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Witnessing the blood gushing wildly from the severed arm of the old pirate, was akin to a vicious slap across the trio's face. Though One-eyed Hog was perturbed that someone had managed to deflect his flying hatchet, he still laughed loudly; commanding his underlings to charge!

Reef bolted forward with a collected expression, greeting the pack of incoming pirates. Evil tendencies flickered in Sheyan's eyes, as he fished out the 'Shrivelled Tangerine*' and smeared its venom gently onto the blade of his '+7 West' saber. Then, he hastily followed up by hurling a curse-mix.

(TN:*Recap, Sheyan acquired this from the Starship trooper World and only appraised it after LOTR world, ch 55 of vol 6. It allows the next 3 attacks to be corrosive attacks.)

A dull greenish poison fog enshrouded the area, corrupting the bodies of the group of pirates! With the combination of its AOE stunning effect and Reef's 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', the hostile pirates were struck into a disastrously sluggish state; appearing as though every step was arduously challenging.

Sheyan lifted his right fist while he buried his head to spear forward. Issuing a beastly snarl from the depths of his throat, a twinkle shone atop his raised right middle finger, from a ring that resembled a demonic pupil; a twinkle that shone deep into the depths of one's soul. Then, he stampeded straight towards the pirates with unbelievable speed!

Such a stampeding momentum felt like it was impossible to resist. A faint projection of a wild barbarous oxen, trampling its hooves ludicrously while burying its head in collision, could be seen following Sheyan. Creak! Creak! The ship's deck cracked with intense trembles wherever he stampeded through. In response to that, some pirates attempted to intercept him, but were simply blown away instead. While others could only taste the trailing dust from behind; watching on helplessly while lamenting their own inadequacy!

This was the first public appearance of his 'Barbaric-demon Pupil' ever since its upgrade! The formidability of its 'Horn-Rage' ability after an overall upgrade! At present, Sheyan was no longer the puny sailor like when he first entered this world. Throughout his journeys, he had been overly cautious, committed to prudency with each step. Yet right now, he finally possessed a terrifying strength sufficient to clash head on with the majority of characters!

In a twinkling of an eye, Sheyan arrived before One-eyed Hog; his terrifying vigor of blatant collision undoubtedly caused One-eyed Hog to feel stifled. A melancholic oceanic-blue radiation poured down like a waterfall, as Sheyan cleaved down with his raised saber.

His saber cleaved deep into the shoulder of One-eyed Hog, unleashing searing corrosive damages seeping into his flesh as it emitted an unexplainable a.s.sailing stench. Bellowing with anguished snarls, One-eyed Hog swept out his left hatchet horizontally; drawing a streak of blood from Sheyan's ribs.

At this instant, Mogensha's 'Beastly Instincts' had been activated. DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! 5 uninterrupted gunfire rumbled out. The first two broiling bullets spiralled in, and collided mutually before One-eyed Hog's face. Boom! A gaudy blaze erupted before his face. Instantaneously, One-eyed Hog's lone existent left eye welled with tears from the piercing eruption, as his counter attack was immediately halted! Another 3 bullets segregated and jetted into the wrist of three other pirates pouncing towards Sheyan, forcibly disrupting their offensive attempts.

Sheyan laughed as he swiped his '+7 West' saber horizontally, slashing the loins of a pouncing pirate into two! Amidst the mournful spurts of blood, its horizontal momentum remained unstoppable, eventually slicing deep into the left arm of Hog; the sound of the saber's blade carving against bones was immeasurably distinct!

Yet, this saber slash didn't deliver crushing damages. Nevertheless, the defence negation ability of this '+7 West' saber was truly incredible. Furthermore, his slash was an explosive strike. One-Eyed Hog screamed miserably, as he retaliated by swiping the back of his left hatchet in; smashing it against Sheyan's forehead, as it sent him crashing away with stars in his eyes!

Their exchange of blows spanned merely few seconds, but was fought with utmost intensity. Hog's inferiority resided in his low defence, even though he possessed much HP. The direct slash of Sheyan's long saber was exceedingly devastating; credited to the combined deadliness of its defence negating ability, and corrosive damages of his 'Shrivelled Tangerine'.

By now, Sheyan had plunged himself deep behind enemy lines, trapping himself within the encirclement of many pirates. Several pirates were howling ravenously, as they swarmed in; each hacking towards Sheyan!

But who knew, Sheyan had been awaiting this moment. At present, Sheyan's defence had attained a terrifying 26.5, thereby reducing damages received by 51%! Supplemented with the fortification of his awakened mystical innate 'Stronghold', it further minused 40 points of damage! Even though the pirate's offensive capabilities weren't weak, Sheyan still possessed an entirety of 940 HP.

More crucially, every single pirate supplied a 15% chance to proc the outrageous effect of his 'Zergling Rush'!!! Moreover, having enhanced his 'Barbarous Crust Armour' to +4, this effect could be triggered unceasingly during combat against storyline characters!

Therefore, including One-eyed Hog, there were a total of six pirates who were chopping away at Sheyan. Which goes to say in theory, each wave of a.s.sault had a probability of 90% to trigger 'Zergling Rush'.....

With five other pirates unanimously stabbing forth, Sheyan's body was instantly riddled with wounds; his blood bucketed down like rain. Yet in that instance, the frequency of his slashing blade rays multiplied exponentially. It became simply impossible to lock onto the image of his saber; one could only witness a myriad of fatal deep-blue rays sprinkling down, covering the heavens and the earth! Within a split second, it completely enveloped One-eyed Hog within. Shrilling screeches and horrifying blood splashed forth.

Such a perverted style of battling was essentially trading life for life in disregard for everything! Of course, borrowing the might of his disgusting long saber, and propelled with the frequency of 'Zergling Rush', his damage output had reached the pinnacle.

Except, pirates were like semi-fortified berserkers, where their offense was high while lacking in defence and survivability. It would be exceedingly difficult for any other contestants to attempt to reconstruct this manner of fighting. The core factor resided in Sheyan's mysterious innate ability 'Stronghold'. Without the protection of 40 damage reduction, which contestant would dare grit their teeth, and endure the relentless a.s.saults of six pirates with powerful offensive abillities?

At this instance, Mogensha once again activated his 'Beastly Instincts', as he complimented Sheyan's fighting impetuously. Psh! Psh! Psh! Sounds of bullets lodging into flesh drifted out. Shuttling out from Brother Black, 7 consecutive shots mercilessly drilled into One-eyed Hog's brains!

Concurrently, Sheyan was slashing forth like a maniac, slashing down three times with his '+7 West' saber. Three penetrating and chilling blades hacked into the right arm of One-eyed Hog at seemingly the same time!!

The first slash, cleaved open his tanned armour. The second slash demonstrated an obnoxious and vile momentum, as it chopped into his bone,

The third slash, was seemingly executed at a speed which the naked eye couldn't capture. With an oppressive sound of sc.r.a.ping bones, Sheyan forcefully decapitated the lower half of One-eyed Hog's right arm!

Sordid red blood sprayed out in contrast to the dazzling glitters of blue radiance, as waves of blood-curdling screams reverberated through the sea!

His three slashes contained such unparalleled deadliness, that it left the onlookers trembling in fear and bitterness! Their shivering bodies turned cold, as an instinctive thought welled up honestly in everyone's heart:

If those 3 slashes were directed at me, would I be able to dodge them? Are they even avoidable?

One-eyed Hog could feel the immense torment from his decapitated limb. After suffering the vicious combined a.s.saults of Mogensha and Sheyan, and upon viewing the scene before him - Sheyan bathed in blood while stubbornly refusing to fall, an instinctively fear birthed in his heart. Though he was surrounded by the boundless sea and his brothers, he couldn't help feeling an incomparable sense of chill and weakness overcoming him entirely.

As One-eyed Hog was a man of a hundred battles, he immediately seized the impact to tumble backwards, before fleeing from the attacking vicinity of Sheyan. He scrambled backwards while groaning pathetically, using the lives and bodies of his underlings to obstruct Sheyan's onslaught. Simultaneously, he charged frantically towards the hold of the ship, while knocking against multiple characters and objects as he stumbled forward. Eventually, he disappeared into the darkness of the ship's hold.

Though he was clear on the situation, there was nowhere to flee with the vast seas surrounding them. Instead, One-eyed Hog panted heavily, as he pressed on and clutched the mutilated wound of his right arm. As he fled in panic, all will to resist had been totally routed because of that single saber.

One-eyed Hog had never encountered such an opponent that could deal such ludicrous explosiveness before. An opponent that would blatantly dash into thousands of hostile enemies, just for his desire to claim the life of the enemy's leader! This blasted foe…...

He can actually do that,

He actually dares to do that!!!!

Such a feeling of degrading into prey is truly horrid!

Watching the fleeing One-eyed Hog, Sheyan smiled contemptuously and didn't pursue. Instead, he spun round to observe the old pirate who had fainted, who had woken up by now. Then, Sheyan raised his blood dripping long saber, as he roared while drenched in blood.

"He carved out your hand! Is it fair of me to claim half his arm?"

The lips of that old pirate had turned pale from the pain. Still, he broke into hysterical laughter.

"Fair! Your move was splendid, cap'n!"

Sheyan snarled.

"But that isn't enough! This arm is merely princ.i.p.al, I'll claim the full booty in a jiffy!!"

When the crowd heard Sheyan's statement, they instantly felt the blood in their veins rushing feverously!!! The morale of Sheyan's pirates flourished, while the opposing pirates could only glance at each other. Gripping his long saber, he had stolen the scene; naturally emanating a bearing that intimidated all who was present. Pointing towards a pirate ahead with his incessantly radiating dark-blue saber, he haughtily declared.

"Move aside, grievances stems from an origin while a debt has an owner. We paid blood to rescue you from the bullets and cutla.s.ses of those marines, but this is how you treat your benefactors? Ye filthy idiots who stubbornly obey orders from another, I don't give a s.h.i.t! But that Dogs.h.i.t Hog dares to chop off the hand of my mate, I must have both his arms!"

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