Isabel was over the line.

He could probably escape the pursuit of a Crystal stage, but he was certain that there was no way he could survive the attack from a rank 2 wizard.

Angele stayed in his house, doing researches, concocting potions, and meditating. This situation lasted for years.

Finally, Angele’s Mentality was increased to 40.


"Welcome, wizard Wisp." Angele stood in the garden with a smile on his face, glaring at the tall slim outside the fence. The tall man was wearing a gray coat with a white cap on his head. He had a strange taste in fashion.

It was high noon; the sunlight was burning. The man smiled, took off his cap, and slightly leaned forward.

"Green, it has been a while. Have you finished the Ghost Voice Potion yet? I brought you the list of the materials you asked for here," the man spoke, and Nancy opened the gate for him. He stepped into the garden and followed Angele to the house.

The garden looked much better than before after Nancy spent the time taking care of the plants. Tiny white flowers decorated the vibrant tall gra.s.ses.

"It’s been done a long time ago. You can pick it up anytime you want. Did you bring me the sample I want?" Angele pushed the door open and asked.

"Of course, the sample is right here." Wisp squeezed his white cap and turned it into a piece of white cloth, then put it into his pocket. Nancy was surprised by this ‘magic’ he just did.

The two sat on the sofa and Angele asked Nancy to prepare beverages for them.

"You’re really in a hurry this time. I tried my best to get you the sample as soon as possible." Instead of communicating by words, Wisp sent the message using energy particles.

"Yeah." Angele slightly nodded. "I used way too many resources in the recent years. I need the materials to make the catalyst and neutralizer. The experiment is at the critical stage, so I had to ask you for the sample. My apologies if it was too much trouble."

"Not a problem at all." Wisp waved his hands. "I trust you. You never failed any of our trade. It’s an honor working with you." He stopped for a second and continued, "Hey, do you know the rumor going around at the trading towers?"

"Huh? What’s that?" Angele wondered.

"You’re master Isabel’s lover, ha. What a background you got there." Wisp chuckled. "If anything goes south, I can go talk to the Jones Family."

"Come on. Well, whatever." Angele shook his head. "We’ve completed so many trades with no issue. You know the truth, right?"

"Of course…If the Jones Family knows about your potion concocting skills, no one will ever question your ability." Wisp nodded.

Angele showed a wry smile on his face. "Enough of that. Alright, show me your list. You still have other works to do, right?"

"Nope. You’re an important client and I’m now in charge of taking care of your requests. Tell me what you need and I’ll prepare it for you as soon as I can." Wisp stared at Angele.

"Is that so?" It was not a surprise at all. Angele stayed calm.

Wisp stopped talking. He took out a fist-sized crystal orb from the pocket and threw it in the air.

"Bright White Leaf from the Viema City, also called the crystal leaf. You can check its quality."

The orb rotated several times in the air and released rays of light to the surface of the table in front of the two.

The colorful picture of an item illuminated on the smooth wooden surface.

In the center of the white light, there was a piece of white leaf with rough edges lying there quietly. It had the texture of white jade and it had the size of an index finger.

That was the crystal leaf Wisp mentioned.

Angele had already met the requirement for his advancement and he had successfully concocted the Tree Killer Potion. Everything was ready, but he was still concerned about one more thing.

The success rate of advancing to the Liquid stage.

Based on the calculation done by Zero, his success rate was around 50% and that was the reason why Angele hesitated.

Angele spent a long time trying to concoct the potions that could possibly increase his success rate. He purchased various types of materials from Wisp and made countless potions.

However, it was difficult to find the right ones.

The organization behind Wisp was strong. It seemed like they could find any rare materials Angele needed. Although Angele was still trading with people from the trading tower, none of them had the same quality as the materials Wisp provided.

Angele did his research and found out that the crystal leaf was a material that could possibly increase his success rate. The leaf had many variants the last time he acquired a piece of Red Jade Leaf and the report from Zero suggested that the leaf was worth a try.

With the help of the chip, Angele had a general idea of how high his success rate was and the possible ways to increase it.

He collected much information recently, resulting in Zero’s database getting larger and larger. More data helped Zero do more accurate a.n.a.lyses. It was like carrying a whole library of books around.

"So, what do you say?" Wisp grabbed the teacup and took a sip.

"If the color is accurate, I’ll take it." Angele nodded.

"Let’s check the schedule then. I’ll send someone to deliver it to you. Honestly, I think you should upgrade your defensive system here…You don’t even have a forcefield detection spell activated and you’re storing all the rare materials here. Let me know if you need any recommendations."

"I’ve been considering it recently and yeah, the defense around my house is weak. The guards won’t stand a chance against any prepared attackers." Angele’s brow furrowed.

"It’s Nola, but anything can happen. I’ll bring some magic circle books to you next time. Pick any one you want, it’s on me." Wisp slightly nodded his head.

"Much appreciated." Angele looked at the crystal leaf on the table. If the leaf was effective, his success rate would be greatly increased.

Wizards were usually on their own when trying to advance to the next stage. There were many books introducing different methods, but most of them were not effective. The wizard’s body would develop resistance to the effect of rare materials of high-level potions due to the side effects that came with the benefits.

The success rate would fall if he did not manage to advance to the next stage on the first try. That was the reason why many wizards failed to advance to the next level. They had wasted many resources but never realized that their chances of reaching the next stage were getting lower and lower.

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