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Floody covered her mouth as she giggled, "I am a Flood Dragon Soul and cannot leave water, so I have prepared a Water-Attribute Soul Tranquil Pearl long ago. I will hide inside the Soul Tranquil Pearl and hibernate, all you need to do is place the pearl on your head during normal times. When Elder Brother Jin's aura is nearby, I will naturally detect and sense it."

Huan Qing Yan released a sigh of relief, as long as the soul do not reside within her body everything is negotiable.

She was worried that it would become a repeat of the reincarnated girl.

"Will others be able to sense you when you are inside the Soul Tranquil Pearl?"

"Normally it won't happen unless a secret technique is used, or unless the person is an extremely powerful cultivator… No worries, I am very obedient, and I can only come out from the Soul Tranquil Pearl when there is water, I will not come out to affect you under normal circ.u.mstance. You can just treat it as though you got a new pearl-type equipment; if there are bad people, you can escape into water and I can come out to help you." Floody innocently looked at Huan Qing Yan.

This was blatantly luring her!

Obtaining an addition fighter during a brawl?

"Are you a Demon King in the past?" she needs to confirm the level of this helper first.

"I was a Demon King, but now in soul form, I am at most equivalent to a Mystic Spirit Master and must be in an area with enough water to reach that level. If it is only a small stream or small river, I will not be of much help even if I come out."

One Mystic Spirit Master level helper! Not bad!

However, there was a restriction; it would be useless in a small stream, small river or small pond. Basically, within inland regions, she would not be of much use.

However, it was better than nothing.

Huan Qing Yan gauge the situation, if she did not bring her along, she would be swallowed by large snakes. If she brings her along, she would not cause trouble plus she would have a helper with restricted usage conditions…

So it was naturally that she chose the latter option.

"Ok, I will bring you, what does this Soul Tranquil Pearl look like? Can it be kept inside the storage ring?"

If the Soul Tranquil Pearl was too ugly, would she be ignored by Ji Mo Ya?

*Coughs* Why the first thing she consider was how Ji Mo Ya would think, she must not do that!

She must adopt the mentality of a powerful queen, Ji Mo Ya must like it even if he does not like it…

Floody turned around and flipped through her clam treasure chest and took out a glowing pearl; it was smooth shiny and semi-translucent, a layer of light could be seen wrapping around the pearl, it was strangely beautiful and anyone would be unable to turn their eyes away.

Even Huan Qing Yan who lacks knowledge about items could sense that this pearl was definitely very valuable.

Floody was quite mindful; she also took out some gold and jade and placed the pearl on it to create a hairpin, before handing it to Huan Qing Yan.

The next instant after Huan Qing Yan took it, Floody disappeared from in front of her.

When she looked at the Soul Tranquil Pearl Hairpin, the glow from the pearl suddenly felt alive, as though a miniature little flood dragon was swimming within it, making it look even the more beautiful.

Huan Qing Yan was speechless, "You should come out first and send me out of here first, I am unable to leave your snake den at the moment. In addition, the exam is still ongoing, I still want to catch some more Waterdrop Fishes…"

Floody released a laugh from within the Soul Tranquil Pearl, "All the Waterdrop Fishes within the Third Palace of the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace belongs to me, I can give you whatever amount you want…"


That was simply great!


Alpha Hall's Kang Hao Ming and the other instructors were at the entrance leading to the little public square of Alpha Hall, they were all looking at the live telecast on the Projection Stone.

The projection stone displayed the images of everything that happened within the First and Second Palace of the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace.

Looking at how everyone catches Waterdrop Fishes, who battle against the small Flood Dragon Snakes…

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