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The attributes of the 'Gold Pearl of the Caribbean Sea' was indeed remarkable. Nevertheless to Sheyan, the 15 points of positive phantom charm boost was akin to a fleeting satisfaction. Instead, he was more pleased with the ability of this soul equipment - 'Pearliate'.

Actually, the perceptive sense boosting property of the 'Pearliate' ability appealed differently amongst different individuals, and wasn't as amazing as it sounded. The x2 perceptive sense effect merely doubles one's pure perceptive sense, without factoring equipment bonuses. Moreover, each usage would cost 5,000 utility points for a duration of merely 10 minutes. Such an exorbitant valuation could naturally be easily shouldered by Sheyan if he still possessed hundred thousands of utility points like before. Yet now, he could only gaze at the ocean and lament over his inadequacy.

Next, the trio's target naturally skewed towards a.s.sisting Sheyan in contracting the 'Bronchitis' virus.

Reef reckoned that since Sheyan insisted his life wouldn't be at risk, then they should consider visiting a private facility. Then, using cash to raise requests amongst doctors who could only see gold in their eyes. With the aid of a professional, there wouldn't be a possibility of Sheyan failing

Furthermore, as one of the largest city of Europe, it boasted an endless and dazzling line-up of small medical clinics. Some could only suppress their prices and services to compete with larger medical facilities, solemnly vowing to their patients in great confidentiality.

With Reef leading them, they soon arrived at a clinic situated in a small alley nearby London's Trafalgar Square. Noteworthily, this wasn't a clinic affiliated with Reef's family, but a clinic the privately rented chauffeur suggested.

Oh, noteworthily, the chauffeur's smile was seemingly queer. Evidently, he treated them as though they were customers infected with STDs but still desiring to seek pleasure…..

The reason for not patronizing clinics affiliated with Reef's family was this - Sheyan knew his current situation was truly too outrageously bizarre. To proactively seek to be infected with the 'Bronchitis' virus and subsequently be miraculously healed, would definitely make headlines amongst the doctors. If such news were to be transmitted recklessly, should someone catch hints and trace to the origin, it would bring unnecessarily detrimental troubles for Reef.

Right now for the current Party Ace, every single member was akin to an indispensable cornerstone. Not even a single could be discounted. Furthermore, the trio weren't willing to commit murder or arson, thus, they employed such a method to guarantee the safety of the group.

As light rain drizzled down in London as usual, the air was moist and cold, and the ground clammy. After alighting, the trio adjusted their caps and windbreakers, before pressing on the clinic's doorbell.

Before the door opened, Sheyan noticed that the soaked floormat appeared incredibly neat and clean. However, it was already one in the afternoon.

This indicated that either business was booming, and the clinic just swapped away an extremely filthy floormat, or there were hardly any patients.

Soon after, an unfriendly nurse guided the trio into the clinic hall. The impression she left was that of a well-developed figure and maroon shaded short hair.

The clinic hall was decorated in an old-fashioned but pristine manner; as though there would be a gigantic symbolic fireplace at a corner, with combusting oaken wood crackling within. Long and narrow windows constructed with brown willow frames exuberated an european elegance, under the gentle illumination of a suspending chandelier. On the whole, the place appeared rather gloomy and reserved.

Approximately a minute later, a middle-aged male with a goatee strolled out. After surveying the trio, he politely addressed.

"I Am Mister Mahoney. How may I a.s.sist you fine gentlemen?"

Brother Black took a glance at the doctor and mumbled.

"My friend wishes to be infected with bronchitis."

Doctor Mahoney instantly replied.

"Gentlemen, bronchitis is an illness that has plagued humankind for millenniums. Fortunately, I am rather learned about treating such persistent inconveniences.....what?!This gentleman here, what did you just said?!!"

Reef glanced at Reef. Reef then coughed and interrupted.

"It's like this, Mister Mahoney. My friend is truly an obstinate rascal. In the past, he was injected with an expensive immunity boosting drug, something like that of globulin. As such, his confidence in his own body is simply outrageous. This led to an argument in a bar between us friends last night. He believes he is as strong as an ox, and that it is impossible for him to be infected with diseases like bronchitis and such. We, on the contrary, take a different stance on the matter..."

Doctor Mahoney observed Reef with disbelief. Then, he shifted his gaze to Sheyan and asked.

"Respected gentleman here, I can't understand the relationship between that and seeing a doctor?"

"Hence, we made a wager." Reef shrugged his shoulders. "Moreover, under the influence of vodka, our wager skyrocketed immensely, which includes the property rights of a castle and a manor. Unfortunately, we can't verify this wager."

Doctor Mahoney inquired doubtfully.

"Gentlemen, I still can't connect that to needing a doctor right?"

To which, Reef fished out a cheque, keeping it brief and to the point.

"The content of our wager is this - whether he can contract bronchitis within 24 hours. I need your medical expertise to testify that I'm correct, that the immunity globulin is just a ridiculous scam."

"Shut it!" Sheyan angrily rebuked. "You are the greatest swindler! I can feel that my body is stronger than even Achilles'! Don't talk about doctors, not even G.o.d can affect my health!"

Doctor Mahoney was lost in bewilderment for a brief while, before replying.

"But a doctor is suppose to treat ailments..."

Reef then placed the cheque onto the table and slid it across.

"This is my down payment, you have 2 hours to convince me to stay. If he really contracts bronchitis, then I shall hand over another cheque; which is ten times the amount right here. So, tell me, do you accept, or not?"

When doctor Mahoney noticed the 100 pounds valuation on the cheque, his heart rate multiplied ten folds and instantly heaved in a chilling breath! Still, he wasn't sure and further inquired.

"Are you truly serious?"

Reef fished out another cheque. Shua! Shua! Shua! He wrote down the figure '1,000' and paraded it before the doctor. Then, p.r.o.nounced significantly.

"You still have an hour and 58 minutes."

Doctor Mahoney was instantly pumped with adrenaline. He removed his coat and lavaliere before calling out thunderously.

"Sussanne! Get to work!!! Though G.o.d's graces has never shone on me, I shall loudly praise the favour of the devil!"

Sussanne strolled in lazily from outside, and followed Mahoney into the diagnosis room. As they spoke in whispers, n.o.body could hear them. Yet in reality, how perverse were the individuals on scene? As such, the conversation between them was fully exposed.

"What did you say? I've finally seen you clearly. Your medical skills are as poor as your character."

"Wait Sussanne, those are wealthy clients, a group of eccentric tyc.o.o.ns. They aren't here to receive treatment."

"Oh heavens, are they here to collect taxes?"

"They are here to get infected."

"s.h.i.t, are you turning muddled?"

"Listen to me...(random 500 words later)....rich spoilt brats are always morons with queer fetishes. You understand this, Sussanne, perhaps I'm not really a good doctor but I'm a genius in making diseases worse."

"...hmph, if this matter is really true, then I shall keep my faith in you. Hand it over!"


"That cheque! I must verify it isn't a fraud…...oh, seems rather legit, what do you think?"

"Sussanne, are you going to return the cheque to me?....."

"Mister! Mister Mahoney! You haven't paid me for 3 whole months already, I even had to share in the rental fees for this place last month. That isn't even factoring the services I provide in cleaning up the rooms, making your meals and other daily activities. Do you dare to reiterate that statement?"

".....Sussanne, fine. Let's get to work. We only have a 2 hours timeframe, and must strive harder for that cheque of ten folds!"

Doctor Mahoney was honestly rather accurate in his self-a.s.sessment. Indeed as he mentioned, he wasn't talented in treating illnesses, but found great success in medical malpractice. Merely half an hour later, the originally healthy and robust Sheyan started clutching his chest as he coughed violently.

The bronchitis virus was beginning to flare up intensely in his body, doubling the ferocity with every moment and causing simple breathing to turn excruciating. His eyes rolled back as though he was about to faint, and at the latter periods, he even spat out blood with his phlegm! Soon, a swirl of bloodied disgusting vomit filled up several spittoons.

The intensity of this virus flare had vastly surpa.s.sed Sheyan's estimate. One could describe his current situation as dithering over death's edge. If not for his innate 'Stronghold' decreasing the peak phase of bronchitis by 25% duration, Sheyan affirmed that he would most likely die here.

Of course, this was also greatly related to doctor Mahoney's medical skills. While facing Sheyan's condition, his performance was exceedingly frantic and helplessly bewildering. It appeared as though he was busily doing much, but in truth, his contribution was inferior to even Sussanne's.

Fortunately, after the duplicating process of the A-virus concluded, Sheyan finally freed himself from the agony.

His complexion was deathly pale and his body drenched in sweat, looking more exhausted than if he had just been just battling a tier-9 legendary creature, before warring against sister Melody. Only after lying for half an hour on the treatment bed, did he regain strength to get up....

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