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Chapter 30

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Today, Tang Siyu actually didn’t expect for that bastart to be able to find her, and even a paternity text was carried out. Tang Siyu knew the moment she heard his voice that he was indeed that man five years ago.

He is thruthfully her son’s biological father, which is something that she can’t deny.

“Xiao Xi, no matter where you go, you must tell mommy first okay? Don’t scare mommy like that again.” Tang Siyu educated her son.

“Mommy, I’m sorry for worrying you.” Tang Yixi apologized with his cute little mouth.

“Well, Mommy didn’t blame you.” Tang Siyu touched his little head and kissed him.

“Mommy, are you not happy to see father?” The little guy looked up at her curiously.

Tang Siyu looked at her son’s clear and innocent eyes. She tried to squeeze a smile. “No.”

“I asked him earlier, and he’s not married nor has girlfriend, he’s completely single!” The little guy said as his small face carried a happy smile.

Tang Siyu’s pretty face gone stiff for a few seconds. Of course she knew what her son was trying to accomplish. So she told him seriously, “Xiao Xi, Mommy will never be with him. We can only both take care of you, love you, and raise you.”

“Why? Why can’t you be together?”

“This is a matter between adults, you can’t still understand it.” After she said that, Tang Siyu’s phone rang. When she glance at it, she saw Su Xi’s name.

“Hey Su Xi are you home?”

“I’m already here. What about you? When will you guys come home?”

“We’re downstairs, We will climb up right away."

Right away when phone call ended, Tang Siyu took the little guy up the elevator. When she arrived at the entrance of Su Xi's apartment, she pressed the fingerprint sensor. Then Su Xi welcomed them enthusiastically.

“Xiao Xi, give your G.o.dmother a hug.”

“Sure.” The little guy said then he excitedly told her the good news, “My father came to me! Look, this is the car that he gave me.” Su Xi was stupefied after hearing the news, “Who is this father of yours?”

“Well, he own a really huge building. He’s also very tall and handsome. More importantly, he treat me nicely. On top of it, he said that he will live with me!” The little guy is a bit over-excited.

Su Xi listened thoughtfully then looked up at Tang Siyu. “What’s going on?”

Tang Siyu said to the little guy, “Hmm, Xiaoxi, hurry back to your room to play. I and your G.o.dmother will talk about some adult stuffs.”

The little guy bobbed his head up and down cutely, but before he gone to his room, he face Su Xi, “G.o.dmother, I’m going to my room to play with myself! Another day, I will introduce you to my father, you’ll definitely like him. ”

Su Xi wore this kind of incomprehensible awkwardness on her face. She laughed. “Hey! Just go!” When the little guy entered his room, Su Xi quickly stepped forward to interogate Tang Siyu. “What! The father of you child really came looking for you guys? Who!?” When it comes to this man, Tang Siyu still feeling aprehensive. She changed her shoes and fix her hair. “Yes, that bastart came to Xiaoxi.”

“Is he really the father of Xiaoxi? What if you’re wrong?” Su Xi was so shocked that her chin almost hit the ground, it was way too suprising!

Tang Siyu really wished that the man was not, but together with the proof provided, he really turned out to be.

“He had a DNA test with Xiaoxi, and the report stated that they really had a father-and-son relationship.” Tang Siyu bit her red lips and the thruth still left her grit her teeth in anger.

Su Xi looked excitedly over her shoulder and asked, “Who is Xiaoxi’s father? What does he look like? What is his occupation? Is he married?”

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