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Chapter 764: Act of dual tanks

Indeed, the activation of a powerful set ability.

Strictly speaking, in terms of equipment properties of quality, a set equipment would be a little bit inferior to a dark-gold grade equipment. This was because a dark-gold grade equipment normally didn't possess a negative property, while the flaws and strengths of a green grade equipment was normally obvious.

As for why the value of set equipment frequently triumph over a dark-gold grade equipment, was because of its incredible special set ability!

The present phenomenon was caused by the special ability of Zi's set equipment – 'Marsh Decay'.

[ Set ability: Marsh Decay – when dealing damage to the opponent, there's a fixed chance of transforming your nearby surroundings into the environment of the Kijuju Marshland. Reduces movement speed and includes a chance of infection with various pestilences (set wielder will be immune to negative effects) ]

After being plunged into a marsh without any warning, the three fighters became startled and perplexed. Such a sensation was exceedingly queer and confusing.

Still, Sable reacted the swiftest.

Pa! Psh! Psh! Pa! Without making a sound, he waddled through the marsh and escaped.

Indeed, although his prowess had plummeted, this cunning fox was still smart and understood Zi very well. He had immediately accessed the situation presented to him.

"The three of us can't even touch a blind Zi after surrounding her, what should I hesitate about? Since we are all stuck in this marsh, I must run the furthest!"

Truthfully speaking, Sable couldn't run that fast in this nearly knee-deep Nidpaya marsh. Still, his only advantage was being faster than the other two.

At this moment, the disharmony between them was exposed.

The blind-inflicting Growth-Hunter immediately thought of Zeus's command and continued barrelling forward as he splashed through the swampy waters.

The last Growth-Hunter hesitated a little and decided to observe first.

With three individuals working in disharmony, how could they make a concerted effort to achieve victory?

When the blind-inflicting Growth-Hunter arrived in front of Zi, her powerful 'Force Needle Explosion' had just cooled down. Her eyes beamed out with an incisive needle-like gaze which drilled deep into his head.

Amidst his searing agony, he activated an achievement medicine to dispel the stunning effect before viciously stabbing towards Zi.

Despite so, Zi endured the stabbing dagger and unleashed another 'Force Collision Wall', which effortlessly knocked him and the other charging agility Growth-Hunter flying away.

Noteworthily, Zi's 'Force Collision Wall' was already raised to the lvlmax stage by Zi, and thus only presented a short 8 seconds cooldown. The rest of her abilities had a much longer cooldown.

This was the supreme advantage of this narrow terrain. In any other ordinary terrain, although her 'Force Collision Wall' was still an area of effect attack, its speed was a fatal flaw. Those two Growth-Hunters could've easily dodged it, don't even mention hitting two birds with one stone like now.

Moments later, a crescent dagger started carving again. Then, the black Sith Demon claw mercilessly gripped the blind-inflicting Growth-Hunter's neck. By now, his fighting spirit had evaporated completely as he howled in anguish while fleeing. Instead, a shocking twist occurred.

He started off with a shiver which influenced his fleeing pace, which compounded onto the r.e.t.a.r.dation of Sheyan's poison fog and the muddy marsh terrain. Finally, at the most crucial moment, he unexpectedly bent his back and started coughing violently.

How could Zi overlook such a glorious opportunity?

Similarly to the Metals Professor, his 'Honorary Medicine' was on cooldown, and after being slapped into near-death state by Zi, he finally perished to the evil clutches of the Sith demon while restoring a portion of her mana.

Sadly, he wasn't Skull's underling and didn't possess a high slayer value. Thus, he didn't produce any blood key.

Zi remained standing uprightly with specks of blood tarnishing her clothes. Her egyptian robe hid her cold yet graceful demeanor, and released an impression of unstealable by anyone!

After such an intimidating performance, not a single person dared to

to utter a sound.

"An outstanding terrain-modifier ability, a peak Awakener difficulty green set equipment that I can't detect any negative properties...."

Judas muttered with a downcast tone.

"Most critically, this terrain is a natural fort for her; one man guarding against the millions! Zeus, your information is completely inaccurate, to take her down, we must rely on the capabilities of an MT."

Undoubtedly, only an MT can deal with such terrorizing a.s.saults. However, never forget, Skull and Zeus were mutual suppressions to each other, especially when Zi was still ahead and very much alive.

If Skull charged forward, Zeus can mount a sneak pincer and naturally annihilate the entire Skull Party!

Similarly, Zeus couldn't neglect the possibility of Skull pincering him from behind.

In this world of mutual deception, n.o.body was willing to exchange their lives for strangers; much less rivals. Furthermore, Skull would have more reasons and profits by doing so.

Judas said coldly to Skull.

"Boss, this is an obvious situation. Mindlessly charging in for the sake of venting, is absolutely not a wise decision; the losses will far outweigh the benefits! What good will it be to stake it all and risk perishing?"

Skull squinted his eyes and callously said.

"Don't forget, it's very possible our Joseph, Kaoyi, Drizzt and the others died to them! Can we simply overlook this vengeance?"

Judas calmly answered.

"Because they are already dead, we cannot let dead men influence the choices of the living."

At this moment, Finarsih suddenly interrupted.

"I have a suggestion….."

"Doesn't it feel amazing?" Sheyan sat on a metal chair as he observed Zi's back with great interest. Her loose long robe occasionally traced out interior curves which induced a sense of enticement.

Zi answered composedly.

"It's been a long time since I've fought like that. In retrospect, I'm guessing you obtained this set equipment from an Awakener difficulty world right? I'm extremely curious, how did a lowest realm contestant like you acquire such equipments?"

"Oi oi oi!" Sheyan argued. "What lowest realm contestant, I object your phrasing! As for how I acquired them...fished up from the marketplace."

Zi speechlessly chided.

"Please don't insult my intelligence."

Sheyan sighed.

"Everything is possible.....right, we are left with 4 mins 48 seconds to return. According to my conjecture, they definitely won't dispatch members to die in vain. You are about the face the might of an MT oh."

Zi indifferently scoffed.

"I have no qualms in guarding against anyone, but.....I have a feeling, they have something else up their sleeves!"

Just when Zi concluded her sentence, Zeus and Skull were unanimously standing at the pa.s.sageway entrance.

Skull produced black glowing metallic gloves. Adopting a menacing countenance, he gobbled the gloves up with one mouth. 'Kacha' sounds creaked out followed by softer munches.

Zeus took a step forward as he faced Zi. His gaze turned complex as he slowly muttered.


Zi's pa.s.sionless gaze swept in without a word.

Zeus took a deep breath and continued.

"Ever since the day we went out separate ways, I knew this day would come. Do you still remember our aspiration remember our aspiration when establishing the Illume-union? To build the strongest party ever seen in this realm. But you, are now an obstruction to our aspiration, you are standing in our way!"

Speaking till here, the ground suddenly turned loose and brittle beneath his feet. His feet immediately stomped in, as rocks sprayed up till his feet was knee deep into the ground.

Then, he roared with agitation.

"Therefore, please, die peacefully today!!"

Zi took a deep breath. In this airtight bur rather airy s.p.a.ce, her breath sounded as though a certain unrivaled colossus was breathing; seemingly suck all the air from this s.p.a.ce!

A barely audible dignified roar suddenly shook the place.

An unfathomable grandeur streamed out from Zi's body as she shut her eyes and opened it.

A golden vertical pupil emerged and unleashed pulses of chill down one's soul.

A thick golden shade covered the remaining three rhombus mana crystal revolving around Zi.

Pa.s.sionless Dragonforce Bloodline awakened!

At this moment, only Sable was immensely astounded. He was exceedingly clear that her 'Pa.s.sionless Dragonforce Bloodline' required over 700 HP and 1000 MP to awaken, and she could only attain such statistics in her optimal state.

Furthermore, she clearly experienced a series of battle. According to her former level, she probably lost over 30% of her Hp and 40% of her MP so far.....in spite of that, she didn't consume any medicine but succeeded in transforming.

Without a doubt, it meant that within this short duration, her MP and HP value and skyrocketed immensely!

Upon thinking of that, Sable didn't sound out but staggered back consecutively. The crowd disdained him and thus, he didn't attract any attention.

To Sable, he was already contemplating the possibility of Zeus failing, and thereby using him as a scapegoat for this defeat.

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