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Rocky burst into laughter. "See, this is why I like smart people. You're right, I am going to use you guys. It's impossible for Bind to catch up to me, so it doesn't matter whether you cooperate with me or not - he'll still end up attacking you in the end. But if you do cooperate with me, the chances of your survival will be at least 50% higher."

To be honest, everyone in Party Ace disliked Rocky's condescending att.i.tude, especially a proud person like Zi. She was obviously trying hard to hold back her displeasure.

The man had overwhelming strength! Furthermore, he was holding their party's weakness in his hands. The feeling of having to rein in their seething anger was truly unpleasant.

Rocky evidently knew how Party Ace felt about him, but he knew what he was doing. He knew very well what effect each sentence would achieve.

What he wanted was naturally this feeling of superiority, this feeling of trampling such excellent talents under his feet! That's how you make others succ.u.mb to you without using force! If he didn't flatten their spirit and cut away their edges, would this unruly bunch willingly become his p.a.w.n?

Seeing the unconcealed emotions on the faces of Party Ace, Rocky dropped another bomb.

"By the way, I also want to tell you guys that a turbulence has suddenly occurred in this dimension for some reason, so Bind will be trapped in this world for some time... This means that the most powerful ability of the Saint of Darkness is sealed, so now's the best chance to kill him! If you miss this opportunity, he'll swim free like a fish in the ocean and continue to come back to haunt you."

"Then, can you tell us why this Bind, this Saint of Darkness, is so h.e.l.l bent on hunting us down at such a great cost?" Sheyan suddenly asked.

This was the problem that had continuously perplexed them. Previously, Sheyan thought that he was taking revenge for Stockholm Party, but the cost of doing this had already far exceeded the losses Stockholm Party had sustained back then.

No rational party would do this. Even if the party leader was mad, the party members wouldn't go mad with him.

"Every Realm is filled with more than just contestants, the same way an army would have more than just soldiers. An army also has logistics, intelligence, and tactical staff. The Saint of Darkness isn't a person, but a very mysterious organisation. They're said to know the core secrets of the Realms, just like the neutral factions (TL: The miners are a neutral faction). They do not belong to the ranks of combatants like the contestants, but they possess strong combat capabilities. They even know some loopholes in the rules of the Realms and can make ingenious use of them. In terms of human professions, they function as doctors, janitors, and the FBI at the same time," said Rocky while giving Sheyan a deep stare.

"What does this have to do with him hunting us down?" asked Zi.

Rocky paused for a moment before he replied, calmly, "The Saints of Darkness have personal desires too. It's no surprise that they'd sometimes use their special abilities for personal matters. I do know one thing: the Saints of Darkness have always killed certain contestants for no apparent reason in secret. Their victims share some common points. No matter male or female, they're all no older than 30, they come from either the end of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century, they come from any of the Earth in the parallel universes, and all of them are of Chinese descent - don't ask me why, I don't know that either."

"They all come from Earth?" Sheyan caught on to an important piece of information. "There are people who aren't from Earth?"

Rocky laughed again. "Of course there are! There are countless branches in the river of history! The minds of you young ones are still too narrow. For example, I come from the human base on Mars in 2110 A.D."

"I see," Sheyan completely ignored the condescending tone within Rocky's voice. He then asked seriously, "Tell us more about this Bind guy. The more we know about him, the more problems we can give him, and the greater your chance."

"You've seen his ability to control destiny. It's acquired from the movie world Final Destination. In truth, it was actually originally quite unremarkable, but after it was upgraded to a high level and used in conjunction with his Saint of Darkness abilities, he became as terrifying as Death itself!" answered Rocky in a grave tone.

"Why don't you tell us something we don't already know?" mocked Zi.

Rocky glared at her, but Zi just returned his glare. "You're strong, but so what? Do you dare start a fight with us? Since you still need to use us, maybe you should learn some respect!"

"The only thing I respect is power. Bind has another ability which enables him to get out of a certain world at no cost as long as he's in non-combat state, but because of the dimensional turbulence, this ability of his is currently unusable," said Rocky flatly.

"Listening to you, it sounds like we can kill him if we could only find him," Sheyan told Rocky.

"Of course it won't be that simple," scoffed Rocky. "There's a powerful Divine Servant next to Bind. You might not even get past him. But I want you guys to know that Bind isn't as strong as you think. Catch!"

He threw a DVD over and laughed heartily. "If you watch this DVD and perform a thorough study of Bind's actions, you'll still have a glimmer of hope!"

After that, a snow-white pillar of light descended from above to form a huge cross, wrapping Rocky in it. Rocky then shot into the sky in the form of a giant spherical ball of holy light more than five metres in diameter.

Sheyan fell into deep contemplation following Rocky's departure. Then, a smile suddenly broke on his face.

"I don't like this man. His att.i.tude infuriates me," Reef stated with a scowl.

Zi sneered and told Sheyan, "Your self-restraint sure is good. If it weren't because he was on his guard the whole time, humph, I would've definitely attacked him."

"Everyone lives in their own way. For example, I just thought of something very interesting," said Sheyan with a smile.

Zi glared at Sheyan, but he remained nonchalant as he said, "If we could really get rid of that guy named "Bind", imagine the look on Rocky's face."

Reef, Zi and Sanzi all grinned when they heard that. Although Sheyan's plans were always full of difficulties, for some reason, he could always inspire everyone's fighting spirit.

At that instant, Mr. Jackson Curtis woke up with a moan. He held his head and said, "Oh G.o.d, what happened? Am I still alive?"

Reef walked over and helped him sit on a stone nearby. He found some coffee in the car, which he gave Curtis.

Warmth, caffeine, sugar and an ample amount of calories soon helped Curtis recover his wits.

"I can't believe I actually suffered a gas explosion. What luck! Sh*t, I feel like there are thirteen horse-flies flying around in my brain -- by the way, who are you guys?"

"We spoke on the phone not long ago. We haven't met before, but we can be considered colleagues now," Sheyan flashed him a friendly smile. He then pointed at Zi and whispered, "That's the head of the human resources department. She might look like a cold woman, but she has a very ambiguous relationship with the CEO. But more importantly, she was hoping that her friend would get the position you just filled, so you better be careful when you talk to her. Don't give her any excuses to fire you before you start the job."

Jackson Curtis ma.s.saged his temples and said, "Oh, h.e.l.l, I didn't know there's so much trouble behind this job."

"Any job with an annual salary of $700,000 will bring a lot of trouble with it, Mr. Curtis," Sheyan told him meaningfully, "Especially when the $700,000 is after-tax income. And, it's a job with a lot of free time."

Sheyan's words instantly had its effect. Zi heard what Sheyan said, and she was so furious that her teeth hurt. She really wanted to bite a chunk of meat off Sheyan's body.

She walked over and asked Curtis with a straight face, "Mr. Jackson Curtis? You don't seem to be terribly hurt. Is there anything wrong with your body?"

Curtis stood up and tried walking a few steps. He suddenly recalled what Sheyan told him. He did not intend to give this woman any chance to find fault with him.

"Of course not," seriously, he said.

"Fine. Can we sign the contract now? By the way, the signing fee of $100,000 has already been paid to your account. If you back out of the deal now, you'll have to return the money," Zi remarked with a chilly expression.

Curtis stiffened momentarily. He had overdrawn his credit card by $14,000, so as soon as the money came in, it would definitely be used to clear the debt first. If he backed out now, where would he find the money to pay them back? Therefore, he could only strengthen his resolution and reply, "Okay, I'll sign the contract."

The contract was something that was readily available. The base had set up seven companies of various sizes as a front for their operation. They had almost no trouble doing so with the help of Professor X's telepathic power. That was why all the doc.u.ments they currently presented were legitimate. As for the $700,000....that was even less of a problem. Sheyan could fork out $700 million without batting an eye, let alone $700,000! He only offered $700,000 because he did not want to scare Curtis away.

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