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When Sheyan chopped down towards Plague, three humongous Licker pounced in from nowhere!

The three Lickers were completely blood red with twisted faces and vicious roars. One glimpse was enough to identify them as fully matured Licker hosts. Their claws were incomparably sharp as they blocked Sheyan's chop!

Then, they retaliated chaotically with full strength against Sheyan.

"Oh, indeed a Growth-Hunter. Able to counter-attack even in this state." Sheyan mused nonchalantly to himself.

While speaking, he redirected his deflected blade into a horizontal sweep.

The three Lickers appeared to prioritize guarding their master. As a oceanic blue light slashed in, it left a thin wound across the arms of the three Lickers. Such a wound wasn't worth mentioning to ordinary individuals, what more to immeasurably beastly Lickers?

"My kiddies, shred him into pieces!!" Plague's defeated roar resounded out. However, her voice was currently that of a squeaky middle-aged female.

After Plague screamed out, the three gigantic Lickers formed a '品' (triangular) formation and trapped Sheyan in the middle. However, they didn't seem to be proactive in attacking.

The three abominations towered two meters above him with tails that extended up to three meters. When surrounding Sheyan, they appeared like fortified steel walls.

Actually, Plague's actions thus far was very normal. Instead, it was Sheyan's performance that toppled all her common knowledge.

She couldn't understand stand why a mere contestant could utterly negate her T-Virus.

She couldn't understand how she, as an unparalleled T-Virus Growth-Hunter, could be infected by the enemy's virus!

Thus, Plague acted in the most logical conduct at this moment; letting her summoned creatures hinder the enemy while she fled and hid. Dragging time may not be beneficial to the party, but it was extremely beneficial to her. Just another minute, and the teleportation portal would transport her comrade. With a scenario of two versus one, the outcome was pretty much settled. At least, it wouldn't be so ridiculously absurd like now.

Sheyan viewed the gigantic Lickers that encircled him and muttered with great interest.

"Super powerful summoned creatures eh...….beckoned at anytime with remarkable speed and vitality. Perhaps, their attack is their shortcoming but they propagate the fatal T-Virus. With them storming the front and attracting firepower, the remaining zombies can form into a raiding horde. Hoho, this is truly a seamless piece, but a pity, Plague, your only mistake is meeting me."

While speaking, Sheyan casually strolled out from the encirclement of the three gigantic Lickers. On the contrary, the three Lickers were like dumb wooden stick chicken sculptures rooted to the ground.

Of course, using sculptures to describe the three gigantic Lickers wasn't very suitable, because, the three Lickers were faintly trembling.

That was the reflex action of an incomparably intense agony within their flesh!

At present, one could clearly observe an abnormality emerging on the arms of the three gigantic Lickers, the area where Sheyan's blade had sc.r.a.ped against!

Though their wound was mild, Sheyan's blade contained droplets of his own blood when he was previously acting crazy.

Blood that carried the powerful Virus!

After all, Sheyan's Virus, was an invincible virus inherited from the 'Stairway of the Sun' itself! There was even a stalk of living 'Stairway of the Sun' in his body, that source of the progenitor virus.

As for the T-Virus of those gigantic matured Lickers, it was a byproduct of many experiments and modulation. Moreover, how could that virus conquer Sheyan's perverted innate ability - 'Stronghold'?

Thus, the strength of her T-Virus was already majorly weakened even at the start.

Therefore, when the Virus coursed through the body of the three gigantic Lickers, it smoothly occupied total superiority.

The wounds on the three gigantic Lickers shockingly swelled up, as surrounding blood vessels bulged horrifyingly; separating into cyan root strands that stretched deep into these biohazard abominations. In a flash, their consciousness were severed which followed by an avaricious absorption of their life essence!

Under such circ.u.mstances, could they still move? Did they dare to move?

Sheyan slowly marched into the darkness and calmly spelled out.

"Stop struggling, Plague, you can't escape."

His tone was exceedingly composed, but carried the immense weight of life and death. It was as though he was spelling out a common fact like '1+1=2'.

5-6 steps into his march, a sudden fit of heart-wrecking cough echoed in from a dark room.

Sheyan leisurely stroll over as a hideous shriek rang in his ears. Then, Sheyan immediately witnessed as a tremendous beast lunged towards him!

However, Sheyan offered no intentions to dodge and stomped over. That beast was actually just a 'paper tiger', where Sheyan easily kicked it crashing into a wall; causing the illusion to swiftly fade away and reveal the figure of a middle-aged female, wheezing violently while slumping against the wall.

Sheyan walked over and met the panicking eyes of Plague. Of course, she attempted to retaliate, but Sheyan sighed and stomped down onto her chest.

Plague gazed at Sheyan with despair, like a helpless climber gazing at an insurmountable towering mountain peak.

A basic realm contestant was stomping onto her chest. She felt her body turn completely numb, as though it was betraying her soul. Her numb body wouldn't carry out the orders of her brain!

Sheyan took his time in uttering.

"You ought to be carrying the T-Virus eh?"

He gaze at Plague's shoulder, where a prune colored stream of blood trickled down a slash wound, which formed a nasty purplish scar.

Looking from her angle, that terrifying purplish scar appeared like a long smile that sneered strangely at her. Following that, she realized a certain terror; a searing agony began drilling deep into her body and dispersing around!

Sheyan sighed.

"I have no interest in your Lickers, and wouldn't degrade myself into letting others consume my feces. But someone who threatens me in that manner, I will never let them off easily!"

As he spoke, Sheyan stomped down onto Plague's head.

One stomp! Two stomp! Three stomp!

Blood splattered everywhere as Plague's head slammed against the floor consecutively.

Following that, Sheyan raised his '+7 West' as an oceanic-blue radiance poured down.

Despite so, Plague had evidently antic.i.p.ated his saber and hissed out wildly, as a transparent barrier suddenly formed around her. When his saber slashed in, the damage recoiled onto himself as he groaned and retreated 5-6 steps back; blood oozed from both his hands.

Plague was truly a malicious yet intelligent woman. She'd rather suffer indignity and deliver a final smack to her opponent's face, so that her next comrade would have some advantage.

She stared maliciously at Sheyan and hissed out.

"The next time we meet, I will kill you!!!!" After speaking, the transparent barrier around her body started shrinking rapidly. It would eventually transform into a pin in a sea and utterly vanish from this world.

Evidently, Plague had activated a realm returning object. Though it's negative effects were immense, it could still preserve her life.

However, Sheyan offered a long sigh and scoffed.

"Do you think only Judas and Finarsih possesses the ability to disrupt s.p.a.ce? There is no next time, Plague. So, hurry and leave behind your last words."

At this moment, blue and transparent wavy strands penetrated into this round in an unceasing stream. The strands coiled around Plague and appeared as if they was distorting and shaking s.p.a.ce! It seemed as though the world was being swept by a wave.

This strand indeed came from the tip of one of Zi's silver rapier.

Although she was locked in a gruelling battle, she still managed to find an opportunity to unleash a supporting ability.

Skywalker Force - Strands of Time!

One could distinctly observe the rapidly shrinking transparent barrier around Plague, being fanatically hindered by those strands of time. Then, the barrier stopped shrinking and eventually swiftly expanded, before morphing back into an object that disappeared in Plague's hand!

Her countenance turned ghastly pale, and as she was about to speak, Sheyan didn't offer her a chance.

Besides, Sheyan was a decisive individual. A unceasing chain of ocean-blue radiance poured down from his '+7 West', which released a supremely high-pitch mournful scream from Plague before the scream gradually faded....

At the same instance, a clear notification rang into Sheyan's ear.

[ You killed a Growth-Hunter (unknown). 4 achievement points awarded ]

[ This is a party battle, please freely allocate the achievement points ]

[ Limit of slayer achievement points in this world is 10 points. Once limit is exceeded, the allocated achievement points will not be refunded. Please allocate wisely ]

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