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Chapter 1242 - Total Destruction (2)

As time pa.s.sed, the number of Heaven's Will City cultivators continued to decrease.

First, the Void Transformation Stage powerhouses were all wiped out by Tang Huan, then the Void Transformation Stage Seventh Cycle, the Void Transformation Stage Sixth Cycle and even lower cultivators were all killed by Tang Huan or Geng Xu.

Finally, in this high alt.i.tude, only the Transcendents and other experts of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower were left.

At this time, Lu Yunfei and the rest of the weaker Void Transformation Stage experts had already stopped their attacks, leaving only Weng Mo Han and a few others who were at the Void Transformation Stage. They were still cooperating with Geng Xu and Chou Rui to attack Qi Cheng and the rest, while the Divine Armament in Tang Huan's hands had already turned into the "Brahma Thunder G.o.d Blade".

This was an extremely domineering looking huge blade.

The blade was more than two meters long and as wide as a door. There were countless lightning-like patterns on the blade. When it moved, the sound of it breaking through the air was extremely loud. It sounded like rolling thunder, giving off an intimidating aura. When this "Brahma G.o.d's Thunder Blade" was just created, it was purple in color. After fusing with the "Absolute Sun Scarlet Scale Sword", the shape of the huge blade did not change, but the blade's upper and lower edges were purple in color.

"Tang Huan, there are countless Void Transformation Stage cultivators in Heaven's Will City. Do you think that just by killing us all, you can save the Medicine G.o.d Sect? This is simply daydreaming! " "Kill us! More will come for us! At that time, not only will you die, the entire Medicine G.o.d Sect will die, and the Yan State will not leave even the chickens and dogs behind!"

"In that case, I must keep you two alive?"

Tang Huan held onto his blade with one hand and his jaw with the other. He looked to be deep in thought, and Geng Wen and the others also stopped attacking like torrential rain.

The foreign skill and the other Heaven's Will City cultivators all felt a sense of relief. Their expressions changed, in the end, Tang Huan was still unable to do so without any worries. Looking at it now, that "Pure Yang Sword Sect" should be his weakness. As long as he had concerns, things would be easy to handle, and everyone might be able to escape for their lives.

"Tang Huan, the news has already reached Nine Color City. If we were to die, we would be mortal enemies with our Heavenly Will City, and soon, someone will use a teleportation formation to reach the Yan State and destroy 'Pure Yang Sword Sect'." A Black Costume Old Man immediately shouted out, his voice filled with threat.

"Fine, I'll go with the flow. I'll give you guys a way out …"

Tang Huan suddenly let out a long sigh.

However, in the next moment, what Tang Huan said next caused all of their expressions to greatly change, "From today onwards, you all can be like them, stay by my side and listen to my orders. Help me kill a few more Heavenly Will City cultivators.


Everyone immediately understood the hidden meaning behind Tang Huan's words, their faces changed drastically, but they did not have the time to think about it, as Geng Xun and the others who had just stopped attacked once again. Not only that, Tang Huan, who had been shooting arrows in the distance, had also brandished his fiery red long blade.


A sound like the crack of silk suddenly burst forth. The "Brahma Thunder Blade" turned into a red light, and its shape was just like a waterfall. Wherever the blade went, the s.p.a.ce itself seemed to have been cut open.

It shocked the mind, because Tang Huan was aiming this blade attack at him!

He was severely injured by Tang Huan's arrows and fought with Tang Huan's puppet for a while, and was even more injured. Seeing Tang Huan's powerful attack, he immediately felt a great sense of danger, but could only suppress the fear and fear in his heart.


With a wild roar, the skill mobilized all of the remaining True Essence in his body and stabbed outwards with all of his might, even creating a hole in the air.

But after a split-second, despair appeared on his face.

Tang Huan's speed was simply too fast. Under his severe injuries, his reaction was far slower than when he had initially thrusted out his greatsword, and before the sword's power had even risen to the maximum, the flaming red blade light fell down from the skies like a waterfall, crazily smashing onto the body of his greatsword.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

With a deafening explosion, Strength Qi swirled in the air, and the giant sword that had undergone a change flew out of his hands straight towards the Heavenly Medicine Mountain, where it fell towards the ground. His tall and st.u.r.dy body was also thrown into the air, and blood mixed with pieces of his internal organs gushed out of his mouth.

After that, a white light flashed before his eyes. Following that, an extremely powerful force exploded in his soul. An intense pain spread throughout his body, causing his consciousness to blur.

"Take him down!"

Vaguely,'s shouts seemed to enter his ears, and after that, he discovered that there was a figure pouncing towards him, and after that, his consciousness had completely sunk.

It was like he was in a trance...

After an unknown period of time, the skill finally opened its eyes. Deep inside his soul, the pain was still intense, making his mind wander.

"He woke up so quickly?"

Suddenly, a clear laugh rang out, "Sect Master Weng, your Medicine G.o.d Sect's Spirit-Cleansing Pill really does live up to its name!"

Sect Head Weng? The Medicine G.o.d Sect? Soul Cleansing Pill?

"Tang Huan!"

The two pairs of eyes quickly swept across the surroundings, and immediately found himself inside a palace. On the opposite side, about a dozen meters away, Tang Huan and Weng Mo Han were currently laughing and talking, and on the left and right side of them were many figures lying down, who were his companions, no more, adding him, there were exactly eighteen of them.

At this moment, the seventeen people beside him also opened their eyes. However, they were still a bit dazed.

"Tang Huan, what did you do to us?"

The foreign skill was shocked. He secretly felt for a bit and found that other than the fact that his injuries had yet to heal, there were no other abnormalities. He could even use his Quintessential Essence at will.

The more it was like this, the more he was suspicious.

Although he did not know what had happened after he had fainted, he could guess from the situation here that all eighteen Nine Revolutions Transcended Heavenly Will City cultivators, including him, had all become Tang Huan's captives. To him, not imprisoning the true essence and hollow spirits of the prisoners was simply inconceivable.

Being alarmed by his shout, all the cultivators of Heaven's Will City who were by the side came back to their senses, either looking at each other or staring at Tang Huan, their expressions unsettled.

"Remember, you should call me master from now on!" Tang Huan smiled lightly.

"Yes, master!"

The mutated woman reflexively stood up and bowed in response.

As soon as these words left his mouth, not only did the expressions of the dozen Heaven's Will City cultivators change, he even looked like he had seen a ghost, almost to the point of being unable to believe his own ears. In an instant, he felt a binding power from the depths of his soul, so strong that he was completely unable to resist it.

Thinking about all of Tang Huan's information, the skill immediately understood what was going on. It was in a daze for a moment, and the surrounding Heavenly Will City cultivators were also stunned speechless.

They did survive, but they all became Tang Huan's puppets.

They would no longer be cultivators of Heaven's Will City in the future but merely the tools used by Tang Huan to kill others.

Tang Huan no longer paid any attention to them and quickly walked out of the hall. At the entrance of the hall, Mu Yan's figure quietly appeared in a flash …

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