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Chapter 32

Behind the Dark Sanctuary’s demon king hall was a luxurious building, used by the Dark Sanctuary’s demon kings after a long day of dealing with daily affairs. This building and the area around it were known as the Dark Sanctum. Similar in size to the palace of an emperor, the Sanctum was decked out with everything that a demon king needed after a stressful day of work, including a spa and a grand bath.

The requirements to enter the Sanctum were high, that even the six new void monarchs were barred from entry, as the Sanctum was limited only to females that had some sort of relationship with Bella.

“I can wash myself, Bella! I beg of you, let me go!.”

“Irene-nee, your wounds haven’t healed yet, so you should just let me take care of you~! We agreed on this before didn’t we, I help you get a heart and you join me. Now that you’ve obtained what you wanted, are you going to go back on your words?”

“But I never said that I wanted to join the dark… stop…”

In the Sanctum was a strange body of water, the legendary ‘Unholy Spring’. The water within the Unholy Spring was different than that of a typical hot spring, being ice cold rather than hot.

The Unholy Spring’s water sourced from the underwater river, Styx. Although the water was cold, but it was also comforting in a different sort of way. The spring’s water was heavy with the element of yin, so the comforting feel was limited to females, any none females that entered the water would be no different from seeking death, as they would be quickly dissolved by the water.

This was the aspect for which Bella chosen to use water from the river Styx in the Unholy Spring, so even if any of the girls that bathed here were ambushed by any perverts, the girls would be able to defend themselves using the spring’s water.

Currently, Bella was sitting at rest beside the spring while embracing Irene, who had been transported here previously. Irene’s hands had been tied behind her back with a semi-transparent strip of silk, denying her any ability to resist against Bella’s advances. Irene had been about to complain, but Bella had sealed her mouth with a full-on kiss before she could finish her sentence.

“Irene-nee, bad sisters that go back on their words have to be punished~! Maybe I should tie your feet up too, to stop you from trying to escape.”

“I was wrong, Felia, please don’t!”

Irene’s plea for mercy didn’t reach Bella’s ears, who had taken out another strip of the same semi-transparent red silk and tied Irene’s feet tightly together. What Bella wanted was for Irene to completely submit to her, it was a rare chance as the two of them were the only two in the Dark Sanctum right now.

Dolores was busy dealing with all the work that had built up during the time that the demon kings had been gone, and Eleanor was preparing a report on the information that her subordinate knights had gathered from the surrounding territories. The three G.o.d level lolis were taking their new ‘little sisters’ Lilian and Lilith around the Dark Sanctuary on a ‘playdate’, while Roland and Annie, as the demon kings’ personal maidservants, were directing the ghost maids in preparing the night’s meal.-

Looking around, it seemed that the 1st demon king, Bella, was the one that had nothing to do. The number

of demon kings still wasn’t enough and Bella needed to quickly find some people suitable to fill these empty positions, she didn’t want to always let Dolores and Eleanor take care of all the Dark Sanctuary’s affairs, as then they would have no time for Bella to flirt with them.

“Irene-nee, you promised that you’ll become mine after I obtain the heart of a , there’s no room for regret~!”

Irene didn’t know how to feel at how Bella had twisted her promise to something that could be so easily misunderstood. But as her arms and legs had been tied down, she couldn’t resist and could only shake her head in disagreement.

Irene’s struggling didn’t hinder Bella in the slightest, Bella used her hands to deftly turn Irene’s face her way, and under Irene’s shocked gaze, swiftly put their lips together. This wasn’t all however, Bella also used her tongue to pry open Irene’s lips.

Irene’s brain had short-circuited when she realized that she had been tongue-kissed by her own ‘little sister’.

“Irene-nee, today I’m going to kiss you until you agree~. I have all the time in the world, but how much longer can you keep denying me?”

Irene didn’t know what she could do anymore as she looked at Bella’s eyes, she knew that she wasn’t getting out of here without joining the dark side. She knew that struggling was useless so Irene tightly shut her own eyes, not daring to make eye contact with Bella anymore. Bella, however, wasn’t about to stop herself.

“I’ll give you one more chance, Irene-nee, if you don’t agree to become mine, I’ll do whatever I want with your delectable mouth! After that, you won’t even be able to beg for mercy anymore~!.”

“I agree, Felia, can you stop bullying nee-san please?!”

When Irene opened her eyes, she had seen Bella about to pick up a strange ball, Irene completely gave in. She didn’t know what had happened to Felia these past month that caused her to become so self-a.s.sertive and…strange.

“Call me Bella from now on, Irene-nee. If you call me Felia and it gets heard by that old rascal of an emperor, he’ll definitely drag me back and arrange me a marriage within the day.”

“Felia… Bella, how can you refer to our father with such disrespectful t.i.tles, even though…”

Bella cut off Irene’s question with a kiss, this time Irene didn’t resist so much. After seeing that Irene had truly given in, Bella had a sinister smile on her face as she picked up Irene and started to carry her towards a room right besides the Unholy Spring, planning to complete the ‘conquest’ of Irene.

“Demon king-sama, the void monarch Skryme requests an audience.”

Right as Bella was about to get to the good part, the report from the ghost maid standing guard at the Dark Sanctum’s entrance stopped Bella’s actions.

“Skryme? Why is it here, can’t it tell that I’m busy?!”

“Demon king-sama, Skryme said that it has some ‘special’ gifts to deliver. There were too many people earlier and it wasn’t a suitable time to deliver the gifts, now that you have dismissed the va.s.sals Skryme has come to deliver them personally.”:

Bella didn’t expect that this new subordinate would pick such an awkward time to come visit, she may as well go and see what Skryme had brought as a gift and if it was worthy of interrupting her ‘fun time’. Bella placed Irene on the bed and placed a silk blanket over her body before picking

picking up a small bottle of some sort of liquid and fed it to Irene. Irene didn’t have the ability to resist and could only swallow the mysterious liquid and quickly felt tired, drifting away into dreamland in seconds.

Bella kissed the sleeping girl’s cheeks before returning to the Unholy Spring. Skryme was just a giant slime at first glance, Bella didn’t know too much of its abilities except that it was also cla.s.sified as ‘World Destroyer’ level along with Medusyr and were much stronger than the other four void monarchs that could only be considered ‘Cataclysmic’.

The gifts that Skryme wanted to deliver to Bella had been brought inside by two of its avatars while its main body remained outside the Sanctum. Looking at the loli with blood-red hair, Bella was quickly able to identify Hadias, the demon world’s princess that had ran away not too long ago.

Hadias’ equipment and clothes had all been dissolved by Skryme. Her hands were cuffed by an intricate set of handcuffs, and equally intricate set of chains around her feet. Apart from those, a golden necklace hung around her neck, with an ornate cross at the middle of it. Bella had seen this kind of cross before on Dolores, it was a anti-demon cross, the kind used to seal the power of demons.

Bella was rather puzzled about where and how Skryme had managed to obtain this anti-demon cross, but the cross had completely sealed Hadias’ power and rendered the demon world’s princess as nothing more but a cute doll.

“Can you let me go? When I go back, I’ll ask my father to…”

“Nope, I don’t lack anything that the demon world can offer, it serves me no benefit to let you go.”

Bella walked up to Hadias and used a hand to lift the girls face towards her, Bella felt satisfied when she felt the gaze of fear from the princess of the demon world. Skryme was quite a subordinate, it seems, Bella decided to reward Skryme somehow later.

“You don’t gain anything from leaving me behind either, if my father finds out that I’ve been caught…:”

“It seems that you still haven’t truly understood your own circ.u.mstances, princess Hadias! You have already seen the true ident.i.ties of everyone around me, do you thing that I’ll let you go?”

“Are you going to kill…”

“No, I have a little sister that’s pretty skilled in dark magics, maybe she has a way to turn you into a well-behaved doll!”

“Don’t do that, please, I don’t want to become a doll! Do whatever you want, just not that please!”

As the demon world’s princess, Hadias knew that there was indeed an evil magic that would turn people into mindless dolls. Enslavement magic was also one of the ten legendary-tier evil magics, just one of the lower ranking ones. Enslavement magic also required the the other side be unable to resist to have any chance at succeeding.

Coincidentally, Hadias was currently in a state where she was completely unable to resist and wouldn’t be able to stop anyone from doing what they wanted to her. Her hands and feet had been chained down, her power sealed away. If Bella really wanted to use enslavement magic on her, then it would be GG for her, those who fell victim to enslavement magic would have their soul and spirit wiped, leaving behind nothing more than a tool without any ability to think for itself.

“But its true that you don’t have anything to give me! You

me! You should know that I don’t lack anything, except a doll that listens to everything I tell it, I feel like you’re pretty well suited for this role!”

“As long as you don’t turn me into a doll, I’ll give you everything. Just please let me off this time, I’ll promise to convince father to not invade the surface world!”

As Hadias had been scared witless, she had completely forgotten that Bella wasn’t a hero or anything like that, her promise couldn’t draw any interest from Bella.

Bella’s hands were taking advantage of Hadias’ body, but Hadias couldn’t feel the swift movements due to how much her body was shaking. Even though this princess of the demon world was a loli, her ‘feel’ wasn’t any less satisfying than that of the demon princess, Dolores. Bella decided to drag Hadias into her faction as well, she wasn’t the type to not eat such a snack after it had been delivered straight into her mouth.

“I want you to become my familar, that’s all I want. You should definitely know that the demon world’s inhabitants can sign demonic contracts with the people of the surface world, how about we sign a master-slave contract?”

“Can we sign a different one? I can return to the demon world and help you find a stronger…”

“What I want is your person, Hadias. I don’t lack strong subordinates at all, what do you think I’m after? Dumb girl.”

Bella cut off Hadias with a kiss before she could change the topic, her tongue skillfully prying apart the girl’s lips. Even though Hadias was the demon world’s princess, but she was completely inexperienced when it came to receiving a kiss. This was her first kiss after all, and it had been taken by another girl.

Hadias’ brain had short-circuited just like Irene had previously, forgetting that she could fight back by biting the invading tongue, and could only let Bella do as she pleased.

Only after Bella had removed her tongue did Hadias return to her senses. After the kiss, Hadias no longer dared to look towards Bella, evidently she had not yet completely recovered.

Bella hadn’t expected this princess of the demon world to be so shy. From the beginning she had never planned to turn Hadias into some submissive doll, she only had said those to scare the girl to make Hadias give up on her pride. Only then would Hadias make further concessions.

“You only have one choice Hadias, and that’s to sign a master-servant contract with me. Don’t worry, you’ll receive countless benefits as my personal familiar.”

“Can you undo these chains first? It hurts to be tied up for so long.”

“Tell me where it hurts, I’ll ma.s.sage you. Don’t try any tricks with me, this entire region is my territory. If you try to run, I won’t care anymore if that giant slime outside catches you…”

“Don’t! Don’t give me to that… I agree, I’ll sign the contract!”

Hadias finally gave in, she would rather die than to be returned to the hands of that slime. She had tried many times to escape to no avail after she was captured by Skryme. On the way to the Dark Sanctuary, she had personally seen how Skryme had digested its prey.

It scared Hadias even thinking about it, it was probably Bella that made Skryme not eat her even though Hadias had tried to escape so many times. Hadias doubted she would be so lucky if she were to fall into Skryme’s ‘hands’ again.

“Then let’s ‘hands’ again.

“Then let’s start now, I coincidentally have the magic formation needed for the ritual prepared already.”

Bella picked up Hadias and carried her to a stone slate at the centre of the Dark Sanctum, the slate was already inscribed with a magic formation. Bella had asked Mia to make this universal dark magic formation previously, and it could also be used to sign a demonic contract.

“Can we wait a bit Bella, my current state is… Can you give me some clothes first before…:”

“If you want to wear clothes now, you won’t have any to wear for the rest of your life. Do you have any other request, Hadias?”

“No…no, I’ll leave all the decisions to you, just.. Don’t rough me up too much… mas… master.”

“That’s a good girl! Just do as I say and I promise you that your cultivation in the future won’t be any lower than that of your father.”

Bella had successfully in breaking down the rest of Hadias’ pride, and from now on the demon world’s princess would be firmly attached to Bella’s faction. Even though Hadias had still regretted it at first, but after seeing first-hand how Bella’s Dark Sanctuary had risen step-by-step, she gradually began to acknowledge that Bella did, indeed, have the qualifications to be her master.


The town of Sakerid was an important military piece in the south of the Gabriel Empire(Swordsmen), the town was currently in a state of high-alert. Not long ago, the Gabriel Empire’s most important defensive line in the south, the Laerte line, had been broken by unidentified evil beings. After losing the protective barrier that was the Laerte line, the vitals of the Gabriel Empire was left completely exposed to the enemy.

The complete fall of the nearby Alva Duchy had been confirmed, the duke dying at the hands of the beastmen. What was worse was that the Gabriel Empire’s strongest hero, Kriss, had also disappeared near the Alva Duchy and it was unknown whether or not she was still alive. Before Kriss, two other important people had gone missing in the same area: the Ignaz family’s young lady, Elena Ivy, as well as Antonia Susan, the Church of Light’s 3rd holy maiden who had been travelling with Ivy.

The Octavian Empire’s(Knights) reinforcements lead by their 1st princess, Octavio Irene, and her knights had also gone silent.

Finally, the Octavian Empire’s strongest knight corp, the 10,000 Anti-Demon knights had gone missing along with the empire’s 10th princess, Octavio Lisha. The only ones who returned were a few of the legendary heroes that had accompanied Lisha.

Losing such an amount of precious manpower in such a short time, the Gabriel Empire’s royal family had sunk into a state of  panic. Ignoring their own losses, two of the Octavian Empire’s princesses had disappeared in their territory, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the consequences if they failed to offer a proper explanation.

“It seems that this world isn’t any different from that of the previous ones. Its always the same old thing, heroes and demon kings, so boring!”

In a black carriage on the side of the street, a beautiful magician with a wide-brimmed wizard’s hat looked out the carriage’s window, observing the chaotic world outside. Her carriage carried the insignia of the Aldrich Empire, one of the humans’ five great empires. The Aldrich Empire was one that strongly avocated magic and produced the strongest mages and wizards of the human race. It wasn’t hard to guess where this carriage’s owner was from.

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