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All their eyes were fixated on the elongated object on the huge man's back.

It already had such a presence even when it was still covered in a thick layer of cloth. If it was taken out, how brilliant and sharp would it be?

The scarred man was Rocky, the one who had appeared at the Vatican previously. He had evidently rushed over after the death of his teammates.

Right now, his arrogance was completely overshadowed by the weapon behind him.

Sheyan could recognise the weapon at a glance. Before the trip to Uplos, Sheyan had partic.i.p.ated in an auction via his military rank, an auction where tigers fought with dragons. That was where Sheyan got his hands on 'Repentance', which later became 'Verdict'.

The auction item which left the deepest impression on Sheyan was naturally the mid-tier legendary storyline item, the Philosopher's Stone! The effect of reversing death on it was somewhat similar to Sheyan's 'Death's Lament'.

But even something as powerful as the Philosopher's Stone could only be a side character at the auction. It was completely overshadowed by another object!

A fearsome legendary weapon!

The legendary weapon used by Odin in the myths!!


Of course Sheyan remembered the weapon. Even though it was wrapped in cloth at the moment, even though it's sharp, penetrating aura now had a tint of holiness to it, Sheyan still recognised it at first sight.

But somehow, Sheyan felt something very out of place in the legendary weapon, a sense of incompatibility.

The name Gungnir represented piercing, penetration! Tearing through the sky like a bolt of lightning, piercing into the enemy's body and soul like thunder!

However, there was currently another aura mixed within the Gungnir, a heavy aura which carried a sense of domination, like a dignified monarch!

The combination of these two forces was akin to forcing a fierce general who specialised in piercing through the enemy formation on the battlefield into becoming a commander who must sit at the back of the army. Although the combination was not too absurd, it could no longer display its greatest power.

Staring at the man in front of him, Sheyan slowly recovered from his combat ready pose. He straightened up and sighed.

"What a shame."

The huge man looked at him and asked with great interest, "What do you mean by that?"

Sheyan sighed again. He then narrowed his eyes and replied, "Gungnir, such a powerful weapon. Unfortunately, it now contains the soul of the Lance of Longinus. Gungnir's main characteristic is penetration, the determination to pierce through everything in its path. On the other hand, the main characteristic of the Lance of Longinus is the symbol of power. Legend has it that with the lance in hand, every person within 120 feet will kneel down in submission, and the one who wields it could decide the fate of the world. However, the combination of the two will only result in Gungnir's sorrowful wail...."

The huge man burst into laughter.

"I remember now! You're present at the auction too, that's why you can recognise my baby at a glance! You should have bought a weapon at the auction, a dark gold gun? Since you've seen how my Gungnir looks like without a weapon soul, it's not surprising that you'd say that. But, the combination of the Gungnir with the soul of the Lance of Longinus is an augury from the Divine Augur, a combination which will result in the most suitable weapon for me. Without the combination of the two, how could I have arrived here so fast after killing Dr. Adrian Helmsley?"

Sheyan saw a slight movement from Jackson Curtis at that moment, so he finally felt a little relieved. However, after hearing Rocky's last statement, he could not help but gasp!

Getting here in time after killing Dr. Adrian Helmsley sounded like a simple thing, but the killing of Dr. Helmsley itself was no simple matter. It signified a hard-fought battle, yet it sounded so nonchalant coming from Rocky's mouth, as if he had only done something inconsequential.

If Rocky was not lying, Sheyan could already imagine the amazing spectacle. The unstoppable light flashing past, stabbing into Dr. Helmsley's body. When the gazes shifted to where the light came from, the culprit had already run away....

And to come here after the a.s.sa.s.sination.... Rocky started out later than Party Ace and he had to travel a longer distance than Party Ace, yet he could get here before they did to calmly wait for them. Such offensive power, such speed! Was this the fearsome power that was the result of the combination between Gungnir and the Lance of Longinus' soul?

"He's not lying. Otherwise, would he dare to stand in front of our party like this?" Sheyan said in the party communication channel. "This guy's definitely not someone who takes unnecessary risks and likes to blow his own horn!"

Before Sheyan could ask what his intention was, the man already told them, "I'm Rocky. Maybe you've heard my name before, maybe you haven't, but that's not important. The reason I came here is because you seemed to have done something big a while ago. Someone told me that a guy named Seaman had broken through to an Awakener on the battlefield and killed ten Awakeners in a row!"

"That's right," Sheyan answered coolly, "So what? The person who told you this should be one of the ambushers who managed to get away, right?"

Rocky laughed. "You think I'm here to praise you? You've got it all wrong! I've seen the recording of your kills. They're pretty mediocre. The only thing of note is your weird ability to infect people with diseases. The people you chased had used all kinds of abilities - flashing, jumping, weight-reduction skills - but even if they could temporarily pull away, they were forced to stop by the frequent sneezing and coughing, and that lowered their speed! They important thing is that I've never seen this powerful wide-area speed reduction ability before!"

While Rocky said that, the blood-red t.i.tle 'Hundred Man Kill' suddenly popped up above his head! The details of the t.i.tle were also on display.

[ Bronze-cla.s.s t.i.tle: 'Hundred Man Kill'! ]

[ Condition: Kill a hundred and fifty Awakeners. ]

[ Effect: All damage to the t.i.tle holder caused by contestants of Awakener-rank and below reduced by 25%, and all damage done by the t.i.tle holder to contestants of Awakener-rank and below increased by 25%. ]

All of them could not help gasping in shock. This t.i.tle alone was enough to prove that Rocky was not lying! The guy in front of them may have already broken through the shackles of an Awakener. He may have even reached a level comparable to the Cardinal whom Sheyan previously encountered in the b.l.o.o.d.y Battlefield.

"So what do you want? You couldn't have come here just to say a few words, right?" Sheyan stared at Rocky and asked.

Rocky burst into laughter. "Of course not. To tell you the truth, I want to make a deal with you first, and then...use you!"

He was unbelievably open when he said "use you", as if being used by him was a privilege!

"What deal? And how are you going to use us?" Sheyan asked without showing much emotion.

Rocky looked approvingly at Sheyan. "No wonder that guy has his eyes on you. Based on how he usually does things, you'd indeed be placed on his blacklist. Okay, never mind that. My deal is, I want to take a look at the details of your ability that can produce diseases. In return, I'll hand over Jackson Curtis and provide some information about the guy who's hunting you down."

Reef interjected, "How can we make this deal? What if you go back on your words after you've seen the details of the ability?"

Rocky laughed, disdain clear in his voice. "There are indeed times when I, Rocky, would do anything to achieve my goals, but never have I ever gone back on my words! Do you see those three guys behind me? If I have any malicious intentions against you, I wouldn't have needed to do a thing - Jackson Curtis would have died in their hands! And let me remind you, your strength is far inferior to the Saint of Darkness, Bind. He may have made a wrong move and is now confined to this world, but his ability is still beyond your imagination!"

Sheyan took a step forward. He squinted his eyes and said, "Okay, I believe you."

Following that, he displayed the details of the diseases he now possessed - only the diseases, of course. Rocky scrutinised them very carefully, then burst into laughter.

"So that's how it is. Bind restrained you for such a long time, but that also gave you the chance to spread the diseases and prepare for an outbreak. That's why the ambushers all fell sick. In addition, they've exhausted most of their power in the fight against your party, so that's why you could kill them one after another after you broke free.... You're pretty lucky, you know."

Sheyan did not make any special remarks after he heard that. He merely laughed and said, "Luck is also a part of strength."

"Do you know why I say that you're lucky? That's because, right after you started to fight back, my comrades also ran into trouble with Bind's Divine Servant! Right when they were about to win, Bind joined the fight. He completely pulled his attention away from your side and shifted it over to that side! My comrades died as a result. After that, I fought with Bind head-on. When our fight was over, the fight on your side has also long concluded. Do you really think you could've killed ten people in a row if not for that???" said Rocky. His voice was filled with disdain towards the end.

"If you want to use us to deal with that guy called Bind, you should give us more detailed information," Sheyan replied calmly.

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