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Angele left Gondor's house after lunch.

He just could not get used to being treated like that. They were kind, but they were naive.

It was still noon. Rays of sunlight shined upon the street. They were not strong, and the air was refreshing.

The street was getting busy. There were more carriages and pedestrians pa.s.sing by than this morning. Angele walked down the street slowly. He enjoyed the time with Gondor's family. However, he thought that having tender feelings would only slow him down.

The main problem was still the Water of Asu. Angele quickly returned to a hotel he found when he came back to the city. It was impossible for him to stay in Kelly's manor anymore since he broke his promise.

He spent several days studying and meditating in his room. Angele was waiting for the celebration to begin, and Delanya would send a messenger to meet him that day.

Delanya would bring him Water of Asu, the resource that would help Angele become a wizard, and it was essential.

Angele noticed strangers who were trying to peek his room through the window when he first checked in. He knew that it was the spies from Nunnally Family. They must have followed him to Gondor's house and saw him leaving with a book in hand. They probably thought Angele started helping Gondor, so they wanted to collect any intel they could.

However, Angele was not concerned. He did not care if his location was detected. After all, Kelly and Mich.e.l.le were not threats to him. He would not even come here if Stephen Family did not have the Nightmare formula. There was no point for him in communicating anymore since he had already acquired it.

He admired Gondor's family life, but he would only help him if huge benefits could be foreseen. Angele and Kelly were from the same Wizard organization, but he could not fight against her just because he sympathized with Gondor's situation.

In the manor of Nunnally Family.

Kelly sat on the main seat in the meeting hall, listening to her servant's report. Family head Gother and several other family elders were on the side seats. They all had serious looks on their faces and the servant was the only one talking at the moment.

"Master Angele rented a room in the hotel run by The Kates. He never left his room. We fear his power, so the spies did not get too close to him…"

Kelly bit her lips and thought for a while, "Wizards and wizard apprentices are all very selfish. The reward we provided was not good enough. It's fine that he decided to stop helping us. However, we are from the same school, so we shall leave him alone. I thought it over already, and I believe Angele won't join the fight between Stephen Family and our family anymore. We have no reason to spy on him anymore. Ask them to come back."

"But Miss Kelly, we treated him very well and he's just going to leave?" one of the elders asked in a low voice, "Everything we spent on him was just a waste?"

"Well, that old man, Aqua was injured by Angele. Although it wasn't critical, it'll take him some time to recover. He didn't keep his oral promise, but what he did was still beneficial to us. I didn't know that Aqua had such horrifying power." Kelly smiled, "I learned one thing from that battle, Aqua won't try to kill me and Mich.e.l.le. We're from Ramsoda. He fears the school's Vengeance Order…"

"You mean… We should take this chance and finish off the Stephen Family right now?" Gother asked.

"You're right. They're extremely vulnerable at the moment. One last hit and they'll disappear from this land." Kelly nodded.

Two days later, evening.

Emma City was busy and noisy.

There were no carriages or horses on the street. The main roads were filled with people celebrating. Most of them were wearing tiny red flowers. They all looked happy and relaxed.

"Emma! Wait for me!"

A boy shouted and ran past by Angele. He was wearing a red flower over his head, but it looked a bit strange.

Angele sat on a long chair beside the street quietly, watching the kids chasing each other. The sky turned dark, and the atmosphere in the city was light and charming under.

Several residents were selling their orange cakes on the street double their regular price. Still, parents were still buying their kids cake. Otherwise, their kids would just keep annoying them.

There were also carts selling bread and toys.

Angele saw some of the kids holding small spinning glowing sticks while running around. Those sticks were made from wood with tiny wheels attached to it. The edge of the wheel was brushed with the paste of Glowing Mushrooms and they looked quite beautiful with the blue glow.

Angele watched people partying in the exciting celebration, but he was not here to have fun.

"Two more minutes and Delanya's messenger should be here." Angele checked the time with Zero. He had no expression on his face and he was glancing around.


Angele heard a dog barking from his left side.

Angele turned his head to the left. An old man was walking a white dog with wing-shaped ears slowly. It seemed like the old man was blind as Angele could not see his pupils.

A man in the gray-white cloak was following the blind man in the back. His face was covered by the hood and his body was hidden under the oversized robe.

Angele recognized the person behind the blind man immediately. He stood up and started walking toward the man in the cloak slowly.

The man leaned toward Angele and nodded slightly. Angele had great eyesight. Otherwise, he would not notice the gesture.

The man in cloak joined the crowd and walked toward a certain direction after nodding his head.

Angele followed him from behind. They were moving across the busy street and the distance between them was getting longer.

"Move!" A team of city guards that was led by a knight was patrolling the city slowly. The knight was chubby and his armor was waving in the air like pieces of clothes. It was amusing. The city guards separated the crowd from the middle as they moved forward.

The man in the cloak followed the people on the left side and turned into a back alley.

Angele followed him into the alley and saw a kid trying to take the bread from another kid's hand by the corner.

He walked past the kids and followed the man into the alley. The noise from the celebration lowered as Angele proceeded further.

The man in cloak finally stopped and turned around after two minutes of walking.

"Long time no see, Angele." She took off her hood. Her long brown hair and pretty face were revealed.

"Long time no see, Princess." Angele smiled and bowed.

"Don't mention my t.i.tle here, just call me Delanya." Delanya furrowed her eyebrows, "The thing you asked for is here. I a.s.sume you brought the item I wanted too."

"Of course." Angele nodded, "I just didn't expect you to come here yourself."

"The value of the item is too high, and I can't find any trustworthy people to do it for me, so I decided to come by myself," Delanya explained, "Well, let's do the trade then, I can't stay here for too long."

"Sure," Angele nodded again, "Wait, do you have the orbuculum that helps transfer information?"

"No, I believe only wizard apprentices or wizards from Northland Alliance have those things, and using the orbuculum is same as forcing your brain to accept that information. You won't be able to transfer that short-term memory into long-term memory," Delanya spoke in a deep tone, "There's no shortcut in absorbing knowledge in this world. I'd suggest you not to spend too much time on those gimmicks."

"Ah, thanks for the suggestion. I understand." Angele nodded. He then took a round, gold metal ball out of his pouch and put it on his palm.

His empty hand turned red within seconds, and he moved his red hand toward the ball slowly.


After several seconds, the yellow ball was chopped into half by Angele's hand. He threw half of the ball toward Delanya.

Delanya threw two small bottles toward Angele after catching the ball. Angele caught the bottles safely, but he was surprised by her action.

"Well, please be careful next time, if I fail to catch them…"

"It won't break even if you drop them." Delanya stopped Angele from continuing, "The bottles are made from vulcanized crystals. They're harder than the back sh.e.l.l of Underground Devils. You can't scratch it even with an ax."

"Is that so?" Angele held one of the bottles in hand and started observing it.

The cylindrical bottles were translucent. They were about the size of a finger. The liquid inside was light golden and clear, glowing slightly.

Those small bottles were surprisingly heavy. It felt like he was holding two iron bars.

"Beautiful… I'd call them tubes rather than bottles. Two tubes of liquid, two servings."

Angele shook them slightly and put one of the tubes into his pouch. He held the other one in his hand and raised it above his eyes.

After a flick of a finger, some golden light dots dropped out of the surface of the tube, which slowly dropped down to the ground. The light reflected on Angele and Delanya's face and disappeared after it reached the ground.

Delanya waited for Angele to check the items she brought him quietly on the side. Angele checked both tubes and made sure everything was right before saying anything.

"And the spell models, I brought them here as well." She took out a thick leather book from her robe and handed it over to Angele, "You have the basic knowledge in your school as well, so I'll just leave you with those important models."

Angele grabbed the book. It had a brown cover and it was about cooking. The t.i.tle was Kristian's Kitchen Tips.

Angele checked several random pages, and a green glow rose upon them. The cooking recipes turned into lines of spell information recorded in ancient languages. There were also hand-drawn three-dimensional mentality models. They were presented in spiral lines and they were black and white. Those mentality models looked somewhat like DNA graphs.

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