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Chapter 1963: Chapter 1948


Both sides were in a stalemate. Jiang Hao was the first to surrender.

“Teacher, I admit that I cheated in this exam, but I didn’t do it on purpose. Someone gave me an answer on purpose. Because that person also wanted to score high, she stole the exam paper on purpose to get an original answer. If she didn’t give it to me, I wouldn’t have cheated.”

Jiang Hao directly poured dirty water on others, but the teachers were not so easy to fool. They directly asked him who gave him the original answer?

Jiang Hao gritted his teeth, and a person’s name immediately flashed in his mind. He opened his mouth and said that person’s name.

Jiang Suixin.

When the name Jiang Suixin was mentioned, the teachers fell silent. Of course, they were much more shocked. No one had expected it. And the name he said was actually Jiang Suixin. In fact, many people did not quite believe it.

“This student Jiang, why did student Jiang Suixin give you the answer? Why do I remember that the two of you have a grudge? If the two of you have a grudge, why did he give you the test paper and the original answer? “

“How would I know? Maybe he didn’t like me, so he wanted to frame me on purpose. Don’t you see that I’ve been caught? ” “You all dragged me into the office for a trial. Maybe you’ll even get a big demerit. Isn’t this evidence? “


Seeing Jiang Hao’s helpless look, the teachers were speechless. Since when could this be called evidence.

Recently, this student Jiang Suixin was also miserable. It seemed that everything could be related to her. These people seemed to be able to throw all the dirty water on her.

If it had been any other time, they might have suspected a few of them, but after the incident with Fang Tong, these few teachers felt some sympathy for Jiang Suixin. It was as if everything had to be blamed on Jiang Suixin Did they think that student Jiang Suixin was a Ninja Turtle?

“Student Jiang Hao, the school is not a place where you can say whatever you want. You have to take some responsibility for this. If I find out what you said, you will not only be dealt with as a big demerit, but you will also have to leave the school. I don’t care how good your family is. As long as you make a big mistake, our school will not tolerate you. “

These teachers had made it very clear, but Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and said that it was the original question and answer that Jiang Suixin had given him.

First of all, the teacher-in-charge was so angry that she laughed. Because of the previous incident, the teacher-in-charge still felt a little guilty. She really did not think that this girl could always be used as a shield for others.

“Student Jiang Hao, you are a boy. Don’t you feel ashamed to malign a girl like this for no reason “You should bear the responsibility for what you have done alone. Why must you involve others “You clearly know that a lot of things have happened to Jiang Suixin recently. “

When Jiang Hao heard this, his heart felt even more unbalanced.

“teacher, what kind of words are these Is this discrimination “could it be that because of the many things that have happened to Jiang Suixin recently, the matter of her giving me the original question and answer this time can be treated as non-existent “Can you let me bear such a big blame “Then I don’t agree. “

The form teacher’s face immediately darkened. She felt that this boy was hopeless.

“Student Jiang Hao, you have to pay attention to evidence in everything. If you can produce evidence to prove that freewill is the person who gave you the answer and the original test paper, then we can re-investigate this matter. “If you can’t produce evidence, then don’t spout nonsense here. “

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