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Ji Mo Ya had already eaten dinner in the palace and was not here for a meal. Rather, he was here to take a look at the brave thug-repelling Huan Qing Yan, he wanted to see how this girl would describe her day to him…

When he was informed that she did not return, Ji Mo Ya's brows uncontrollably jumped.

"What happened?"

"It seems like the Huan Family's Young Master went missing, she returned to a.s.sist in the search for him."

Ji Mo Ya felt a chill.

"Mo Wu, Mo Liu, when did the incident happen?" Ji Mo Ya asked in a rather sunken voice, it no longer contained the refreshing tone he normally used.

From the shadows, two figures appeared on a nearby garden patch, they lowered their heads to greet Ji Mo Ya while replying, "Young Master, it happened before noon during the period when Lady Huan was kidnapped. Young Master Huan was within the crowd nearby and was kidnapped by some thugs. This subordinate only found out about this incident later as you ordered this subordinate to stop following Lady Huan…"

"Why did you not notify me?"

His question caused Mo Wu and Mo Liu to be dumbstruck, Mo Liu took the risk of earning his young master's ire and replied, "Young Master, you told us not to pay attention to Lady Huan, therefore it did not occur to us to report this incident to you …"

Ji Mo Ya was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he felt that having the talkative Mo Si around can also be a good thing.

"Where's Lian Yuan?"

The guard captain replied, "He did not return as well, he left the city with Lady Huan to search for Young Master Huan."

Ji Mo Ya's expression turned emotionless, "Left the city?"

The guard captain summarized what happened from the beginning; although they did not receive an order nor got themselves involved in the matter, they made sure to keep themselves updated about the incident.

"That was generally what had happened before they left the city, as for what happened after they left, we do not know. As the range is too wide, we were unable to continue our investigations without Young Master's orders."

At that instant, an emergency spirit crane popped up in front of the guard captain.

This type of spirit crane was a unique method used by the guards of the Ji Mo Clan to call for help!

The guard captain, Yu Yi's expression changed greatly while it took the feeling of disbelief. Someone dare to attack the Feather Guards of the Ji Mo Clan!

"Young Master, this emergency help signal is from Lian Yuan, this subordinate will immediately gather men and move out now!"

The Feather Guards are the symbols of the Ji Mo Clan.

Every important member within the Ji Mo Clan would be a.s.signed a certain number of Feather Guards.

Ji Mo Ya was without a doubt, a.s.signed the most elite of these people, they were also the highest tier a.s.signable to an individual: A Thousand Men Army. The army could be further split into three squads of three hundred men each.

For this trip, Ji Mo Ya only brought along the first squad, the squad that was led by Yu Yi.

The squads led by Yu Er and Yu San were not with them, they were placed on standby within the clan.

The Feather Guard was the clan's defense army while the Ink Guards was a group nurtured by Ji Mo Ya personally and the number of Ink Guards he had was less than ten.

Property of Fantasy-Books.live outside of it, it is stolen.

Ji Mo Ya's eyes closed slightly and said, "Very good. It seems like the methods this Young Master had been using recently has been deemed too soft, it seems to be not good enough to suppress the unsavory characters within this Hanging Cloud Empire…"

"Young Master, please be appeased, they are just some uneducated ruffians. I am absolutely sure that they did not choose to target Lian Yuan deliberately, it's likely that they are targeting Lady Huan…" Mo Wu said.

However, little did he expect that his words caused Ji Mo Ya's expression to turn even colder instead.

Ji Mo Ya touched the ring on his hand and a luxurious flying carriage appeared.

"Let's go have a look."

He was the first to enter the carriage while the others quickly entered the carriage like flowing water.

If they were left behind, even if they used everything they had to chase it, they would not be able to catch up to this Orange Rank Magic Equipment belonging to their Young Master.

After they traversed the forest for a while, they reached a cave.

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