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Melody's voice rung clearly and echoed throughout the public square.

Her voice was mellow and gentle.

Yet her 'no' seemed to be infused with martial might as it stamped down resolutely and firmly.

In this instant, the crowd was silenced.

The earlier romantic ambience and tender sentiments vanished completely with a single word.

Sheyan stood rooted to the ground in a distant place. His body turning stiff as his mind vacant.

He felt she was reserved, knowing the answer in her heart but embarra.s.sed to say it.

That was because he failed to notice Melody's gaze. That warm, peaceful, serene and determined gaze. Would there be any s.p.a.ce for bashfulness to enter?

Bluntly phrased, the n.o.ble status of Prince Legolas coupled with his dashing looks, really left her incapable of saying no after painstakingly creating this grand romantic occasion.

However, despite the unexpected affliction to his heart, the composed Legolas didn't react excessively. He stood up with style and maintained a respectful sincerity.

"And do I have the honor to know why?"

Melody smiled and replied.

"Some time ago, when I had yet to awaken as a twilight elf; when no mortal, not even my own elves cared about me; when I was imprisoned without none sheltering me, my protector appeared and stood by me. He guarded me unyieldingly, loved me and guided me....."

Speaking till here, Melody reminisced the affairs of past and couldn't hold back her sparkling tears. Still, she continued with an arrogance worthy of standing before the elves of Rivendell! In the faces of all of Middle-earth!!

"Regardless of the treacheries, he stood in front of me. Never once have I felt such warmth and sincere love. Be it an ordinary elf or a twilight elf, he treated me well. From then, my fate changed and my life, just like the towering tree and the emerald vines, shall be interwoven with his forevermore...."

Melody smiled with tears flowing as she narrated earnestly, her voice mixed with happiness and melancholy. In the midst of glimmering hyacinth glows in the backdrop, the crowd was moved to the very depths of their hearts. They couldn't help but recall the impulse of their youth, the longing for true affection.

At present, Sheyan felt his nose turned sour. He took a deep breath to suppress the sadness welling up within. He didn't expect himself to land in this situation after entering, but also failed to antic.i.p.ate that the gullible and innocent elf maiden would be so faithful. Her actions had been carved deep into his heart!

Such deep sentiments caused him to feel ashamed and unable to show his face.

Moments after, the golden-haired Glorfindel marched forward and calmly spoke.

"Since you've rejected Prince Legolas's goodwill, then come down. The night's ceremony must proceed and the time is tight."

Melody turned around and coldly issued.

"Sir Glorfindel I think you don't understand one thing."

At this moment, to the astonishment of many in the crowd, a strange abnormality was happening between Melody and Glorfindel. s.p.a.ce between them seemed to be fluctuating with ripples and emanated a sensation of distortion.

Melody slowly lifted her left arm. One could observe that one her fair and slender wrist, was an incredibly exquisite bracelet that emitted a gentle glow.

The crowd instantly erupted with gasps.

Even a blind person could shockingly observe the extremely intense conflict between Melody and Glorfindel despite them looking tranquil. This conflict was so intense that even s.p.a.ce between them fluctuated violently!

"Every twilight elf will possesses their own principles and dignity!!"

Melody declared one word at a time.

"Perhaps people may change. One may dictate my decision, but that one, is definitely not you!"

Her long hair fluttered up as s.p.a.ce around her warped slightly; evidently receiving a tremendous amount of pressure.

By now, some could notice the clear brilliance shining out from the Ring of Air, Vilya, on Elrond's finger. Nevertheless, Melody continued striving to enunciate her words clearly.

"I, Melody Sunstrider, hereby swear before all of Middle-earth. I will await my protector's return eternally, never to step onto the Undying Lands. Whoever wishes to go against this oath, shall be going against me!"

Blood streamed down the corners of her lips like tiny red serpents after Melody finished her statement, contrasting acutely against her crystalline white skin.

Her declaration instantly caused Elrond's and Glorfindel's expression to turn ugly, as an uproar erupted amongst the crowd.

In fact, the elves were shocked because Melody addressed herself as Sunstrider!

Bear this in mind, the elves were keepers of peace and tranquility. One of their indulgence was even playing the harp beneath the cascading moonlight, which was probably the equivalent of partying and hotpot activities of modern world humans. Many elves also exhibited faith to Elune, the lunar G.o.ddess. None had much relations to the sun.

However, during the ancient past, a group of elves abandoned the concepts of Elune and worshipped the sun G.o.d, Sin'dorei, instead! However, they were extremely rare.

(Author's note: To explain who Iluvatar is, he is a G.o.d that created the elves akin to Nuwa for humans (in chinese mythology). The Undying Lands were also created by him. To the elves, he is their living leader, parent and most elves worship him. Meanwhile, the elves also welcomed the worship of other G.o.ds like the moon G.o.ddess, known as night elves, and even the sun G.o.d.)

(ED: Author seems to be mixing LOTR with WoW here)

While for the non-elves, their uproar was mostly due to joy! Because their ultimate goal was to prevent the Rivendell elves from returning to the Undying Lands. Glorfindel and Elrond were similarly twilight elves, why wait for Melody's appearance to return?

This was because though they had both awakened in the past, they failed to recall the journey to the Undying Lands!

The Undying Lands was located on the opposite bank of the boundless sea. Moreover, even after sailing through the sea to that coordinate, one still must conduct a solemn rite to enter. A wrong step will result in all being buried beneath the sea.

Normally, a twilight elf would first awaken their personal prowess. Once their prowess reach a definite degree, they would then slowly regain their memories and eventually attain the journey back to the Undying Lands.

Citing an a.n.a.logy of a cultivator. One must first cultivate to know the path to heaven. Yet Melody actually did the very opposite; first knowing the path to heaven before slowly cultivating. Perhaps, this was related to her status of being a Sunstrider.

Right now, many were rejoicing greatly after hearing Melody's oath, and gloating in their hearts. "Lads, without a guide you still want to return? Just stay in Middle-earth and be content...…" Actually, they were also harboring evil intentions, opting to keep quiet instead of mediating the conflict; hoping that Glorfindel and Elrond would accidentally kill Melody in their rage. Then this main issue would be settled once and for all.

Melody appeared as though she was exhausting all the strength in her body. She covered her mouth as her chest undulated intensely as though she was coughing violently. Gradually, she was forced to sit down like a lonely withered flower pelting down helplessly in the air.

Elrond adopted an ashen countenance as he stood up and said.

"Seems like our newly awakened twilight elf isn't feeling well. Please escort her to rest."

Legolas who stood by his side was about to speak up, yet Elrond refrained from giving him a chance and stode off like a pa.s.sing wind.

The ceremonial banquet then proceeded with marvelous performances. Many figures became drunk and stupefied but still retained secrets that could never be revealed. Schemes floated through the minds of certain individuals as the ceremonial performances turned tasteless as if chewing wax.

Of course Sheyan no longer intended to leave. He stood in the darkness with invigorated spirits as his eyes flickered incessantly, resembling that of a processing hard disk in the computer.

Although Sheyan felt heartache while witnessing Melody being weakly and miserably subdued, he didn't fl.u.s.ter or grow anxious.

This was because even without the exalted status as a twilight elf, Melody was still exceedingly valuable to Elrond and Glorfindel. That determined that she would be kept safely.

At this moment, Reef frowned and said.

"Boss, I'm afraid Melody is in huge trouble."

Sheyan shook his head and replied.

"No, do you still remember my earlier conjecture? Whether Melody would surface or not?"

Reef paused a little and answered.

"You are referring to that conjecture? Melody appearing even though she knows that Prince Legolas will be proposing."

"Indeed." Sheyan earnestly continued. "Although my reasoning was wrong, we can infer many clues from there."

Reef contemplated for a while and said.

"That's true. Melody clearly doesn't possess feelings for Legolas, why would she ascend to the stage. Is she merely trying to humiliate Legolas? Not really, she isn't the sort of person. Her primary objective should be regarding her oath of refusing to enter the Undying Lands!"

(TL: The Sin'dorei elves are blood elves who worship the sun G.o.d in Wow)

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