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Reef sighed and adopted the same sincere and earnest tone that Sheyan used when educating the young Segimli.

"Buddy, hatred doesn't come without reason or cause, and so does love. Look at your current appearance, you will not even make the cut as a cheap Tibetan idol! You are at most 'not ugly'."

Sheyan took out a mirror for a look and glanced at Prince Legolas, whose appearance could garner envy from even beautiful females. He sighed and scratched his head, and noticed a few ragged strands from the ropes used to tie the goods they delivered earlier.

Reef mercilessly continued.

"Then look at your attire."

Sheyan's current disguise was ordinary porter clothes and obviously not western suits. Excluding the stench of perspiration, the fabric of the cloth were worn out and stretched. Slapping it would cause a cloud of dust to emerge.

The most cla.s.sic were the two different color patch that were st.i.tched at the b.u.t.t cheeks of the porter pants he wore. Such an appearance was practically undermining the overall appearance of Rivendell as well. He shouldn't even be partic.i.p.ating in this celebration banquet of Rivendell.

Sheyan glanced at Legolas' high quality silver robe which was rumored to be woven from magic silkworms...this time, he didn't possess the desire to sigh.

Reef added.

"Then compare your ident.i.ties. The elf is a prince, what are you?! A famous seaman?"

Sheyan remained silent.

Reef then sighed and said.

"Just notice his flirtatious but graceful demeanor, full of sincerity and emotions. You? A swindler, cheating girls of their virginity. Therefore...…"

Reef added urgency to his conclusion.

"Let's quickly prioritize our matters. We should incorporate that group of contestants and accomplish the main mission; this is more realistic. Besides, there are plenty of elven la.s.ses around!"

"Hais...." Sheyan took a deep breath. "Fine, let get to business after spectating this banquet. I reckon information about this main mission will surface during the banquet."

Reef asked doubtfully.

"You sure?? Boss, looking a hundred times won't make something yours....."

"Oh screw off!"

Hyacinth Square was exceedingly vast and could minimally hold 10,000 individuals. There was even a tiny lake in the middle of the square with aromatic water lilies sprouting out. The Square was next to a large mountain where the elves ingeniously incorporated the mountain edge with the Square, by constructing many pavilions along the mountainous wall. From afar, the Square seemed to be segregated into three floors and felt like a stereoscopic auditorium.

The Square was populated by thriving hyacinths of multi-diverse colors like pink and azure. The floors emitted mild glows that created a romantic, charming, and homely atmosphere throughout the Square. The romance of lovebirds would amplify while sweetalking over here.

The returning of Rivendell's elves was a grand affair. This signified that following this, the number of elves would lessen by a third! A grand affair that could affect the state of affairs in Middle-earth and linked to the influence of the Dark Lord.

Hence, many other races of Middle-earth partic.i.p.ated in this banquet as well to persuade some of the elves from leaving. Nevertheless, due to the superior prestige of the elves, none dared to call them publicly into question.

The lowest floor of Hyacinth Square was designed to resemble a stage. The main ceremonial proceedings would be held there.

The second floor was reserved for representatives of different races or individuals with exalted statuses.

The third floor was for merchants and random individuals of various races. Nevertheless, the boundaries between races were clear and preserved the safety of most creatures here.

Lord Elrond stood in the middle of the Square and offered an elvish greeting to everyone present. He then lifted up his right arm.

The Ring of Air, Vilya, sparkled like the remotest stars of the horizon. A tremendous suffocating radiance then descended down from above and covered the entire Rivendell. In this instance, everyone felt stifled with reverence as though their spirits were being purified!

Before everyone could recover from the suffocating sensation, Lord Elrond announced with a husky voice.

"The Undying Land beckons for us. I see a great glow illuminating my soul every night when I sleep. The aurora I just created cannot compare at all to that of the Undying Land! Therefore, I have decided to leave and return to the embrace of Ilúvatar. How can one resist the calling of his mother! For the sake of returning, I shall sacrifice all costs!"

Elrond indicated his resolution to leave with this public declaration, killing off all attempts of persuasion from other major races of Middle-earth. This domineering yet ingenious method unquestionably held the charisma of a great politician.

Following that, came the performances of many flamboyant magic displays and light. For countless centuries, nighttime had been the most bustling period of Rivendell. Lights irradiated leagues into the surrounding darkness and dyed the sky scarlet like a wildfire.

The gentle glows of hyacinths continued repressing the surrounding darkness. Cheers and unruly chatter resounded clamorously, as the atmosphere crescendoed to a climax.

Sheyan was constantly attempting to locate Melody. He didn't know why he decided to stay as well. Perhaps, it was just the silent contentment of watching her one last time from afar.

Alas, Sheyan failed to satisfy his desire.

Hearing the laughters of joy and intoxication, yet he felt utterly lonely within the sea of people. A loneliness stemming from the eventual farewell with that thin and naive figure. His heart felt excruciating pain.

All of a sudden, Sheyan felt the crowd calming down. He watched as the gold-haired Glorfindel strolled onto stage and announced with a faint smile.

"I wonder if we can spare a chance for Prince Legolas to share a few words he desire?"

Indeed, the moment Sheyan was waiting for had arrived.

Everyone present knew Legolas wanted to propose. Even Segimli knew prior to entering Rivendell. As such, Melody was definitely not clueless to this.

As such, for Legolas to announce in front of all, he would inevitably invite Melody up to stage.

If Melody wasn't moved by Legolas, she would make an excuse to abcise herself from stepping on stage; the most gentle and appeasable form of rejection. But if she stepped onto stage...oh, everyone would start preparing for a wedding feast soon.

Knowing the logic behind this, the crowd became silent and spectated while smiling. The only one not smiling was Sheyan.

Right now, Prince Legolas had changed to a white long robe. Specks of twinkling glitters covered the robe and enhanced his sanct.i.ty. Many young elvish maidens couldn't restraint their emotions.

Prince Legolas stood before everyone and issued.

"I have some important words I wish to say to an important individual. I wonder if she will fulfill my wish and grace this stage with her presence?"

Clamours erupted from the quiet audience while Sheyan's heart continued submerging bit by bit. He could observe the figure he had been searching for, slowly inching towards the middle of the plaza.

Under the illumination of lights, Prince Legolas appeared suave and heroic. The elf maiden that stood before him was adorned in a splendid dress and similarly brilliant under the dazzling lights. She was absolutely stunning. Her purity and compa.s.sionate demeanor attracted all limelight within a split second.

Melody had ascended onto the stage.

In this instant, Sheyan finally realized that this elf maiden wasn't who he expected her to be. He held no position in her heart, like the water flowing past a rock; silently leaving without a trace. A sudden wave of regret and melancholy filled his heart.

"The first time we met, you already drew my breath away...…." One must admit that Prince Legolas's words were profound and his eyes permeated with love as he stared into Melody's eyes.

Melody offered no resistance and allowed him to hold her hands. The prince then knelt to the ground and continued his confession. The crowd cheered for this well matched golden couple.

Yet Sheyan quietly looked down at his hands that had held hers in the past. He finally stood up and issued to Reef.

"Let's go."

Not knowing what to say, Reef sighed and patted Sheyan's shoulder. He knew his heart was extremely uncomfortable.

The duo turned to leave the square, but Prince Legolas's expressions of love continued drilling into Sheyan's ears under the a.s.sistance of magic. They were akin to needles poking his heart.

He hastened his footsteps but the confession came right before he could leave the public square.

"Will you allow me the privilege of being your lifelong companion?"

Sheyan's leg trembled slightly as his heart swelled with unwillingness. He still harbored a sliver of hope that a miracle would happen.

Yet right after Legolas finished his proposal, Melody immediately answered him. A clear answer that had spiralled and solidified in her heart long ago. That was why she could be so forthright and decisive at this moment.


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