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From the outside, the cave did not seem large. It looked like any ordinary cave that could be found on the mountains. However, if one were to push away a rock located within cave, a narrow gap would appear leading to another place.

Huan Qing Yan and Huan Xing Han were forcefully pushed into the gap before the masked man followed in while returning the rock to the position of covering the gap.

It was extremely dark within the gap which eventually transformed into a pa.s.sage with countless tunnels…

One would normally be unable to see their fingers within the cave. As a result, the boss character released his spirit treasure, a strange beast with a large eye. Although the spirit treasure was in its spirit form, when it opened its eye, it lit up like a lightbulb! Releasing light that was even brighter than a fire torch could provide…

This shocked Huan Qing Yan for a moment, so it works like that too! She began to wonder if her pig spirit treasure could do the same…

The siblings were being carried as the two men in black entered one of the tunnels, the men in black moved swiftly and made countless turns along their journey, causing Huan Qing Yan to lose track of the route they had taken.

"Hey, reincarnated girl, did you manage to remember the route?"


"Why are you so stupid!" Huan Qing Yan sighed.

The reincarnated girl reb.u.t.ted, "Didn't you know that my mind isn't complete? With my incomplete soul, how could I be able to memorize it when even you failed to do so…"

"How did Little Xing Han escape from such a complex terrain?"

When Huan Qing Yan thought about it, she reckoned that Xing Han must have escaped before they could enter the narrow pa.s.sage when they were resting at the external area of the cave.

If they could escape, it would be better if they did not use the same route, therefore Huan Qing Yan decided to just give up on trying to memorize it.

Her inborn positivity had once again taken effect, to take things at its stride and act when the time comes. If they demanded the recipe of their Aged Soup, she would willingly give them! They need to focus on staying alive first.

After travelling for a period, when it was unknown under which mountain they were currently present.

An underground river appeared in front of them…

The boss finally stopped his steps, he placed the siblings on the ground before pressing his ear against the wall of the cave, paying serious attention to listening…

"Boss, are there any pursuers?" Plague Chicken asked cautiously.

"No, everything is good. We can stop travelling."

Property of Fantasy-Books.live outside of it, it is stolen.

He removed the clothes stuffed in the mouths of the siblings, Huan Xing Han was startled by the rough actions of the masked man and cried out in alarm. The masked man said, "If you cry, I will throw you into that river!"

Huan Qing Yan quickly consoled him, "Xing Han, don't be afraid. Sis is here."

Huan Xing Han managed to stop himself when he heard Huan Qing Yan's gentle voice.

It was likely that the reason why the two men brought them here was to prevent their shouts from alerting anyone.

They were so deep under the mountain region where even an underground river had developed. They were also surrounded by countless large sized rock stalact.i.tes, each of them dripping water due to the moisture from the river, and the air was also exceptionally humid.

"Two sirs, may I know why did you kidnap the two of us? What are you after, you can just say it! The authorities had been informed of my brother's disappearance, I believe their men have already surrounded this region and would eventually discover this place. Just tell me what you want, if it is something that our Huan Family can give, we will surely hand it over. If we can't, you should just end us immediately and stop wasting time." Huan Qing Yan tried to calmly negotiate with them.

The masked boss laughed and replied with an experienced shrewdness, "You are a pretty brave young la.s.s and should also be smart enough. We are spirit masters, people who are pursuing the path of cultivation, you should know very well what we are after…"

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