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Chapter 362

The faster they finished the a.s.sessment, the faster they could see the results.

Therefore, no one opposed.

Teacher Cui waved his hand and several spirit masters of the academia walked out; these individuals stood on the edge of the plaza and set up a formation. When the formation was in place, the wall of seawater near them suddenly cracked and revealed multiple water channels, and the water within each channel was swirling slowly.

“The a.s.sessment this time is to hunt Wave Goblins. The duration is two hours; the more Wave Goblins you kill, the higher your ranking would be. Now, all of you, enter the channels…”

Being a timed a.s.sessment, everyone did not hesitate and quickly entered the swirling channels.

Ji Mo Clan, Spirit Celestial Pond.

Ji Mo Ya was currently immersed within the pond, the pond water was clear and cold, while tendrils of spirit energy being emitted were flowing upwards and wrapping

around Ji Mo Ya slowly.

Very quickly, these thread like spirit energies covered Ji Mo Ya entirely. If seen from afar, it would look like a large coc.o.o.n that was standing upright.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan, Ji Mo Yi Fan, the rest of the elders, as well as Ji Mo Ya’s mother, Madam Ru, were standing outside the Spirit Celestial Pond, silently looking at the large coc.o.o.n.

The atmosphere was very heavy.

“The two elders, will my Ya’er be okay?” Madam Ru was wearing a silver white dress embroidered with hundred b.u.t.terflies; her figure was mature yet slender, graceful without losing n.o.bility. She possessed the cla.s.sic almond-shaped face, beautiful brows and soft skin, and could be considered a rare beauty.

Within her arms was a white mink that looked like her pet, the small mink had its eyes shut and did not look dangerous from a glance, yet on its forehead, there was a

a ‘king’ mark that made people unable to neglect.
(Cuppa: For those who forgot, this is the word king “王” that will be on the foreheads of King-Rank Spirit Treasures.)

She was apparently also a King Spirit Master!

“His veins were all damaged and could not call out his spirit treasure, while his second spirit treasure also could not activate its self-recovery ability. He remained unconscious throughout the journey and has not woken up for over a dozen days, his injuries were too heavy! That child had held on till we reached with great difficulty…” Ji Mo Kai Yuan sighed.

Madam Ru’s expression went pale by a few shades.

“However, this elder believes that Little Ya would overcome this. Since he was a child, he had not been ordinary, and he is also the person who has the strongest potential to become a Sage of our human race. Let this amount of suffering be

suffering be a training for him, so that he will not slow down or stop growing.”

As the three of them talked, they noticed the spirit energy coc.o.o.n beginning to glow, it was the Halo of Healing formed from the spirit energy.

This also represented that he was currently receiving treatment.

The three of them all sighed in relief.

“He is saved, no need to worry now! Let us report this to the Clan Patriarch.”

The three of them left the Spirit Celestial Pond; the two elders went to report to the Clan Patriarch, while Madam Ru also wished to understand how the Clan Patriarch would handle this matter. As she followed the two elders, a young girl in a plain white dress stood up. It seemed like she had been waiting for them.

Madam Ru paused her steps as well.

“Xin Nuo, what’s the matter?”

Madam Ru was a descendant of the Mu Rong Clan and connected her and connected her clan with the Ji Mo Clan via marriage, marrying Ji Mo Ya’s father. The girl was called Mu Rong Xin Nuo and she was Madam Ru’s niece as well as Ji Mo Ya’s cousin.

The young girl also had an almond-shaped face; her eyes were large with small cherry-like lips. Between her brows was also a faint beauty spot that enhanced to her beauty. Her hair was like flowing water and despite not wearing makeup, her eyes were enchanting, while her waist was slender; under the shade of the tree, it looked curvy and seductive, giving off an alluring feeling.

It looked like a beautiful and gentle painting.

Amongst the Eight Great Clans, the females of Mu Rong Clan were the most well-known for their beauty; when Mu Rong Xin Nuo was young, she was brought over by Madam Ru to be raised and grew up under her care.

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