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It took quite a bit of effort and time for Bella to bring the dame's body back to St.Emilia church, it would have taken much longer if it weren't for the giant bone eagle that Angel had summoned.

"Hey I have a question, why does it have to be me that replaces her, can't one of you two do it?" Bella asked curiously while bringing the body to the empty area in the center of the church.

"Sister, the replacement must have a similar build to the original owner of the body, there's no way we fit that criteria." Mia explained a little helplessly to Bella while ordering Angel to place various types of bones in formations on the ground for the ritual.

Bella noticed that the height of the knight was also at least 170cm, similar to her own. The knight's golden hair came down in waves to her waist, and the cup sizes looked to be approximately the same as Bella's.

"Alright, finally finished the magic array for the ritual. Sister bella and little Angel, stand on the location that I tell you to." It had taken Mia three hours to finish the array, even with Angel's help.

"Right there?"

"Yep, sister just stay there and don't move, you too angel. Just stand there while I chant the spell, give me a drop of blood when I tell you to though."

Bella took the oddly shaped dagger and walked towards her designated position in the array; the three of them surrounded the body of the knight in a triangular formation.

Mia took out one of her thick tomes and began to rapidly chant a spell. Bella didn't understand a single word of the spell, but from Angel's attentiveness it looked like she was able to understand. Bella was afraid of exposing the fact that she had zero knowledge of magic and pretended to understand as well.

This spell sounded rather gloomy, after listening for a while Bella started seeing stuff; their surroundings were no longer the eerie church, it had changed to the scenery of a bustling night city with a white flash. Did I crossover again? Bella immediately recognized it as her previous world, she was about to move out of her spot but stopped when she saw that Angel and Mia had not moved.

Then she saw a man walking drunkenly down the busy streets. Bella froze, it was her of the previous world; she had gotten drunk at a dinner get together and woke up after that in the other world.

Bella quickly spotted a speeding sedan that had lost control fly towards the man, it looked like the driver was also under the influence. It was sure to be game over for the man.The moment before the man was. .h.i.t, Bella almost let out a scream; but the world suddenly turned black and she didn't know what happened next.

Bella looked a little nervously at Angel and Mia, luckily both of them did not react to what was happening in their surroundings, their eyes locked on the the knight at the center of the array. What Bella had seen was probably memories of her own previous life and the two of them didn't see it. This saved Bella a lot of explaining on why she was so worked up.

At this time, the chant that was so gloomy turned around with a 180, becoming a cheery, happy tone; the surroundings turned into a forest flourishing with flowers and wildlife, these were probably the memories of the female knight.

Mia looked around surprisingly, it seemed that she and Angel were able to see the changes this time and the changes weren't expected; but didn't have an effect on what would happen.

Mia gestured with her eyes towards Bella and Angel, and they each took the odd dagger that Mia had given them earlier and cut their fingers to squeeze out a drop of blood. The blood floated towards the center of the array and combined to form one before dripping over the heart of the knight.

Bella looked a little shocked at her finger; when she had cut her finger, a single drop of black blood had flowed out and then the cut had immediately healed. She had also looked at the blood of the other two, Angel's drop was pure white while Mia's was dark blue. It seemed that none of them had normal blood coloration.

Octavio Felia, daughter to one of Coristel continent's five most powerful people: she was the illegitimate daughter of Octavio XII, emperor of the Octavian Empire. Felia was the illegitimate daughter of the emperor, and had the t.i.tle of 9th princess of the empire; but her ident.i.ty as the daughter of a palace servant made it that the emperor had never really liked her.

Felia's mother pa.s.sed away soon after her birth and the emperor had not cared for her, as Felia was nothing more than the result of a drunken stupor.

Felia didn't have much talent, she only managed to become a holy knight at the age of 16 through her hard work and exerting her body past its' limits; even if she hadn't died here, her tattered body would not have allowed her to live past her twenties.

Felia worked herself so hard because she had wanted a chance to restore what had rightfully belonged to her mother, and let her be buried in the royal cemetery as a member of the royal family. The emperor had been scared of people talking behind his back so he had buried Felia's mother in a common cemetary as a commoner. Only if Felia had become a dragon knight, would she be able to obtain a favor from the emperor, as the Octavian empire was known as the 'Empire of Knights' and had always put large amount of resources into dragon knights; as the Dragon Knights were the  most powerful of the empire's 4 ace knight divisions, ach and every dragon knight was a valuable resource of the empire.

(H:Dragon Knights are a cavalry unit of the empire while dragon knights are a type of knight)

It wasn't an easy task to become the one amongst ten thousand that would hav the talent to become a dragon knight, Felia had became a holy knight at the age of twelve but had been unable to advance any further for four years. Since she lacked talent, she wasn't able to have the renowned teachers and masters to teach her like the other princes and princesses.

What made her more depressed was the 10th princess, Octavio Lisha who was also an illegitimate daughter, theoretically the two of them should have good relations as they had similar circ.u.mstances of birth. But this 10th princess was spoiled and arrogant, the very definition of an unreasonable lady.

Even though Lisha was similar to Felia in the fact that she also lacked talent, she was too lazy to train as a knight; every time she thought about this, Felia couldn't bring herself to get mad at her as both of them were so pitiful, why should they hurt each other?

Out of the blue, when Lisha was eleven she had fallen into the lake where she was playing by, when she was rescued she had remained comatose for a year. During this time Felia would often visit her on her sick bed, apart from Felia none of the royal family had remained indifferent to Lisha's condition.

When Lisha finally woke up after a year, she claimed to have lost her memory; Felia did not bother to question this and patiently explained the workings of the world to her. After she had woken up, Lisha seemed like a completely different person, calm and well-behaved.

Lisha's talent had suddenly grown off the charts, and it only took her a year to become a holy knight. After this Lisha's goals became much higher, feeling as if Felia had nothing more to teach her, she decided to be affiliated to those who were stronger. Although this had left a sour feeling in the heart of Felia, she couldn't do much about it as Lisha was stronger than her.

Recently, in the last promotion to dragon knight, Felia and Lisha were the two favorites; the two of them met in the finals and Felia was caught off guard when Lisha, a holy knight, had suddenly used magic that wasn't of the holy type.

(H: holy knights can use holy magic, but Lisha can also use different magics)

The judges on site saw that Lisha was a rare genius amongst knights, as she demonstrated capacity for both magic and sword; the judges immediately proclaimed Lisha the victor and had not given any more attention towards Felia. Felia had not lost the battle yet had lost only because her opponent was a rare magic knight, dealing a large blow to Felia.

Later the Octavian empire heard rumors that large amounts of treasure discovered on Alfred continent and decided to send a fleet to explore. Rumors about the treasure troves on Alfred continent had not stopped spreading for the past three thousand years; most of them however, were false, this time was no exception.

Originally, the superiors had arranged for Lisha to lead the expedition; Felia's master knew that this was them trying to nip the genius Lisha in the bud before she could threaten their positions, but he was also Lisha's master as well.

When he had to decide between his two disciples, he had chosen to abandon Felia who had already peaked and would not progress any further as a knight; while Lisha was an extremely rare magic knight with outstanding proficiency in both swords and magic, and had a bright and limitless future. Paired along with the his fears of angering his superiors, he decided to trick Felia into taking Lisha's spot as the commander of the fleet that was sent to die.

What happened next was exactly what Bella had seen, Felia had brought her fleet to Alfred continent and as soon as they neared sh.o.r.e, they were surrounded and a.s.saulted by a large number of monsters, eradicating the fleet.

After she finished receiving Felia's memories, Bella felt a fiery ball of anger build up in her chest as she looked at Felia's body that was crisscrossed with wounds beneath the armor. This world was too unforgiving, this was a story of love and hate between a genius and a normal hardworking student with no talent.

Bella carefully examined Felia's memories of Lisha, she felt as if something was off; Lisha's behavior was very stereotypical of the MCs of many reincarnation novels, no matter what you tell her, Bella would not believe that this 10th princess is the original. The original one probably pa.s.sed away during her coma and had been replaced just like the 9th princess was about to be.

This isn't very good, Bella thought to herself. Bella had never even dreamed that she would be able to find a 'peer' after reincarnating, she had trouble deciding whether to join or oppose the righteous powers. She knew one thing however, currently she was aligned with the dark powers so she definitely wouldn't lower her head towards the righteous powers and become their dog.

When she thought about the unfair treatment that Felia had been met with, Bella decided that she would help Felia recover what was rightfully her's. Even if Lisha was another reincarnator, she shouldn't have stolen something that belonged to Felia.

After making up her mind, Bella stopped hesitating and under the directions of Angel and Mia walked up beside Felia; A strong force pulled her towards Felia's body, Bella saw her vision go black and entered a short sleep.

"There should be no problems right? Sister Mia, the vision of the forest isn't something that should appear from an enchantment with our power. There won't be any deviations right?"

"No problem, that vision won't affect the final result"

H: A slightly shorter chapter today at around 2000 words, feel free to give me any suggestions for anything I should change about the way I translate in the comments

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