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When a b.l.o.o.d.y scene like this took place, anyone could imagine what would happen to the bustling airport departure lounge. That's right, it fell into complete chaos! Screams of pain, cries of fear, and shouts of anger rose one after another. People in the crowd could not even hear what the person next to them was saying!

Zi had already sneaked to one of the enemies' blind spots. She stomped down hard and turned her stilettos into flat shoes.

With an agile spin, she threw away her thick pink overcoat, revealing the pink adidas hoodie jacket she was wearing inside. She put her hand into her scarf and pulled out from it a red hairband, which she used to tie her hair into a ponytail.

She was wearing a pair of loose workout trousers underneath, which had previously been pulled up to expose the black stockings on her lower legs. Now that the trouser legs were let down, she instantly transformed from a s.e.xy, cold career woman to a pretty, sporty girl.

All these changes happened in five seconds, and such a drastic change in her vibe was bound to confuse the enemy.

As expected, her transformation enabled her to hide from the enemies' pursuit. She was still panting hard after pulling off the 'Shattered Republic' move. She tried her best to steady her breathing and reduce the rise and fall of her chest. After going up a flight of stairs, she saw the man who had previously shot her with the XM-25 system striding across the hall, looking around.

"Should I kill him?" Zi understood clearly the strengths and weaknesses of a servant. The strength was that they could be resurrected. Besides that, if the master was willing to spend funds to equip the servant, the servant's attack power may very well become as strong as the master's. The weaknesses were pretty obvious too -- the cost for resurrection was very high, each death would lower their loyalty, and they were usually really fragile.

While Zi was still hesitating, the unlucky guy ended up making the choice for her. His eyes rested on her face, and then...his expression became one of realisation.

Zi had not fully regained her breath, but she had no choice but to attack now!

A sharp flash once again entered her eyes!

'Shattered Republic' was activated once again, but because she had not rested enough and the ability was still on cooldown, she only managed to put two skills into it, namely 'Force.Needle Explosion' and 'Force.Collision Wall'!

The servant trembled violently all over his body, but only when Zi had already walked more than ten meters away. A sound akin to a mirror shattering came from his chest. Substances that were in a state between liquid and semi-liquid flowed out of the hole in his chest. Even if he covered the hole with his hands, the substances still flowed through the gaps between his fingers.

Someone with a certain level of technological knowledge would recognise the sticky, slippery substances that looked like plastic mixed with liquid soap, to be internal organs.

The internal organs of the androids in Alien: Covenant, for example, contained white coloured blood.

After all the internal organs flowed out, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole the size of a small basin could be seen on the servant's chest, as well as a large number of strange torn foldings and the plastic skeleton that was heaving within.

The man convulsed a few times and fell on his knees. His skin had become deeply wrinkled from losing too much nutrient solution. A warm, greasy smell, like the smell of cooked pork, permeated through the air. The man's head dropped down, his neck bending unnaturally, close to 90 degrees! His two eyeb.a.l.l.s slipped down from their sockets and shattered on the hard floor with a crash.

Zi had killed another person.

She had done it while she leisurely strutted across the hall like she was walking on a catwalk.

Within Party Ace, if Sheyan's style could be described as "aggressive", then Reef's was calm and steady. You could leave any task to him, and although he would not give you any surprises, he would never let you down either.

On the other hand, Zi's style could only be described as "elegant" and "devilish". An enemy hit with the 'Shattered Republic' would often only realise that they had suffered serious damage or even died long after they were struck. It was as if Zi's fingers were controlling invisible threads of death that coiled around the enemy, undetected until the moment they tightened up!

Having killed the servant, Zi blended back into the chaotic crowd and continued to move towards Keith and William at the top of the building. When she could not remain hidden any longer, she waited until the last second before she leaped up.

The other loyal servant immediately detected her presence. He fiercely flung the weapon in his hand -- the boomerang!

The boomerang was so large that its measurements could only be taken in units of "meters". It appeared crude at first glance, but it contained a primitive and shockingly brutal destructive power. After the horrifying weapon cut through more than seven people that happened to be in its way, it smashed onto a spot on the floor. The whole corridor shook so violently that it almost broke apart.

The loyal servant had antic.i.p.ated that spot to be the place where Zi would land, but contrary to his expectation, after Zi had leaped up, she had gently grabbed the chandelier on the ceiling. Such a simple action caused the servant to completely miscalculate.

When Zi finally landed, she was already less than 30 meters away in a straight line from the two sneaky snipers.

For snipers, this was an extremely dangerous distance -- they were as defenceless as a naive teenage girl who believed in the lie of "I promise not to do anything to you in bed", thus naively burrowing into the blanket of a sleazy man in her beach volleyball pants.... That's because the range of most explosive melee abilities was restricted to around 30 meters. For example, Sheyan could charge at an enemy within 30 meters with 'Hornrage', and Reef could pull an enemy within 30 meters to him with 'Holy Grasp'.

Once an enemy got within this range of a sniper, the sniper could only choose to either run away, kill the enemy as fast as possible....or be killed by the enemy. That was why Keith and William immediately jumped up like the hemorrhoids on their b.u.t.ts had been poked.

William, the one who could use his mind to control his rifle from a distance, chose to flee, while Keith, whose sniper rifle was in his hands, chose to fight back! He still made such a choice when the enemy was almost within 30 meters of him. This in itself showed how confident he was in his gun skills.

But just as Zi stepped into the dangerous range of 30 meters, her slender left foot which breached the invisible sensitive line of the two snipers stomped hard on the floor. For some reason, even in such a critical situation, the deepest impression Zi left on others was still the perfect contour of her slim left foot.

The smooth and mirror-like terrazzo floor immediately cracked like gla.s.s. But what's more bizarre was that Zi had suddenly gotten into a half-kneeling posture with both her hands pressed to the floor, like a sprinter at the start of a race.

A strange light suddenly shone between her fingers.

'Force.Collision Wall'!

The floor underneath her body instantly shattered. Debris and dust rose and billowed everywhere. Zi herself, according to Newton's Third Law, bounced towards the rear hard and crashed through the transparent but tough gla.s.s curtain wall behind her. Upon landing, she rolled into a blind spot out of the shooting line of the snipers.

This way, if William or Keith wished to shoot at her, they must be prepared for the whole building to collapse.

The reason Zi was causing so much panic was in order to reduce the pressure on Sheyan. Anyone would find it suffocating to be targeted by two snipers, especially while facing a strong opponent like the Dark Vinayaka.

Sheyan did not disappoint. He did not waste this excellent opportunity created by Zi.

The enormous pressure from the two snipers in the distance was temporarily lifted off Sheyan for 13.4 seconds.

13.4 seconds could not be considered too short, but it was not that long either. However, one thing was for sure -- it was certainly far from enough for Sheyan to kill the Dark Vinayaka. But the monster was not Sheyan's target. His real target was a seemingly unrelated person that Jean had identified!

There was no way the Dark Vinayaka was a contestant, so it must have been summoned by someone. As long as the summoner was killed, the monster from another dimension would no longer be able to remain in this world.

Sheyan used 8.4 seconds to sprint to the unlucky man, then finished him in 5 seconds.

Two seconds for a 'Beast of Corrosion'.

One second for 'Tactical Throw'.

Then, the summoner flew through the air for two seconds before he b.u.mped into the terrifying laser beam projected from Cyclops' eyes!!

Before this, the summoner had been saved from countless critical situations by his party's powerful party skill, but... the one who killed him this time was a storyline character!

When a storyline character attacked a contestant, not only would there be no 40% reduction in damage, the contestant would not enter a state of near death either! Without the state of near death, the summoner's party skill became useless because it had no chance to trigger!

Sheyan was absolutely determined to kill this summoner. In order to finish him quickly, Sheyan even gave up on getting any loot from the summoner in order to save precious time!

Because Sheyan had suddenly realised that Jackson Curtis' departure from the base might not conclude so easily. With the amount of trouble he had caused, he may very well need someone to clean up after him!

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