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Chapter 40 Vanish Without a Trace

Tang Tianying came in and asked, “Ghost Doctor, everything okay?”

Qi Shaorong looked at Tang Tianying, wiped his hands and said, “That's about it.” Qi Shaorong took a deep breath. The d.a.m.n tiger hadn't brushed his teeth for hundreds of years. For its first time, the tiger enjoyed it very much. It was pity for his thin arms and legs that were tired to death.

“For the sake of the tiger, Imperial Father has been worried for several days, and now you have finally solved it.”

Qi Shaorong looked at Tang Tianying and said, “Fourth prince, aren't you worried about the tiger's falling ill again?”

Tang Tianying smiled calmly and said, “Ghost Doctor is here. What do I have to worry about? Ghost Doctor, Yi Xun of Yi Jia has come. I told Yi Xun to leave while you were busy. I think Yi Xun seems to be very anxious, for Ghost Doctor to look at Yi Huo's illness, but it is not serious.”

Qi Shaorong smiled with his arms folded and said, “It is serious, and it's not serious. It's just turning into a puffy, pockmarked ugly person. Some can tolerate it. However, some people regard their appearance as more important than the sky. If they become ugly, they will become desprate. If that is the case then it is serious.”

Tang Tianying smiled and said, “Ghost Doctor as you see it, how long will it take to recover?”

“Half a month.”

Tang Tianying raised his eyebrows and said, “That's no big deal. It's only half a month.”

Qi Shaorong's lips formed a strange smile. “If you don't invite someone to treat you it is half a month. However, the high-ranking Yi Jia has many people and who want to please. If you have a Master of Light, who shows his skills, you'll have to drag on for two months.”

When Zhuang Hao heard Qi Shaorong's words, his eyebrows jumped. At the beginning, his uncle's illness, due to the hard work of the Light Magicians invited by his family, it became more and more serious.

Tang Tianying drew up the corners of his mouth, laughed and said, “Two months, that's the beginning of school! If that's the case, I'm afraid he'll lose face.”

Qi Shaorong shrugged his shoulders and said, “Maybe, in this world, there are many people who want to see a bustling scene. If Yi Hou loses face, those should be many happy people.”

Tang Tianying turned to Zhuang Hao and said, “Zhuang Hao, your ex-fiancée, it seems that he is going to enter Tianlan College to study at this time, did you know?”

“I'm not very clear.” Zhuang Hao looked at the Ghost Doctor.

“I don't know how much Qi Yao spent on sending Qi Shaorong to college. I heard that Qi Shaorong is very handsome.” Tang Tianying said.

“If you want to know if Shaorong is handsome or not, just ask me. Shaorong and I are good friends. We often share a bed. Shaorong is the most beautiful person in the world.”

Tang Tianying looked at Qi Shaorong, blinked and said, “Sir, you must be kidding.”

Qi Shaorong frowned and said, “I'am kidding? I never joke. Shaorong is really a beautiful person.”

Tang Tianying: “…”

He is not questioning if Qi Shaorong is a beautiful person! He just thought that Ghost Docotor and Qi Shaorong shouldn't lie in the same bed. Although Zhuang Hao withdrew from the marriage. It was before Zhuang Hao withdrew that Qi Shaorong gave a green hat to Zhuang Hao. Now, Zhuang Hao and the person suspected accomplice of giving a green hat to Zhuang Hao carry on intimately. This world is becoming more and more incomprehensible to him.

Tang Tianying rubbed his nose and was curious about Qi Shaorong. “Does Qi Shaorong look better than Zhuang Hao, Ghost Doctor?”

“Of course, Shaorong is much more handsome than Master Zhuang, Master Zhuang, don't you think so?” Qi Shaorong asked Zhuang Hao.

Zhuang Hao: “What the Ghost Doctor said is true.”

Qi Shaorong smiled at Tang Tianying and said, “Fourth prince, you see Zhuang Hao is willing to bow down in defeat.”

Tang Tianying: “…”

Qi Shaorong stayed in the palace for several days and left at night.

Qi Shaorong and Qi Heng lost the pursuers and went separate ways. Qi Shaorong went to Qi Jia's fourth child Qi Sharong's residence, and Qi Heng went to the Bi Luiyun's Luohua Xuan.

Yi Jia.

The situation of Yi Huo was getting worse and worse. Yi Chuxue's anger gradually tured into fear. Though her father had no said it plainly, Yi Chuxue noticed that her father's att.i.tude towards her has changed a lot. It seems that he suspects that she was the cause this trouble. Yi Chuxue knows that although his father loves herself, it is far less than her Big Brother.

Yi Xun always sent people to monitor the Ghost Doctors. As soon as the Ghost Doctors left the palace, Yi Xun was overjoyed and sent people to catch him. Unfortunately, no one was found.

“What's wrong with you? You can't even able to find one person.” Yi Xun said angrily.

“Jiashu, that Ghost Doctor is very slippery. As soon as he left the palace, his shadow disappeared.”

“Absurd,” Yi Xun angrily roared. During this period, he invited famous doctors from all over. The result was that those people were helpless and the situation of Yi Huo became worse and worse.

“Jiashu, Master Zhuang Hao of the Zhuang Jis, is very close to the Ghost Doctor. If you look for Master Zhuang Hao, you may learn the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor.”

Yi Xun thought for a moment and said, “That's the only way.”

Yi Xun found Zhuang Hao, but Zhuang Hao knews nothing about the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. When thinking of what the Ghost Doctor said before, Zhuang Hao tells Yi Xun that the condition of Yi Huo can be cured without medication given time. Yi Xun believes that Zhuang Hao is trying to get out of a task and does not listen to Zhuang Hao's words at all.

As soon as the Ghost Doctor disappeared, he disappeared without a trace.

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