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Published at 22nd of September 2019 04:50:07 PM Chapter 529: 529

While moving to the Windy Plains, Ian asked Vanessa a few more questions .

He found some interesting facts .

“So the guy we are riding on… is called the 'Earth Dragon'?”

At the question of Ian, Vanessa nodded with a proud expression and smiled .

“Right, Ian . This is the guy I received after clearing all the linked quests of the 'Earth's Savior' . It was a super unique hidden quest which I received directly from the G.o.d of Earth . ”

“That… so?”

“However, it is a quest that can't be received anymore, so if you're planning to get Cortus, it's better to just let it go . ”

At the story of Vanessa, Ian looked puzzled .

“Why? You got it in the German server, and I'm from the Korean Server . So can't a land dragon be obtained in my Korean server?”

Vanessa clapped her hands and then spoke again .

“Even then, everything remains the same . ”


“At the point where the Dimensional war had long ended, you cannot get a quest called the 'Blessing of the Land' . ”

After hearing what Vanessa said, Ian nodded .

It was because he understood her words . However, he was thinking about something else .

Vanessa's story was able to draw a few facts .

Ian thought of a memory that was deep in his mind .

'The G.o.d Dragon of land in the Korean server… wasn't Cortus . '

In fact, Ian tried to remember the G.o.d Dragon the moment he saw Cortus .

A dragon with beautiful dark green scales was the only G.o.d Dragon that was seen very briefly in the dimensional war .

But after hearing the name 'Cortus', Ian thought that maybe what he saw wasn't a G.o.d Dragon .

The G.o.d Dragon of land in the Korean server was named 'Miaica' and not Cortus .

'The existence of the G.o.d Dragons are the same in the servers, but each of them had a unique name and ident.i.ty . '

A weird thought came to Ian's mind .

'If I meet the new G.o.d dragons from other servers in the Dragon Haven, can I tame two of the same attribute dragons?'

He had another question he was curious about .

Ian smiled to himself and asked,

“Then, Vanessa?”


“Do you remember the name of the Land G.o.ddess?”

Vanessa narrowed her brows as she heard Ian's question .

Since it had been a long time ago, she didn't seem to come up with a name .

“Uhmm? Nope, I don't remember . ”

“Ah . ”

“But there is one thing that I can surely say . ”


“That a Land G.o.ddess doesn't exist . The G.o.d of land was surely a man . ”


Ian's eyes were twinkling a little as he heard that .

Though he didn't find the answer to his question, he found out what he was curious about .

His hypothesis was indeed right .

'If the G.o.d of Land is a man… then surely it is different from the G.o.ds of the Korean server . '

At the time of the dimension war, Ian was in the center of the episode compared to any other user .

He clearly remembered all the G.o.ds who had made an appearance .

In the memory of Ian, the G.o.d of Land was surely a woman .

The Land G.o.ddess, Sandiana .

Ian had been right in front of her, so he saw her very clearly .

'If that is so, then all the G.o.ds that govern the human dimension on each server are individual?'

Ian's conversation with Vanessa allowed him to get a nice outline on the worldview .

After a while, Ian and his party had reached their destination .


[Entered the 'Windy Plain' . ]

[Strong winds are blowing in your direction . ]

[The spirits of 'wind' attributes are stronger in here . ]

[From now on, the magic attacks of 'wind' attributes are stronger . ]

[From now on, the spirits with 'wind' attribute will now scale 50% faster . ]

Checking the messages, Ian started to get excited .

'Uh, I wish I had a wind spirit right now . '

With a light gesture, he jumped off the back of Cortus .


Ralph who arrived there first approached Ian .

“Friend, is this your first time here?”

“That is right . ”

“Then from now on, we will take over the planning . ”

Looking at Ralph, Ian nodded .

“Well, first… let me hear it, then we'll see . ”

It was only natural, but it wasn't just Ian who was wary of the strangers .

While arriving at the Windy Plains, Ralph's party talked a lot .

Ralph: Do any of you know those guys?

Chesk: Nope? I know no one of those three?

Ralph: Still, they would have to be rankers… not even a single one of them is known?

Inisco: Ralph hyung, you think there are just one or two people in the server rankings? There are many rankers . How can we know all of them?

Muel: Yeah, Ralph oppa . Yesterday's statistics show that there are more than 1,000 users with a level above 400… summoner level of 400 is very rare, but for a knight to be of level 400 is quite common .

Ralph: But…

Inisco: And Ralph hyung, you said that the guy was a knight a while back .

Ralph: Well?

Inisco: They would've entered with huge luck on their side and that special quest .

Ralph: That could be .

Inisco: From what I know, the summoner with the twins is probably level 400 .

Ralph: That… so?

Inisco: Of course . I know most of the summoner rankers in the top, and she wasn't one of them .

Chesk: Hmm, Inisco is right . And then, the other two friends would be in the late 300s or something .

Ralph and his party tried to figure out things about Ian and his party and concluded it to some extent .

The conclusion was very far from the truth .

Ralph: Hmm… if this is so, it is still a bit vague .

Inisco: Vague? Why?

Ralph: Those friends, they seem like they'll be a burden .

Chesk: In that case… it would certainly be so .

Inisco: Well, it may be so . There is no way the rankers can save a person .

Muel: I think a bit different .

Ralph: Hmm, yeah?

Muel: If it was the human dimension there could have been a huge difference, but this is the Middle-Earth .

Ralph: That is true .

Muel: And the level of transcendence is similar, then it doesn't mean that there is a big difference between us?

Inisco: Ah, Muel . That isn't it .

Ralph: yeah . Inisco is right .

Muel: Why?

Ralph: Levels and stats are important, but the difference in physical power may be too much to cover .

Chesk: Right . Even if they are rankers, it is difficult to compare us with some two-digit or three-digit rankers . They could be of help on the Windy Plains but, won't they be a burden the moment we enter the valley?

Muel: Uhm…

Inisco: Right, Muel . You can go into their party while entering the Abyss Valley, and then you will get killed along with them .

The wrong conclusion of Ralph's party was the biggest mistake .

Ralph: But since they have come here, don't we have to use them somehow?

Inisco: That is right, hyung . It will be embarra.s.sing to come all the way here and move away separately because of the level .

Chesk: So, you're not going to let them join us? The content is a bit lacking for us, and do you plan on sharing it with them?

Ralph: No way .

Muel: …

Chesk: Then what?

Ralph: I have a nice idea .

Inisco: What is that?

Ralph: The gorge of the gusts in the Abyss Valley . Do you remember that?

Inisco: Of course . We got whisked there, and then we got sent back to the frost cave .

Chesk: …!

Ralph: Leave the monsters in there to those people .

Inisco: Ah, that is a good idea .

Ralph: And then we'll cross over the Abyss Valley .

Both sides had no idea they were thinking about each other .

Apart from that, the party began to move smoothly .

Anyway, the purpose of crossing the plains was shared, so they had no conflict .

And interestingly, Ian was playing the role of a tanker with not even a single summon .

“Ian, Please cover Chesk!”

“Ian, let's move straight through the middle! Take the lead!”

Ian had the b.l.o.o.d.y Revenge in his right hand and the Dragon Shield in the left .

Ian had myth rank transcendence weapons in both of his hands . He was showing a perfect play which would make anyone believe that he was a knight .


['Shield Block' has been successful!]

[Absorbed 93 . 35 percent of the power 'Wind Slash'!]

[Vitality reduced by 12!]

['Wrath of the Dragon' unique ability has been triggered . ]

[Attack damage increased by 0 . 5 percent . ]

The biggest role of a knight cla.s.s user was 'how much stable damage can you receive alone' .

The requisite for that role was the ability to control the shield .

Even with the same amount of defense and vitality, the total amount of damage that could be dealt with was depending on how well one controlled the shield for blocking, and it varied a lot .

Knight cla.s.s users with control and block had 80 percent absorption rate, while physically degraded knights often have less than 50 percent of absorption .

Even with the same equipment and stats, the difference in efficiency could be doubled all depending on the control .

The user's shield blocking control skill of the knight was clearly visible .

Because of the absorption rate of the shield, a special effect was triggered .

It was like a calming wave that spread throughout the shield, an effect that occurred after absorption of more than 70 percent of damage .

Specifically, when more than 90 percent of the damage absorption was triggered, blue colourful waves spread .

If anyone saw the system of it, it would be easy for them to see how good of a knight cla.s.s user he was .

Pang- Pa pang-!

The blue color spread out from the shield .

And Sarah, who was at the back, thought to herself while biting her lip .

'Don't tell me, are all the rankers on the Korean side of this level? I really can't believe this guy . '

A fresh blue wave would make anyone admired the great knight cla.s.s .

But it was all being done by a summoner . However, from Sarah's standpoint, it was all absurd .

Vanessa: Unnie .

Sarah: Huh?

Vanessa: Those people, do they really believe that he is really a knight cla.s.s user?

Sarah: Wouldn't you believe?

Vanessa: But… if I were them, I wouldn't believe that he wasn't a knight cla.s.s .

Sarah: Me too…

Vanessa: No matter how much I look at him .

Sarah: Right . How are you able to even look at him? He is a monster .

Vanessa: Right . Right .

The twins were eagerly discussing about Ian on a 1 on 1 chat at the party play .

It wasn't just Sarah and Vanessa who were surprised with the play of Ian .

The party of Ralph was chatting in their own private group chat as well .

Chesk: Ralph, those friends… they aren't as bad as we thought .

Ralph: Hmm, think so?

Inisco: The twins are pretty good, but that Ian guy, he is really something, hyung .

Ralph: That definitely is a great level of shield control .

Chesk: Right?

Ralph: But that is it . He can't use the knight specific skills properly and is trying to solve everything with his shield control only .

Inisco: Well, I think it is because he likes that shield too much, maybe he is depending on it that much .

Time pa.s.sed quickly as if they were dreaming differently in the same place .

Three to four hours had pa.s.sed as they tried to break through the spirits of the Windy Plains .

Finally, the end of the windy plains seemed to have come .

At the end was a deep and dark valley that was awaiting the party .

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