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Mina Yukishiro was beginning to grow impatient.

(Veena Lilyfall, I will definitely find and dispose of you… If things keep going like this, it can only lead to a Bad End…)

She was truly her greatest enemy as it stands. A woman she needed to remove from the board in order for her to win at this game of life.

That vicious woman, Veena Lilyfall.

(Even though everything seemed to be going so well since Arnight-sama broke off his engagement… Why is such a disturbance to the plot happening…? How is this even possible? Now I’ll have to make plans to hunt her down at the same time as developing my Heroine Status.)

Originally, Veena was supposed to receive her punishment after being abandoned by her betrothed. But, someone got in the way.

Arnight-sama’s younger sister, Yua Lafalis.

This isn’t part of the plot, it’s a complete outlier.

(Could that child be the same as me? Is it possible that I wasn’t the only one who was brought into this world? Why didn’t I ever consider that possibility?)

Mina Yukishiro is not originally from this world, she was originally from a country named j.a.pan.

She herself doesn’t understand the details of how this came to be.

When she was playing the game “Eternal Magic” in her room, she suddenly found herself awakening in that game’s world.

Although she originally thought she was dreaming, she eventually accepted reality.

When she was brought into this world originally, a heavenly figure calling themselves ‘The Angelic Author’ bestowed upon her what was called ‘Heroine Status’

Just like a heroine in a game, it’s a status that lets you overcome all obstacles.

Deciding to take advantage of this, she lived on in this world.

According to the Author, it’s up to her to decide how to live.

Whether that meant aiming for a happy ending like the Prince just like in the original work, or finding some other meaning to life.

However, won’t the Heroine Status be worthless if you don’t stay true to the plot?

Naturally, she decided to follow the path of the original story. Because she thought that by doing so, she could guarantee herself happiness. However, the potential for a bad end is always a threat in Eternal Magic.

In the original game, if the villainess Veena Lilyfall isn’t dealt with, the route will invariably meet a Bad End.

That was the cause for her impatience. As it stands, this will lead to a Bad End.

The only way to avoid it is to do something about Veena, and quickly.

Once Veena is disposed of, Mina can marry the Prince and finally achieve a Happy End. She was sure of it.

(It might have caused even more of a scene, but should I have taken care of her back in the Great Hall myself? With Arnight-sama and Glenn there to back me up, I’m sure I could have defeated Veena no matter how strong she might be.

Although, come to think of it, just why is Veena so strong? I even did my best to kill her during the mock battle at our enrollment, but without my Heroine Status I would have been completely defeated…)

Well,  it makes sense that the Final Boss from Eternal Magic would be quite strong.

(Well, for the time being, let’s make sure that the charges against her are strong in case she tries something.)

Although she sighs as she thinks this, nonetheless she’s ready to continue with her life’s story. However, she’s still not aware that the story has already irreversibly come off the rails.

Despite that, it is still hurtling onwards.

I, Veena Lilyfall, who once was a step away from being Queen, am now no different to a commoner. A n.o.ble without n.o.bility. In other words, the lowest of the low.

I still carry the family name given to me by my parents, but I have nothing to show for it.

However, rather than any sense of feeling estranged and pitiable, if anything I’m feeling mysteriously satisfied.

Using the skills I cultivated as a member of the Lilyfall family, I have been earning money by slaying monsters. Furthermore, there hasn’t been anything threatening like famines or plagues to worry about.

“Yua, I’m back.”

I brought the boar-like monster I had killed using magic back to the small house we now lived in and was greeted by Yua in a frilly ap.r.o.n.

“Welcome back, Veensama. You managed to bring down a wild boar, I see!”

“Well, it’s not quite a normal boar, but yes. Yua, are you able to handle this?”

“Fufu~n, please leave this part to me. This will be e-s-y.”

Saying so, Yua puffed out her modest chest. For royalty… No, even for regular aristocratic ladies, such a thing would always be left to servants. Why is Yua so readily able to do housework like this?

Although, having said that it really is a convenient skill to have, I don’t know how long we would have survived on my own cooking.

“Well, please don’t let me get in your way. I’ll busy myself with exchanging these tusks.”

Letting magical energy flow through my arms, I’m able to increase my physical strength by many degrees and snap the boar’s fangs right out of its mouth. It’s no more difficult than snapping a twig between my fingers. Of course, without the use of magic, a girl like me wouldn’t even be able to make such a thing wiggle if I used all my strength.

Of course, I’m not some unique case. Magical prowess is common amongst the aristocracy. Strengthening magic is one of the simplest sorceries one can learn, I’d be surprised if any one in the n.o.bility at all versed with magic couldn’t use it. It lets one raise their own physical strength by many degrees by augmenting it with magical power.


Yua lifts the huge boar onto the counter with a single swift movement. She’s not half-bad at strengthening magic herself.

Hi all, just wanted to make a quick TL note and a word on the schedule.

First off, I was thinking of a few ways to translate the “Heroine Status” (主人公補正) that Mina talks about. I haven’t read quite as many isekai translations as some, so I wasn’t sure if there was an agreed upon translation for the term. Personally, I was going to use “Plot Armour”, but it doesn’t quite come across right. 

Second, I probably won’t be posting quite as often soon, things will be irregular due to work. I’ll still try to post at least 3 chapters a week though, so watch this s.p.a.ce. Also, my apologies for the short chapter this time around, but don’t shoot the messenger.

Thank you for putting up with me and reading this far, we’ve still got a long way to go.

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