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Angele asked Nancy to go to Ivan for the servant contract. He then closed the door and walked upstairs.

It was dark in the house. His footsteps echoed in the living room.

Angele walked to the study on the second floor and pushed the door open carefully.

Inside the room, the crystal lamp was still glowing under the piece of black cloth. The dim light penetrated the cloth and slightly brightened up Angeles’ sight.

He closed the door, walked to the table and sat down slowly.

On the surface of the wooden table, there was a notebook with the knowledge system of enchantment recorded on it.

Angele removed the black cloth, grabbed the feather pen from the side, and was about to finish the work.

Suddenly, a blue light dot flashed on his right middle finger and some smoke slowly rose from the nail.

"Green, I found the formula you needed. It’s in my family’s treasure room. The formula is protected by a special technique. The information will disappear in half an hour if copied down to a piece of paper." Isabel’s voice was transferred into Angele’s ears.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Angele was not surprised. Isabel was from a strong family and it was within his expectation that they had the rare formula in storage.

"There’ll be a dinner party the day after tomorrow. I’ll send you the invitation." Isabel sounded calm. "You must leave the area protected by my family’s defensive magic circle within 20 minutes after reading the formula."

"Not a problem."

The blue smoke vanished into the air.

Angele rubbed his nail slowly and a smile appeared on his face.

He pulled the drawer open. It was full of translucent crystal boxes, and inside each of the boxes were different types of material powder.

Angele made the powder not so long ago, as he was preparing to concoct the Tree Killer Potion.


Two days later, the sun was setting.

In front of the house by the lake, an enormous white neck eagle carefully landed by the fences.

The eagle’s wings were more than six meters long, the feathers around its neck were white, and the rest of its body was black.

A young man wearing a brown leather suit with a leather helmet jumped off the back of the eagle.

The man turned his head around and looked at the other side of the lake. A team of dwarves was working on the construction site. He could even hear the noise here.

"They are building the guarding posts for me." The young man became surprised at the voice that came from behind.

A man with brown hair appeared from nowhere and stood right in front of him.

The man had a pair of golden eyes. The shape of his pupils was identical to a cat’s and almost looked like they were glowing.

"Ah, wizard Green, I’m sent here by master Isabel," The young man bowed to Angele and responded politely, "Please get on the white neck eagle’s back. It’ll take you directly to the dinner party."

"Is that so?" Angele glared at the eagle.

The two-meter-tall eagle looked scared. Its wings trembled and backed off. Strong noise kept coming out of its beak.

Angele chuckled. "It seems like the eagle doesn’t want me on his back."

"Master, your mentality wave is making the eagle panic…" The young man walked to the eagle and took out a small pill from his pouch. The eagle calmed down after swallowing the pill.

"It’s good now, master."

Angele nodded and rubbed the eagle’s hard feathers. He then applied some force to his feet and jumped right onto the eagles back.

It was surprisingly comfortable to sit on the creature’s back. The feathers were warm and smooth.

Angele sniffed the air. There was a strange flower fragrance coming from the eagle.

The young man stood by the side and bowed to Angele again.

The eagle raised its wings.

It felt like gravity disappeared for a second and Angele saw the land moving away from him. The objects around were also becoming miniature.

Chilling wind rushed into his ears and the collar of his clothes.

Angele turned his head to the side glancing down.

The size of the house, the lake, and the construction site was shrinking in his sight. The working dwarves looked at him for a second and lowered their heads.

The only thing he could hear was the noise made by the wings and the wind.

Angele held some of the eagle’s feathers tight to stabilize his body. Also, he lowered his upper body to reduce the resistance from the wind.

The trading tower, the forest, and the gray paths were quickly moving away Angele’s sight.

The eagle was flying forward quickly. Several apprentices raised their heads and stared at it. From Angele’s view, they looked like tiny sesame seeds.

Angele took a deep breath and looked to the right.

He could see a white obelisk partially covered in the fog. Brown houses were built around the obelisk. Angele could see flying mounts landing and departing.

Between the obelisk and Angele, it was a sea of dark green trees. Pedestrians and carriages were slowly moving on the gray twisted paths.

Angele turned his head to the left side.

It was the endless black city road, which looked like a long black string lying on the edge of the trees.

It was getting darker and darker.

After about 20 minutes, Angele saw a group of white buildings from the back of the eagle.

The eagle leaned forward and started flying down.

There were two other white neck eagles landing. An empty square was built in the center of the buildings with white slates on its surface. There were already more than ten eagles waiting on the square.

The people who just got off the eagles were having some light conversations as they walked to the largest building ahead.

Most of them were wearing white robes. Their genders varied but they all looked young. Angele knew those people were well-educated just by watching how they behaved.

Angele’s eagle slowly landed on the square.

A servant wearing a gray robe quickly walked to him.

"Master, the party will start in half an hour. You can wait at the family hall in front." The servant was a young girl with a clean face. The mentality waves she was releasing indicated that she was a rank 1 apprentice.

"Sure." Angele jumped off the eagle’s back.

He turned around and looked at the eagle. It was the first time he rode a flying mount; the experience was refreshing.

"How much is a white neck eagle? Can I buy them from the market?" Angele questioned.

The girl hesitated. It seemed like she did not expect Angele to ask a question like that.

"You can’t buy a white neck eagle from the market, my friend." An energetic male voice came from the left side.

Angele saw two bold people walking toward him.

A strong bold man with a s.e.xy bold woman walked over smiling politely.

The two were wearing red robes and there were complicated patterns embroidered on the edges of the collars. The pattern had the shape of an eye.

"You are?" Angele smiled as well. The mentality waves the two were releasing indicated that they were both at the Liquid stage.

The female servant walked away. She did not want to interrupt the conversation between the wizards.

"I’m Vincent. Vincent Astin. I’m…Isabel’s cla.s.smate."

The bald woman said after Vincent, "I’m Alice, a cla.s.smate of Isabel."

"My name is Green, a friend of master Isabel," Angele responded politely.

"Huh? Friend?" The bold man looked surprised. "You’re that iceberg’s friend?"

"Come on, let’s go to the palace first," Alice interrupted.

The three walked slowly on the white slates together, heading to the white palace ahead of them.

Many wizards greeted the two bold wizards on the way. It seemed like they knew many people here, but several wizards were keeping a distance from the two. Angele saw a hint of fear from their eyes.

"Wizard Green, let me be honest with you. I didn’t believe that master Isabel invited an outsider to the party. Well, excuse my ignorance, I’m not looking down on you. I think you know how important Isabel is to their family. All the elders are supporters of the inheritor system." Vincent lowered his voice.

"Inheritor system?"

"Oh, right, sorry. I forgot you came to Nola not so long ago." Vincent rubbed his forehead. "Let me explain this to you. The place is ruled by two different types of wizards and each of the groups control three signal obelisks. In the Six Ring area, there are signal obelisks, three cities, and one wizard school. The supporters of inheritor system want to stop outsiders from entering their territory to keep the purity of their bloodlines. The Six Ring area has one of the best resource points in Nola and our members are selected from the elite wizards."

Angele nodded. "So it’s similar to the mortal’s n.o.ble systems. They only marry the members of the families to keep their bloodlines pure."

"You’re correct." Vincent shrugged. "We’re not that bad actually. The White Tooth Castle and the Snake Bird Cliff are much more serious on that. The Snake Bird Cliff makes sure that their bloodlines are not shared with the outsiders and White Tooth Castle is trying to recreate ancient bloodlines. The merged bloodlines will make people mad…Their members make me sick."

"So…the family controlling the Six Ring area has the similar plan?" Angele wondered.

"Yeah." Vincent wanted to say something else, but he suddenly stood straight and bowed. Alice stopped smiling and bowed as well.

Angele raised his head. He saw two women in white robes walking in the middle of the road chatting.

The two women looked young. On the collars of their clothes, there were two nail-sized silver rings.

"Hey, bow to them." Vincent pulled Angele’s sleeves.

Angele nodded and bowed to the two women right away. Vincent grabbed his hand and pulled him to the right side of the road.

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