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Chapter 1314: Grouping Up

Translator: Sean88888  Editor: Elka.s.sar1

Sheyan was wrestling with the Ultralisk with gnashing teeth. When he heard Aldaris' cry, he shouted back angrily, "You're a Protoss hero, so stop screaming like you're being raped by an Ultralisk! You're a disgrace to the Protoss race!"

Aldaris immediately shut his mouth, his face flushed with anger. But because there was a layer of light surrounding him, his expression could only be vaguely seen, so his embarra.s.sment was not visible from the outside. In truth, Aldaris was a very prideful guy. It was already embarra.s.sing enough that he had to cry out for help when he was under pressure. Now that he was ridiculed by Sheyan, he instantly gritted his teeth and refused to make another sound.

Of course, Sheyan may have mocked Aldaris, but he still tried to save him. He gave up defending to stoop down and plant the "seed" of Ramtas in the ground. The Ultralisk rammed into him, sending him flying. While Sheyan was traveling through the air, he pulled out 'Verdict' without any hesitation and performed all the necessary steps like declaring the enemy as a heathen, then rudely bombarded the head of the Ultralisk that was attacking Aldaris!

A dazzling holy light pierced through the air. Not only did this shot inflict heavy damage on the Ultralisk, it also stunned it!

Facing the stunned Ultralisk, Sheyan stood still and took a deep breath, then raised his right arm high!

The boxing glove on Sheyan's right arm glowed an intense dark green! His arm slowly retracted back, seemingly with extreme difficulty. Every inch felt like it took Sheyan's entire strength, as if Sheyan's arm was bound to something that weighed a thousand pounds!

That's right, Sheyan was gathering energy with the powerful ability on his equipment, 'Ultimate Impact'!

It was said that when the energy was gathered to its limit, even the sky, the earth and the ocean would tremble under this punch!

Fortunately, the other Ultralisk was currently unable to chase after Sheyan, because after it had knocked Sheyan away, Ramtas had dug out of the ground and engaged the Ultralisk with everything he had. Although Ramtas was certainly no match for the Ultralisk, he could definitely stall the muscular but simple-minded creature for a few seconds, maybe even more than a dozen seconds.

And that was more than enough time for Sheyan to finish gathering power for the 'Ultimate Impact'!

A flash of light!

The moment the stunned Ultralisk raised its head, it was greeted by the sight of Sheyan's thundering fists. A string of sonic booms resounded through the air. Before the Ultralisk could even react, the carapace on its head that was was more than 30 centimeters thick was punched through by the fist, shattering like an egg sh.e.l.l! Its brain fluid splashed everywhere!

And it did not stop there. As if the fist had a life of its own, it even pulled Sheyan's entire body flying forward like an arrow! The fist was the arrowhead, while Sheyan's body was the arrow shaft!

Therefore, not only was Sheyan's fist buried deep inside the Ultralisk now, so was the greater part of his body. Only his left arm and half his left leg remained outside. The sharp edges of the hole made in the carapace cut deep into Sheyan's body, but Sheyan did not seem to notice the wounds at all.

The Ultralisk let out a terrified scream! Being a war machine, its pain-transmitting nerves had already been removed, but it still felt fear from its instinct as a living creature. It could clearly feel life rapidly seeping out of itself.

It raised its two sharp forelimbs, struggling to maintain the balance of its body and trying to offset the impact from the punch, but its body completely ignored the command of the brain. It helplessly fell on its rear.

Aldarius was attacking fiercely all this while. Under his spells, a large number of positive and negative ions were gathered and released towards the Ultralisk. Bluish-white electric currents, each strand as thick as the diameter of a bowl, zapped through the air and bombarded the Ultralisk. The attacked parts were quickly burnt black, and the yellowish-green fluid in its body started to boil and evaporate!

Sheyan was not at all comfortable, being almost completely buried in the Ultralisk's body. His arm felt as if it was being entangled by a large number of tough, squirming intestines. Those were the dense tendons of the Ultralisk and the source of its brutal strength.

And Sheyan's mouth also inevitably tasted a lot of the Ultralisk's body fluid. The yellowish-green fluid had an unpleasant smell, like boiling hot feces. Its taste was initially fishy and bitter, but then turned a little sweet.

Consuming the Ultralisk's body fluid did not give Sheyan any superpowers like in the legends. Instead, Sheyan got a very persistent negative status from accidentally tasting the fluid — 'Gene Conflict'. The effect was a temporary drop in his maximum HP by 500 points, and it would actually last as long as 20 days.

Sheyan was livid. But just then, his right hand that had penetrated into the Ultralisk suddenly caught a lively object that was beating violently. Even with Sheyan's strength, he was barely able to maintain his grasp on it, so strong was the object beating. Sheyan felt as if it would slip out of the gaps between his fingers at any moment.

Sheyan took that as a provocation. He resolutely tightened his grip with force! In the end, the object was no match for Sheyan's monstrous strength and burst like a tomato, splashing its juice everywhere.

The thing was the Ultralisk's life core. With it destroyed, the monster suffered a fatal blow!

In that instant, Aldaris blasted it with another round of psionic shockwave, and this time, he was aiming for the huge wound made by Sheyan. The psionic shockwave drilled into the Ultralisk's body, becoming the final straw that broke the camel's back. The gigantic Ultralisk split into more than ten pieces. Body fluid and viscera splashed everywhere, soaking the ground hundreds of square metres in the vicinity!

Although the blow succeeded in killing their formidable enemy, Sheyan's face was charred black by the strong aftermath of the psionic shockwave, his hair standing upright from the electricity. His body was also covered in the thick body fluid of the Ultralisk. He looked absolutely terrible.

"You did that on purpose!" He could not help howling at Aldaris.

Of course Aldaris did that on purpose. He had always had feelings for Zi, so he had always held a little grudge against Sheyan. Cooperation was cooperation, but the revenge for personal grievances could still be exacted as long as it did not affect the overall situation. Besides, Sheyan had yelled at him previously, so the aftermath of the psionic shockwave made Aldaris very happy. He was now in a much better mood.

There was only one Ultralisk remaining, and it could easily be taken care of. Sheyan tanked in front; his Strength was no lower than the Ultralisk's, so he could hold the Ultralisk off while Aldaris safely launched his psionic shockwaves from behind. In addition, Ramtas was also firing his bristles at the Ultralisk from afar. The situation was developing in a favourable direction. Aldaris even intended to maliciously cause a bit of "friendly damage" once again with the last few strikes.

The fierce battle on this side had also attracted the attention of some ordinary Protoss troops that had successfully escaped, so by the time the Ultralisk was killed, their group expanded by an ordinary Dragoon and two ordinary Zealots.

In the end, Aldaris' ploy did not succeed. On the contrary, he was played by Sheyan instead. With a 'Tactical Throw', Sheyan flung him towards the dying Ultralisk. Aldaris ended up being drenched in the yellowish-green liquid, turning into a gloomy green globe…

After rescuing Aldaris, they decided to ride their momentum. They chased after the other group and soon caught up to the Dragoon hero who had two extra legs, named Tochego. When Tochego saw that the pursuing forces had split up, he had utilised his advantage in speed to carry out a hit-and-run tactic. He would shoot once, run away, then shoot again, repeating this maneuver over and over to try and kite his pursuers to death.

Therefore, Tochego was actually running around in circles on the plain all this time. He had decided to keep doing this as long as the Zerg did not send any reinforcement. He was quite enjoying himself. The problem was, even though he had been kiting the enemies for so long, he had only managed to kill two Zerglings.

After Sheyan's group joined the battle and tanked in front of him, Tochego could finally show off his impressive firepower. There was no suspense as to what happened next. But right after the battle ended, the trigger happy Tochego accidentally fired two shots at Sheyan. When he realised what he had done, he instantly performed the unique Dragoon dance to express his apology.

After a brief communication between the two sides, Tochego extended an alliance invitation to Sheyan. He had that authority, being a hero unit, and Sheyan had already shown his sincerity through his actions. The two sides finally reached an alliance agreement. From time to time, a Protoss symbol would glow on Sheyan's body, proving that he was an ally.

Sheyan's group had now expanded into a small army. Besides the three of them, there were also Ramtas, three Dragoons who managed to escape, two Zealots and a High Templar. The High Templar was a smart man. He had deliberately left some MP to cast Hallucination on himself at the most critical moment. With his Hallucinations protecting him, he had successfully escaped from the Zerg encirclement.

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