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Chapter 4: First Village under the Heavens

Settlement Order: "An order placard to build your own village. It allows the user to build a village at a suitable location. The user will become the village head.
Attributes: Indestructible."

Yang Rui was ready to bid the NPC beggar farewell as he has received the golden Settlement Order placard. He also has to logout, so he can cook breakfast for his little sister. However, the old fellow brought up another request.

"Young Warrior, this old beggar has another troublesome request, do you want to know what it is?"

"Really? If the old fellow trusts me, please do tell. I will make sure to do the best I can to finish it as long as it is within my abilities!"

Yang Rui quickly saw that this could be a rare opportunity, because according to the forums that he read in his previous life, obtaining the Settlement Order was already an incredible lucky feat on its own. It was said that after the quest, the beggar NPC should leave on his own. This additional chain quest is most likely a unique quest.

"Young Warrior, I will be giving you my name. I am w.a.n.g Hai, courtesy name[1] 'De Cheng'. I plead the Young Warrior to help me once more. When the Young Warrior completes the quest, w.a.n.g Hai shall pledge his loyalty under Young Warrior for the rest of his life!" The old fellow straightened as he asks a request.
[1] Courtesy names are sort of like “business names”. It’s for people who don’t know you that well. Real names are only used when you are family/elders/extremely close. Each character in a courtesy names carry meaning, like in this case its “virtuous” and “capable/successful”.

'Loyal for the rest of his life? This was interesting, can it be a servant quest?Could it be, that this old fellow is a revered person? Definitely not, this Yang Rui was very confident about. Since there was no famous w.a.n.g Hai in the Three Kingdoms era.

"Yang Rue immediately agreed, "Old fellow, my name is Searing Sun. To have received your precious Settlement Order, I am already very honoured. What is the request you ask of me? I vow to fulfill them to the best of my abilities!"

"…Actually, it has something to do with the Settlement Order." w.a.n.g Hai began slowly after much thought.

"I do not mean to boast, but during my term as the village head of 'Mountain Village'. It was rather popular around its area, even though we met with long bouts of famine, we could get by with no problem.

It's those bandits that were the problem. They try to take over the village from to time. They usually steal our ripe crops too. However, who knew that they would start eyeing our wine business. Naturally we could not just sit by and do nothing!

Also I was not afraid of the mountain bandits and we had a few hundred soldiers that are able to fight. So the village had to be strong or else the bandits would steal more than just their crops!

However, it still happened…"

w.a.n.g Hai shaked his head. The story from here on was as Yang Rui has thought; The mountain bandits did not get what they wanted, so they waited till nightfall and set the the village on fire. Burning the fields to the ground.

The bandits did not dare to harm the villagers, but the villagers' Mountain Village could no longer be sustained. Leaving them with no other choice, w.a.n.g Hai brought the villagers to wander the land. Search for a new place they could settle in. However, they were very unlucky and ended up contracting a pandemic. Which brought w.a.n.g Hai to his current state, a beggar. At this point w.a.n.g Hai had begun to give up hope.

However, Yang Rui's appearance gave w.a.n.g Hai a light of hope. He wished for the new village be set near the location where Mountain Village used to be. Hoping that soon after they have flourished, he would be able to exact his revenge on that group of bandits!

Yang Rui accepted the mission from w.a.n.g Hai without much thought. Although he was oblivious to what the reward would be, he was interested in the mission right at the moment "mountain bandits" were mentioned. So he made up his mind and accepted the mission.

Mountain bandits, pirates, thieves and related NPC are normally categorized into two types: One type of them are sp.a.w.ned when new territories are established, and the other type are sp.a.w.ns from the system. The bandits w.a.n.g Hai mentioned should be the latter.

Yang Rui is very certain that these bandits, pirates and thieves have a special purpose within the game. That is why he accepted the quest so quickly.

"Congratulations! You have earned the trust of the NPC character w.a.n.g Hai. w.a.n.g Hai will be following you and partic.i.p.ating in your game activities until this mission is completed. Do you wish to accept this mission?"

When Yang Rui heard the system notice he finally understood. Since In his past life the forums often mentioned such stuff. "Following" was usually achieved under special circ.u.mstances or during selected quests. However, "following" does not equal to "servitude" There is a fundamental difference between the two.

In his past life, there has been many cases of "following" NPCs, yet for those two years, "servitude" was unheard of. Even the lesser known historical figures did not have cases of servitude to any players.

Afterwards, Yang Rui and w.a.n.g Hai set off to the North exit of Juping county. They travelled northeast for two hours before Yang Rui hurriedly logged off. From what w.a.n.g Hai has said, they still need to travel at least four hours more before they reach the former location of the Mountain Village.

Four more hours! And this is using the maximum speed within the game! (The map is a hundred times bigger than the real world, travelling speed has been increased as well)

Yang Rui was worried that Xiao Hui was already hungry. He said a few words to w.a.n.g Hai and logged off to cook breakfast. The system had a pa.s.sive setting regarding player log offs. NPC w.a.n.g Hai will not notice anything strange. Yang Rui's only worry was that this old beggar, w.a.n.g Hai might be eaten by a wild beast.

After logging off, Yang Rui found Xiao Hui still playing the game! Looks like the game 'War of the World has' really grown on her!

He prepared breakfast quickly, and placed a portion on Xiao Hui's nightstand. Yang Rui hastily cleaned up the house and logged back in the game again. He was very invested in building the village.

"Searing Sun! You're back!"

w.a.n.g Hai waved to Yang Rui who just logged in. "We are less than four hours away from the former Mountain Village location, I hope that we can set off as soon as possible!" w.a.n.g Hai announced and started pestering Yang Rui.

Looks like w.a.n.g Hai was rather impatient, but this does suit Yang Rui's plans. The pair continued on their journey.

The geography of their surroundings changed as the pair travelled further northeast. The ground was uneven, there were less and less people. Throughout the journey, w.a.n.g Hai was introducing the area to Yang Rui. It seems that he was very familiar with this area. This eased much of Yang Rui's worries.

Although w.a.n.g Hai was hasty in nature, the two still got caught up in trouble! As their surroundings changed. This increased their travelling speed a lot!

Wild beasts would sp.a.w.n at the two sides of the canyon, their levels steadily increasing as the pair travelled further. They gave Yang Rui a lot of trouble, he almost lost w.a.n.g Hai plenty of times! w.a.n.g Hai did not have much Strength points, so his safety rested solely on Yang Rui.

"Searing Sun, we are almost there! Mountain Village was built at that valley ahead!" w.a.n.g Hai pointed at a valley ahead just as they reached a mountain peak.

Yang Rui gave a sigh of relief, they finally made it! The geography of their current location cannot be described as uneven or steep anymore. The mountain peak that they climbed just now was simply a small hill in real life. However, the game map was a 100 times more magnified copy of real life. The hill became a mountain that was almost impossible to climb! If not for a path that went around some mountains, this place would be desolate.

Yet Yang Rui was extremely pleased. He wanted to travel to Yongzhou due to its key location. Yongzhou had Taixing mountain and Qinlin mountain range nearby. Not to mention the numerous rivers that provided Yongzhou with plenty of fertile land!

However, the present location wasn't half bad! Especially the fact that there is only 1 path in and out. Other than that, Taishan's mountain range has blocked the rest of the pathways out. The peak was at least a few thousand meters high!

Additionally, the windy path was definitely built following a river being magnified 100 times from real life, the water flow would definitely be plentiful. It was very much like the past, after all the direction of river flow is based on terrain.

"Searing Sun! We have arrived!" w.a.n.g Hai's reminder pulled Yang Rui back to reality. They have arrived at the valley.

Yang Rui surveyed the valley, and his face lit up again. The valley extended further inward into a V like shape. The valley mouth was only about 2 kilometers wide, however the more it extended inwards, the wider it became. Soon, it had a width of 10 kilometers. When you looked further inwards, you could see a rippling reflection of light, it was a water source!

"Th-this was where Mountain Village was located?" Yang Rui blurted out, dumbstruck.

Perhaps w.a.n.g Hui saw the awe in Yang Rui's eyes, he nodded slightly, and then began to introduce the valley:

"This place was home to my Mountain Village, surrounded by the extended mountain ranges of Taishan. The inner valley has a lake which we named Black Dragon Pool. The lake is several hundred miles wide, it splits the valley in to the Inner valley and the outer valley. To travel between the two valleys, you could only use a boat, or through a small path on the rocks. The inner valley is large, but the soil is poor. The outer valley is smaller, but the soil is fertile. Due to the mountain bandits' hara.s.sment, we could only stay in the inner valley, the outer valley was impossible to settle in!"

w.a.n.g Hai pointed at a short hill at the valley mouth, his eyes gleamed with hate and sadness.

Yang Rui followed the direction that w.a.n.g Hai was pointing, he stared at the valley and nodded slightly. After giving a few words of comfort to w.a.n.g Hai, they travelled to the small path on the rocks and arrived at the inner valley.

After arriving be walked around the Black Dragon Pool for around 40-50 miles. He finally decided on a spot a few miles from the lake. On one hand, Yang Rui realised that the inner valley was not totally safe. There were a few level 15 monsters roaming. On the other hand, Yang Rui considered that the Black Dragon Pool could be used for fishing, increasing the food production of the village.

Yang Rui brought out the Settlement Order.
"Using the Settlement Order would build a village at your current location. Proceed: Yes or no" the system prompted.

"Yes!" Yang Rui confirmed his decision, and followed the placard's instructions to bury the Settlement Order in the dirt.

Before him, the soil started to twist and rise. Before long, three buildings appeared in front of Yang Rui.

"You have successfully built your village. Please decide on your village name."

"Mountain Village!" Yang Rui was not fussy about the name. As a homage to w.a.n.g Hai, he decided to name the village as it was.

"Congratulations on building the first village in War of the Worlds- 'Mountain Village'. As the first player in the game to build a village. You are awarded with additional 200 Fame and 'First Village under the Heavens' t.i.tle. NPC friendship has been increased by 5 points, and villager recruitment rate increased by 10%, and special villager sp.a.w.n rate increased by 10%. Please choose one of the following special crops to receive: potatoes, peanuts, sweet potatoes.

The system announcement pinged:

System announcement: "Congratulations Three Kingdoms China server player Searing Sun for building the first village- 'Mountain Village'. Searing Sun has been specially awarded 200 Fame and the t.i.tle "First Village under the Heavens" has been awarded to the village. An additional special crop has also been awarded!"

Translated by doodlebleh

Edited by Sage

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