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"From what I know, this la.s.s rarely leaves home and normally stays within the Shangguan Clan, how did she got contaminated with Demon Fox Poison?" Shangguan Zhi Duo followed up.

"Using the mirror, there is a little fox inside the mirror! It told me that if I follow its instruction, I will become increasingly more beautiful. As long as I can become beautiful, will Young Master Ya not like me!? But it lied, despite being so beautiful, Young Master Ya still do not like me, he only like that village girl… wuu wuu wuu…"

The Plant Sage sighed, "The demon poison has already controlled her mind, it is not easy to break it at the moment. Let's wait until the Saintess Ceremony completes tomorrow, I will check in detail to see if there is any hope of saving her. Bring her away first!"

"Thank you Old Ancestor, I understand."

Shangguan Zhi Duo brought Shangguan Lian Lian and left.

After they left, the Wine Sage said, "You could have extracted the demon poison on the spot, why did you plant a shred of your divine sense in her and let her go? Are you trying to bait for a bigger fish?"

The Plant Sage stroke his beard, "This time there are many Demon Men infiltrating the Holy City with the intention of destroying the Saintess Ceremony, however the Fox Demons are exceptionally plenty this time, I am wondering what they are planning?"

"Who cares, we will make sure that when they come, they will never be able to leave!"

Saintess Palace.

Bai Li Zi Xi was wearing a robe of light golden satin, it looked like she had just finished a bathe as her hair was spread out. Unlike her usual cold and indifferent appearance that she displayed to others, she was displaying a seductress act, filled with s.e.xiness and allure.

Through the window several hummingbirds flew in from the outside.

They circled around her while singing a chirpy chorus, she nodded her head and the birds all dispersed.

"Shangguan Lian Lian has demonized and failed in her attempt to seduce Ji Mo Ya… the old servants that Madam Ru sent had been kicked out… they sure know how to create entertainment!"

Bai Li Zi Xi said in disdain.

Next, she suddenly remembered how the Rainbow Luan had been disgraced by the Pig Spirit Treasure during the banquet the previous night.

"Ji Mo Ya, the banquet was secretly organized by your clan, yet you still tacitly allowed her to disgrace me, are you really planning to go against the Ji Mo Clan? I really want to know… in a world without a phoenix, how can your Dragon Spirit Treasure survive the heavenly tribulations without my Rainbow Luan Spirit Treasure!"

The mocking intent within her eyes thickened.

Bai Li Zi Xi was caught in her thoughts and mocked for a while more before she settled her mind and started meditating.

She was not in a hurry, she has everything in place and in her possession, it was only a matter of time before Ji Mo Ya kneels and lick her!

Today, the Holy City was exceptionally boisterous.

The Saintess Ceremony has officially begun.

Above the sky of the Holy City several man-made clouds floated in midair, it was as though one could touch it if they were to stretch their hands. These clouds were different from the natural ones up in the sky; they come in different colors that were mostly bright and vibrant, causing the sky to be exceptionally glamorous!

Groups of birds were led by the spirit treasures of others, dancing in joy as they flutter through the air, increasing the joyous atmosphere of the area.

In the central location of the Holy City, the Great Plaza outside the Holy Palace.

There's a high circular altar situated in the center, it looked strange like the shape of an inverse-pear; it was in fact the Wine Sage's wine gourd magic equipment that had been inversed and placed.

Just that the wine gourd had expanded multiple times larger than its original size.

People gush in from all directions, all of them were there to observe the Saintess Ceremony, as for those who did not have invitation letters, they were placed at the outermost area.

The Saintess Ceremony this time was an event taking place after a hundred years, the Holy Court highly value the event and thus made the decision to make this an outdoor ceremony where the ma.s.ses can celebrate it together.

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