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Chapter 681
Chapter 681: Sole advantage

Translator: Translation Nation  Editor: Translation Nation

Beginning of volume 10



Sheyan creased his eyebrows tightly. After a deep contemplation, he reopened his eyes and spoke solemnly.


"I just received Demondream’s distress call. Take a look."


Although Demondream’s message had vanished, this was still Sheyan’s personal room. With his military authority, he could effortlessly access ‘CCTV’ recording capabilities. After Mogensha and Reef finished viewing, they both felt exceedingly troubled. Still, Reef took the lead in suggesting.


"Could it be a trap?"


Mogensha shook his head as he frowned.


"It shouldn’t be. Demondream’s death cannot be falsified."


Reef sullenly continued.


"Ah but, if the Glory Party truly waged war with the Illume-union, logically speaking, Zi shouldn’t be able to last so long with the remaining forces of the Illume-union."


Sheyan then uttered.


"Zeus is a c.o.c.ky and arrogant fellow. Therefore, even though he desires to kill Zi, he’ll definitely try to make her yield before him and kill her! But that’s just one reason. Another possibility, is that many variances have arose in their mission world; for example, variances such as vile, diabolical environment like the Kijuju Marshland we just experienced, or perhaps, Zi managed to gain the a.s.sistance of formidable storyline forces."


"Of course, we cannot discount the possibility of other contestant factions contending against Glory Party either! These are factors Zi could leverage on against the Glory Party."


While speaking, Sheyan glanced at the noticeably nervous Mogensha.


"What’s wrong? Looks like you don’t wish to go up against the Metals Professor eh?"



Brother Black nodded tacitly. Frankly speaking, the Metals Professor had previously cast a shadow on his heart, like an inescapable nightmare! Originally believing her to have perished for good by Sheyan’s hands, yet she’d unexpectedly rose from the ashes!


In contrast, Sheyan lifted his head and earnestly urged.


"I’ve made my decision to enter the ‘s.p.a.ce-time Wormhole’! If we don’t partic.i.p.ate, Zi’s outcome would either be being killed, or being roped in! Since an inevitable battle exists between us and the Glory Party, we shall not permit such atrocities from happening!"


Reef interrupted.


"However, what if we fail to rescue Zi, but in turn, get caught up in the s.h.i.t storm?"


Sheyan very composedly answered.


"Actually, I’ve already investigated one pivotal element with my military authority – if we infiltrate their world with an ‘S’ rank item like the ‘s.p.a.ce-time Wormhole’, the Glory Party would be utterly oblivious of our invasion. That, will be our sole greatest advantage. If we exploit this advantage well, rescuing her wouldn’t be a problem."


As he spoke till here, Sheyan’s face revealed a sly smirk.


"Therefore, let’s serve them a taste of virus pestilences!"


"Oh right!" Mogensha abruptly raised a sharp question. "Boss, your virus would inevitably face counters right? Say, against elemental creatures like the balrog or cyborgs like the termi

nator, how would it fare?"


Sheyan sighed in response.


"Those freaks are immune to most diseases, that is something that can’t be helped. I’ve checked with the realm, only certain high level tier diseases can be effective on them. Hence, even the dark rider, Little Lord Fokke, possessed powers of frost to counter such situations."


"Hmm, let’s say you encounter mutations like the Licker, or Deathmarsh Great Crocodiles like the last world?" Reef became curious as well.


Sheyan replied.






"The realm’s answer is this – the A-Virus can slightly tweak the efficacies of the virus abilities, allowing it to be effective normally. Only in certain special circ.u.mstances, would it be ineffective. Say, for creatures born without lungs or needing to breathe, they would be invulnerable to the ‘Bronchitis’ virus. Or cavemen of the world of magic, since they are born without eyes, they would be immune to eye diseases."


"On the contrary, certain creatures are particularly sensitive to certain diseases. For example, the effect of diseases like rhinitis would be amplified against dog like creatures, or like bird flu, which is additionally lethal to bird like creatures. AIDs to monkey type creatures....oh, I do earnestly hope, the realm only selects humans to be contestants right….."


After listening to Sheyan’s explanation, Reef became even more curious.


"Frankly, I’ve never heard of contestants originating from other species."


At this moment, Sheyan noticed the time and prompted.


"The ‘s.p.a.ce-time Wormhole’ still has 13 minutes before terminating, let’s make our preparations! Our supplies should still be relatively adequate…...well, the previous world didn’t present to us much opportunities to use them. Okay, let’s disperse and gather back 10 minutes later!"



Ten minutes later, Sheyan converged back with Reef and Mogensha. The trio stood shoulder to shoulder as they selected to enter the ‘s.p.a.ce-time Wormhole’. They initially thought the nightmare realm would project a glowing door for them to enter. Alas, such a thinking was truly too naive!


Upon selecting to enter the ‘s.p.a.ce-time Wormhole’, no abnormalities surfaced initially. Yet while the trio were exchanging glances anxiously, the world around them suddenly started spinning.


It felt as though their legs were glued to the ground, while the room was revolving rapidly in midair. Then, they got struck by an endless abyss, their surroundings surged with incredible turbulence. A sensation of challenging the balance of their mind to its extremes!


Even with the domineering enhanced bodies they possess, the trio could merely last for a short interval before a nausea inducing delirium overwhelmed them.


At some point, the encompa.s.sing scenery around them had disappeared. What remained, was a transparent ground with distinct hoops of circulating around them. It was as though an incorporeal channel had formed in the air, and the trio were speedily barrelling through with breakneck pace.


Like sitting on a roller coaster in a tunnel, a streak of light suddenly shone in from afar. That was followed by the loud cries of the trio, as they collided straight into the distant light source!


Bang! A thunderous boom resounded. Wrapping his head, Sheyan was flung out from a void in midair! He smashed disastrously against the window of a besiding shop.


Piank! Piank! Obviously, the window shattered into smithereens, as gla.s.s shards sprayed in all directions.


Following that, he crashed against a pillar, rebounded off to a writing desk, and finally landed fortunately onto a single-seater sofa. The unlucky sofa emitted a disgruntled wail, as the flooring beneath cracked with 2-3 metre long crevices, before settling down.


Sheyan reclined on the sofa as he panted heavily. After examining that he hadn’t lost anything, Sheyan slowly climbed back up and contacted Mogensha and Reef. The other two were segregated in a radius of 200 - 300 metres, and were both cursing at the ruthlessness of the wormhole loudly. Still, the trio had all landed safely.


"Ah, truly infuriating. Not a single notification after entering this world. Blank, nothing, no information nothing."


Sheyan scanned the indoor furnishings. This shop he wrecked appeared to be a clothing business, with quite a few mannequins stationed around. However, the shop was distinctly in disarray, as clothes were discarded messily on the ground. Even currency notes were sporadically scattered around.


"Seems like a civilized world. Hmm, from the furnishings and decorations, this is probably 20 – 25 years in the future from our modern world. Seems like the system is fully sound automated...."


Sheyan tidied up the clothings, and whispered into the party channel to Reef and Mogensha.


"Since our discrete infiltration is a vast advantage, try your best to be cautious and minimize the chances of others discovering our existence; at least, until we lay hands on Glory Party."


Soon after, Sheyan stepped out of the shop.


A quiet stillness lingered throughout the s.p.a.cious streets like that of a graveyard. Not a single soul was present under the broad daylight. Merely, vehicles of every kinds were chaotically blockading the main road. The surroundings felt as though a ma.s.sive robbery had befallen it. An unprecedented filthy mess, as even clear traces of blood trails stained the streets; signalling that bodies had been hauled around or were crawling bitterly. Only, a pair of traffic lights on opposite banks of the road continued to flicker incessantly.


"This scene, have we perhaps entered another Resident Evil world? Or some other apocalyptic movie? The Illume-union really knows how to pick their destination."


After several minutes elapsed, the trio finally rea.s.sembled. To hide away from the public, the trio congregated within a ma.s.sive supermarket, as they attempted to a.n.a.lyze their first impressions of this world.


Of the trio, the unluckiest was Brother Black. He landed on his head, blasting a large gash across his brow area, where he managed to curb the bleeding after using 2-3 bandaids.


All of a sudden, a coa.r.s.e and wild rumbling of a vehicle echoed from afar. The trip glanced at each other and immediately p.r.o.ne down, seizing the cover of the supermarket. When the rumbling past them, they stealthily spied towards the distant.


Clearly seen, a 6-wheel Hummer had accelerated here and finally halted by the streetside. That was because there was a mess of mutually collided vehicles there. Probably after combusting from an explosion, what remained was a heap of charred car wreckages. Hence, even the monstrous Hummers was blocked off. The pa.s.sengers could only dismount and proceed by foot.


A round and solid jackboot heftily trampled down, and coincidentally stomped onto the wreckage of a car window! Piank! A cutting sound emerged as gla.s.s shards dispersed, some lodging deep into a wooden door by the side, while some poking into the nearby car tyre.


Pshh! Pssh! The sounds of leaking air could be heard distinctly.

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