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Chapter 22

The time was still relatively early. Tang Siyu went to the nearby community and found the newly bought apartment. It was more than 120 square meters, it had three rooms and two halls. The decoration was very luxurious. It is full of young fashion that was suitable for young people.

    Her father meticulously considered everything that he even bought a piano. Tang Siyu tried a few keys of the newly bought instrument. She smiled, as expected of her father, he chose a fine piano.

    Tang Siyu roamed around. Everything was well-arranged. There’s no need to add anything. She wanted to move in with her son this sat.u.r.day as well ask Su Xi to cook the their first meal.

    Thinking about it, Tang Siyu let out a sigh of relief. She and her son’s little family finally had thier own home.

    At the Elite Kindergarten School, as it was still around three o’clock and it still wasn’t the time to pick up the children, the school’s door was still calm.

    At the gate of the school, a row of three mysterious black car stopped infront. A bodygaurd in black went to the car in the middle, pulled the door at the back seat.

    A slender leg slid down. As the shiny shoes stepped on the ground, a stunning figure came out firmly.

    The man standing in front of the car, wth his tall figure, the afternoon sun that shone upon him made him look like a G.o.d.

    He was dazzling

    A mere words was not enough to describe his honorable and majestic beauty.

    The man’s cold and sharp eyes looked towards the closed gate. He can see that the  guards was strictly guarding the school, his eyes flased a faint light. Stepping forward, two of his bodyguards wanted to accompany him, but he ordered them to withdraw.

    Two security guards were guarding the gate. Seeing the young handsome man who came over, they asked curiously, “Sir, who are you looking for?” 

    “I am looking for my son.”

    “Who is your child?” The two bodyguards felt that they had seen this man before.

    “His name is Tang Yixi.” Xing Liehan’s voice was low. 

    Tang Yixi searching for his father had been known by everyone, and the two security guards were no exceptions. But all this time, they had only seen Tang Yixi being picked up by his mother. They had never seen his father. Is this handsome man in front of them the father Tang Yixi has been looking for? 

    “Sir, the time for picking up the children is 4:30 in the afternoon. Can you only pick him up after 4:30?” The security guard felt his legs softening while facing the man. He didn’t even dare speak loudly.

    Obviously, he was still considered a young  man, yet his mere presence was too strong to bear. Standing in front of him, he felt strongly oppresed. 

    “I want to talk to your headmaster.” Xing Liehan gave out a snort. He wanted to pick up his son before cla.s.s, and through this way, the woman would take the initiative to came looking for his door.


    “I am not a bad person. My name is Xing Liehan. And I am the birth father of Tang Yixi.” This sentence seemed to carry a great magic power that the security guard immediately called the director, explained the situation. A woman came over and after she saw Xing Liehan, her face showed a shocked and surprised expression.

    “Mr. Xing, how can I help you?” The director asked while smiling. It turned out that he was the father of Tang Yixi! 

    “I want to see my son Tang Yixi.” Xing Liehan told her. 

    “But our school has it’s own regulations. You are not allowed to visit during cla.s.s hours… and never recorded your ident.i.ty in our school before, so…” 

    “As long as you let me go in to find my son, I can immediately donate 10 million to your school.” 

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