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With only a kilometer or so between them and within the range of the party channel, Sheyan swiftly responded to Reef; asking him to investigate on Legolas' relational connections.

In the Lord of the Rings world, communications was definitely not as developed as in the modern world. Nevertheless, Legolas was still informed and became a member of the Fellowship. This was indeed thought-provoking.

To be selected as a Fellowship member, one must be a prominent and ill.u.s.trious figure of their race. Citing an example, be a bodyguard from beijing, one's skills must be of a national martial champion level. A secret yet nameless expert would fail to be acknowledged.

There was still a year to the inauguration of the main storyline, therefore, Legolas' reputation throughout Middle-earth was inevitably ill.u.s.trious and spread far by wandering bards. Moreover, this was an era that was extremely difficult for a puny gra.s.s to become a phoenix. Hence, the focus of already famous characters were more emphasized.

Thus, though it may seem difficult to gather information on Legolas, it was merely an affair achievable with several gla.s.ses of wine. One would even be able to inquire of the color of his underwear.

Very quickly, Reef transmitted new information.

Legolas had never been involved in any scandals.

After compiling all the information, Sheyan shut his eyes to contemplate and frowned.

"It appears my guess is correct. The key to unfold this may possibly be the main lead, Legolas. However, he definitely isn't someone that will be easily fooled....."

"I've never believed in love at first sight." Sheyan told Reef resolutely. "Furthermore, such a matter happened on an elf that expressed no love previously? Legolas' conduct indicates he was well prepared for this as well; reaching Rivendell beforehand to broadcast his affection to everyone. This all seems like a well-thought up plot."

Reef nodded.

"Indeed I feel like your guess is 70% correct."

"We can gamble as long as the odds are in our favor."

Sheyan smiled to himself.

The duo was seated inside a room.

This was an incredibly unique room that was shaped like an oval. The walls felt rather rough to touch and oval wall holes allowed the moonlight to pervade in. A dull oaken fragrance lingered around the atmosphere.

This was a wooden house of Rivendell. Verified individuals would be able to rent this place for a sufficient amount of money.

One needed to fork up 300 silver coins to rent a broken house like this.

Nevertheless, the benefits of renting were clear. Firstly, it was safe without the presence of orcs. Secondly, it was quiet and thirdly, the tree fragrance chased away mosquitoes and bugs to a.s.sist one in sleeping soundly.

Reef laid down on the awfully st.u.r.dy vine bed and muttered.

"Boss, actually we may not be able to exploit a chess piece like Legolas."

Sheyan delayed a little before replying.

"The clue regarding Legolas is indeed filled with dangers, but it is our only choice."

Reef frowned.

"Why so? We ought to be contacting Melody as soon as possible! She definitely understands the situation better and we can combine our strength. If Legolas is truly what you consider him to be, I'm afraid this would be extremely tough."

Sheyan calmly answered.

"The problem lies in this - how do we meet up with Melody?"

Reef paused a while and replied.

"Her character is playful and energetic. Now that Rivendell is so happening, she should be coming out soon. We can investigate where she lives and wait near the entrance."

Sheyan laughed.

"If it was before yesterday's banquet, waiting to catch the rabbit may be possible. Yet now that Glorfindel and Elrond knows that Melody is hostile against cooperating, they will place her under strict house arrest! They are well aware the guests from Middle-earth aren't willing that they should depart from Rivendell. Would they allow Melody to interact with such individuals?"

Reed became momentarily speechless.

Sheyan continued.

"On hindsight, Legolas is truly immaculate in his thinking. Prior to reaching Rivendell, he already determined the Melody is pivotal in their journey back to the Undying Lands. Hence, he cited 'love at first sight' for his purpose of visit."

"Despite the manifold excuses of Glorfindel and Lord Elrond, with Prince Legolas' status and his clear pursuit of romance, who are they to prevent the two from meeting? They aren't Melody's parents. In this manner, Legolas can naturally be the 'pavilion closest to the water to enjoy the moonlight first*', and obtain first hand information. Melody had probably deceived Legolas into believing his marriage proposal would be a success. With the marriage, Glorfindel and Elrond would have no excuses to separate the couple. Legolas can then stamp his presence firmly therein!"

(TL:*chinese idiom meaning benefiting from intimacy with an influential person)

"Such well devised planning and entrenchment, a formidable display of plotting! Hence, you understand why we must start with Legolas in unfolding this affair? Without doing so, we may not even be able to meet with Melody!"

Reef replied seriously.

"However, Legolas' intentions are unclear. With the current state, he isn't on the same boat as Glorfindel and Elrond. Instead, his personal ambitions are thriving and wishes to control Melody himself! Our strength is insufficient, aren't we wearing the tiger's skin to interact with one? Careful lest we get swallowed up!"

"You are correct." Sheyan calmly responded. "If possible, I don't wish to tread this path but a pity we are out of choice. Hence, before we can meet with melody, we must do our utmost to campaign."

Reef asked in confusion.

"Campaign? For what?"

Sheyan answered truthfully.

"Campaigning for a very simple affair. However, right now, we must first ama.s.s some protective talisman for ourselves."

Early the next morning, Sheyan and Reef were puzzled to discover a disturbance amongst the surrounding elves. The elves were hastily rushing towards the nearest city centre to find out about an exciting piece of news.

The duo strolled out from the wooden house and took a few breaths of fresh air. Then, they heard a faint sound drifting in from afar. It was shockingly a famous tune of the real world - Für Elise.

The two immediately exchanged glances. Evidently, this was the work of those contestants. Not only Sheyan and Reef knew how to develop friendships with the elves, the other contestants could easily do so too and reap huge advantages.

When Sheyan and Reef spotted the commotion, they saw Franklin and another contestant named Aamir performing. They appeared to be soloists after their main parties were wrecked, and probably joined the temporary party earlier. Nevertheless, they were two individuals that hadn't clashed with the duo before.

Of the two, one must blowing on his saxophone and the other a tiny violin; playing wonderfully in unison. The elves stood on both sides were utterly captivated by this outstanding performance and applauded delightedly.

The realms could impart fighting techniques but musical instruments were definitely not taught. This meant that both of them played such instruments in the real world, which was their own innate advantage. In addition to Franklin's illusory arts, the elves could behold a fantasy world of birdsong and fragrant flowers.

"If that's the case....a new path seems to have unfurled." Sheyan smiled with a twinkle in his eyes. Only unless necessary, he really wouldn't wish to cooperate with Legolas. The crucial element was this - since there was no equilibrium in prowess, there wasn't any basis for cooperation! Whatever that couldn't be gained in the battlefield, would likewise be impossible on the negotiation table.

Sheyan originally schemed to wear the tiger's skin to interact with a major player, while looking for an opportunity in the process. He planned to inform Legolas of being the errand boy dispatched by Melody's sweetheart, wishing to cooperate with Legolas. From there, he would request to allow himself to meet Melody and alert her of his arrival in Rivendell.

However, that plan came with a risk and many loopholes could arise. The greatest worry would be Legolas uncovering his ident.i.ty and seize the chance to threaten Melody.

Yet with Franklin and Aamir's appearance, a new path had surfaced!

Reflecting on that, Sheyan strolled forward. During an interval of Franklin's performance, he whispered.

"Friend, what do you think of that bone staff dropped at the beginning of this world?"

Franklin was stumped and offered a wry smile.

"Pretty good. Ah, but what a pity but your marketing is bound to fail...….after my party was exterminated in my previous world, I fell into poverty as well without anything worth to offer."

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