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The Pig Spirit Treasure might not have been to school before, but it understood that a good pig would not let itself take a loss and with a swoosh, it flew far away and escape without caring about its image!

Everyone chuckled at its reaction.

This pair of master and pet were absolute weirdos!

Not only did the master not care about her spirit treasure, her spirit treasure immediately scampered away when it heard that its master was not going to be bothered about it…

Truly a matter that makes one laugh and cry.

At the same time, others also suddenly caught onto something, 'Woah, it is only a Star Spirit Treasure but it already possessed such high level of intelligence?'

A wave of startled and shock spread through everyone!

As the Pig Spirit Treasure ran and flew further and further away, the Luan Spirit Treasure suddenly was aware of something; was it not going to fight? The Luan Spirit Treasure's pride as a n.o.ble race had never allowed it to develop the idea of running away from a fight.

Seeing that the opponent it was supposed to fight running away, it was stunned by its actions for several seconds before it recovered from shock and chased after it.

Everyone started laughing out loud and focused on the comedic scene of the two spirit treasures of one was running while the other chased after it.

"Pff! So funny! Is this a comedy segment specially prepared for today?"

"Who knows? Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Plant Sage is not someone who would do that!"

"But the Wine Sage likes to pull tricks!"

Even Ji Mo Ya laughed, and with his laugh was an absolute charming handsomeness that caused every female to go into a dreamy daze.

Bai Li Zi Xi had no way of talking her way out of the argument as Huan Qing Yan had indeed not declared her intention to fight, it was her spirit treasure that ran out by itself. Therefore, Bai Li Zi Xi also ignored her spirit treasure as well, to think that a person who dared to outright refuse to admit responsibility like her exists! She was also fl.u.s.tered at the sudden turn of events.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo looked at Huan Qing Yan with expressions of worship and respect as well.

The Wine Sage was laughing out loud above as well…

However, Bai Li Zi Xi had no intention to let things slide just like that.

After Bai Li Zi Xi scolded Huan Qing Yan, her prestige had greatly decreased, now that Huan Qing Yan was acting shamelessly, she estimated that the image of the Saintess will likely fall by another level.

In addition, Huan Qing Yan delivered herself personally to this fight while Bai Li Zi Xi had long felt Huan Qing Yan to be a thorn on her side; why would Bai Li Zi Xi want to let go of this rare opportunity?

Therefore, with a frosty smile, "Do you think a lowly person like you can escape disrupting my Saintess Ceremony? If everyone is to act like you, challenging without going through with it, then would they still respect the Holy Court?"

With this powerful accusation came weighing down on her, Huan Qing Yan felt trapped for a moment…

In the center of the Holy City, when the Holy Hall's Great Square was at its height of commotion.

A tall and big figure appeared with his hands behind his back, strolling casually through the streets of the Holy City.

Others might be attending the Saintess Ceremony, but this person looked like he has nothing to do and was just walking around the Holy City for sightseeing.

"Who are you? What are you doing here for?" a Holy City Guard approached to question the person when they saw his weird behavior.

When he turned and looked at them, with handsome features that carried the aura of a beast king, it was the face of Huan Jiu Li.

His image greatly startled the guard.

"This is the first time this one has visited the Holy City, so I wish to walk around and admire the beautiful scenery that the Holy City has to offer. I am wondering if there are any popular sites that's worth visiting, can I trouble this brother here to give some recommendation?" Huan Jiu Li asked.

Having experienced his somewhat fearsome aura and his magnanimous actions that betrayed no hint of foul play, the guard also returned a respectful att.i.tude and a.s.sumed this person was a powerful person from another place; without bothering to get more details, the guard replied Huan Jiu Li's question before returning to his patrol.

When the guard had walked far into the distance, Huan Jiu Li opened his palm and a bundle of green light emerged from his hand; he bent down and press it against the ground…

He seemed to be sensing for something as he was concentrating extremely seriously.

A short while later, a faint will emerged from the earth.

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