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The Secret of the Forest Wolf

Macbel led me through a valley of books. There was something comfortable about the atmosphere that smelled of old parchment.

"Ohh, here it is."

His face was beaming as he handed me a single volume. I couldn't help but smile every time I saw the extent of his fondness for books.

"Thank you."
"Don't mention it. I'll look for other books related to enchantments while you read."
"That would be great."

I took the book with me and settled down in a lounge-like corner with a table and chairs.

"'The Art of Enchantment.' That's a straightforward t.i.tle…"

The book just screamed 'enchantment!' Now, to read it through.
I was able to read the written words in this world. I wasn't sure how it worked…and this book looked particularly old. Could I read ancient letters as well, I wonder? There was only one way to find out. I take in a deep breath and then dive into the sea of letters.

My eyes hurt. My back too. As long as we're listing things, I think my shoulders sort of hurt as well.


I stretched my stiffened limbs. I could hear the dry sound of my joints cracking.

Ultimately, I was not able to solve this mystery of enchantments from monsters. Macbel had brought me several different volumes, but none of them had the answer I was looking for.

'Enchanted Skills' was a book about skills used to raise other people's status. Buff skills, really.
'Gifted Power' was a journal about the rise of a man who had been given power by G.o.d. That seemed like overkill for a protagonist.
'…gonia…Handmaiden.' The t.i.tle of that one was scratched and unreadable. I wasn't really sure about the contents either, but it did not look important.
I asked to see 'Monster Research Records' because I wanted to see the relationship between monsters and enchantments. It was the record of a researcher who rose a child monster. There was nothing about enchantments in there.

I read a number of other books as well, but there was nothing about monsters enchanting people and giving them skills. Though, there were plenty of stories about a G.o.d doing that. Also, apparently 'Monster Research Records' was considered to be somewhat taboo.

Were records and stories concerning monsters being purposely erased? Perhaps I was overthinking it. Perhaps Macbel just happened to have fewer books on this subject.
I close the book I was reading and tried to arrange my thoughts when Macbel returned along with a servant.

"Well? Did you find what you were looking for?"
"I read through a lot, but there was nothing."

Macbel cupped his chin in his hands and pondered. We sat in silence for a while. A tea set was brought out and the hot brew was poured. I glanced over to Macbel and he nodded for me to help myself.

"Thank you, don't mind if I do."

I take the steaming teacup and drink it slowly. It's rich smell and gentle taste spreads in my mouth and exits my nose.

"It's delicious."
"Hehe, thank you very much."

The servant smiles happily after I thank her. She seemed very professional.

"It is not good for your health to think too much. I hope that you allow yourself to rest."
"Thank you."

She must have seen how concentrated I was while reading. I chuckle awkwardly and bow.

"Asagi. Why is it that you wish to know about enchantments?"

Macbel broke his silence as he looked at me. I put the cup down on the saucer and looked back at him and answered.

"Recently, I fought against a giant wolf named Beowulf."

"You did what!?"

Macbel stood up in surprise. The chair behind him knocked over by the shock, but was immediately pulled back up by the servant. He apologized and slowly sat back down.

"Beowulf is a forest wolf who has lived a very long life. But I am sure you already knew that?"

"Yes. A friend who knows much more than I, told me."

Of course, that was Daniela.

"Indeed. But that is not all Beowulf is."

"What do you mean?"

"As a monster, he is one level above the rest."

One level? Above?

“Among the common monsters, the weaker ones, they very rarely are able to evolve. It is not merely a matter of living longer than the rest. Long ago, a certain man of science tried raising a small monster. But it never evolved.”

"Oh, you mean 'Monster Research Records.' I read that."

"Yes. The rest of that research and his final opinions are kept at the royal palace with other forbidden texts. In this book, there is a pa.s.sage that reads, '…tried giving highly concentrated mana to weak monsters, while most of them died, there was one single monster who lived…'"

"Highly concentrated mana…? And what happened to that monster?"

Macbel closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Then he continued.

"It grew at an explosive rate that defied reality. Then it destroyed the entire town."

I gasped.

“It is said that the royal army had to kill it. But the casualties were immense. The researcher had fled in a panic but was ultimately caught by the king's men. Research concerning monsters has been taboo ever since that incident.”

"So, is Beowulf too?"

"If he had a mind to, this town could also be…"

There was nothing to say to that. Beowulf had the power to demolish this town if he wanted to? How did we ever survive… He said that he only knew this forest. That he wanted to travel to other lands and test his own strength. I shake my head. It wasn't just because I had talked with him, but I had the feeling that he was not such a dangerous creature. I don't know. He wanted a rival, someone who would improve alongside him… But perhaps I was being too generous for wanting to defend him.

"My shock has led us off track. So, what is it that happened between you and Beowulf… Wait, a minute, Asagi…"

Macbel gave me a hard stare. Whatever he was thinking, it was probably right.

"Yes, he enchanted me."

"I see…"

He took a sip of the tea in front of him before falling back into his chair as if all the strength had left his body.

"So… You have been enchanted by a forest wolf… I've never heard of such a thing…"

"Neither have I… That's why I came here. Because I wanted to know more."

"Yes, I see…"

He fell silent again. His eyes were now fixed on the table. What was he thinking about? Not wanting to bother him, I silently sipped my tea and waited.


After a long moment, he raised his head again and called my name.


"I would advise you to not make this public. I fear, no, there is no doubt about it. The king's men will come for you. At worst, you should consider the possibility that they will see you as a threat and send men to deal with you."

It was my turn to become speechless. I had an idea that this skill was something crazy. But it still hadn't registered as something happening to me specifically. But that was no longer the case. This skill was very, very dangerous. I thought of Beowulf, who was probably in the southern forest with his brethren right now, and a roar of resentment echoed in my heart.

“In general, monsters are targeted to be slain. Men and organizations who consider mankind to be on top of the food chain will not stand by idly if they knew about this.”

"I can imagine…"

"You must not show this skill that you have acquired through the enchantment to anyone else."

I nod. All it would take was a curious adventurer to witness it and ask questions. Then the rumor would spread with a dozen false additions on top of it. Then the merchants would hear of it, it would then spread to other towns. Eventually, it will arrive at the royal capital.

I didn't find out anything about enchantments. But I did find out about the true nature of the monster named Beowulf. He wasn't your typical evolved monster that everyone knew of. No, there was something surpa.s.sing that, an abnormal evolution.

And he had gifted me this skill, 'Legs of the Forest Wolf.' What exactly this skill would mean for me going forward, that was what I would have to think very hard on from here on out.

Translator's note:

We hit chapter 30! Thank you all for reading! I hope it has been enjoyable and that you stick around for at least the next few chapters, which looks to be the close of the ‘first arc.'

Also, since it was my birthday yesterday, I would really appreciate a review or two.


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