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Chapter 786: Xi Jin Learned the Truth About Dai’er 2

Dai’er was held up by the iron chains, barely breathing. She hung all alone in the prison, undergoing physical and mental torture. How much pain was she in?

Xi Jin watched everything that was happening in the crystal ball with his red eyes filled with sorrow and resentment. There were also hints of self-blame and heartache.

Soon after that, Shen Yunya appeared. She held the skin that had previously been peeled from Dai’er’s face in her hands and left after saying something. The images in the crystal ball then disappeared suddenly as it returned to its original state.

Xi Jin clenched his fist and asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “What happened to Dai’er in the end?” The last thing he had seen was Dai’er barely breathing.

“Keep watching, Crown Prince.” After watching the last scene, the state preceptor calmly showed Xi Jin another side of the crystal ball.

Xi Jin’s heart was aching as he forced himself to look at the crystal ball.

The scene was still taking place in a gloomy, moist dungeon. Dai’er was still there, chained up. She was almost completely recognizable, and her knees were b.l.o.o.d.y. The scene still showed Shen Yunya holding the b.l.o.o.d.y skin from Dai’er’s face.

He couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but he could feel the hatred in Dai’er’s gaze. It was an intense hatred. He then saw that Shen Yunya had raised her head as if she was laughing.

In the next moment, Shen Yunya suddenly moved. She poked Dai’er’s eyes with her fingers and dug them out. Dai’er curled up in pain.

“Dai… Dai’er…” Xi Jin’s pupils widened. He felt so much heartache that he couldn’t breathe. How could Shen Yunya do this? Dai’er was her elder sister. She was her elder sister!

After that, Shen Yunya wrapped the skin she held around the eyeb.a.l.l.s. He could vaguely see her lips curling up in delight from her side profile.

How could she still laugh after doing that to Dai’er?

“Dai’er!” He saw Shen Yunya made a move, as a wound suddenly appeared on Dai’er’s neck. Blood was gushing out continuously while Dai’er seemed to be shouting something. Just by looking at her, he could feel the intense hatred and her unwillingness to admit defeat.

Xi Jin clenched his fists tightly as he stared at the Shen Yunya in the crystal ball. His red eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Had Dai’er died in Shen Yunya’s hands?

He was actually going to marry Shen Yunya!

He felt that she was rather laughable and would never give in, no matter what happened.

However, right after that, he saw a white figure leaving Shen Qingdai’s body. It floated away, going off into the storm outside the small window.

“State preceptor, that’s Dai’er’s…” Xi Jin looked at the crystal ball, which had no image in it. His eyes then grew wide with shock, and he looked at the state preceptor with antic.i.p.ation.

The state preceptor nodded gently and said in a dreamy voice, “She resurrected in someone else’s body. She has been reborn.”

Xi Jin became weak and feeble as he mumbled, “Dai’er was killed by Shen Yunya. However, she was reborn because she was resurrected in someone else’s body.”

Dai’er had been reborn. Whose body had she been resurrected in?

“Who did she resurrect as?” Xi Jin asked anxiously. If he were to learn the truth, he would bring Dai’er back and protect her. He would never let anyone hurt her again.

“I can’t tell you. If you look for her carefully, you will find her.” After saying those words, the state preceptor took the crystal ball with him and left.

Xi Jin was still sitting there, dumbfounded, thinking about everything he had seen today. He felt as if he was struck by lightning. Everything he saw was beyond his imagination, and he was unable to accept it.

“Could Tu Xiupei really have been Dai’er?” After saying those words, Xi Jin shook his head immediately in denial. No, Tu Xiupei could never be Dai’er. How could she be Dai’er?

Lin’er had said that he always mistook someone else for Dai’er. Therefore, Tu Xiupei could never be the real deal.

However, if it wasn’t her, then who was the real Dai’er?

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