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The next few minutes were a two-part dance of hesitant retreat and terrified rear glances. The mangled infant didn't follow any further, but my legs didn't get the memo. Apparently neither did Shang Haoming or Zhao Jie's. We bolted up the hill, scrabbling over rocks and through bushes. When the creature was no longer in sight I called ahead for them to slow. Gulping in air, Zhao Jie turned back to me and started to speak when a fresh wailing cry cut him off. He raised an accusatory finger past me and managed, "How?"

It didn't claw after us. There was no way it could have kept up, but there it was, six meters behind me. My throat was so tight that I couldn't make a noise. I turned slowly back to the boys, my fingers still wrapped around the jade amulet, and nodded up the hill. We continued to climb.

A beam of sunlight broke through the trees and fell on us with a wave of warmth. Any pleasure of it was robbed by the wails reverberating through the mountains. Every time I glanced over my shoulder there it was, always six meters behind our staggering party. My skin p.r.i.c.kled in gooseflesh despite the warm light.

"What do we do if it follows us home?" Zhao Jie asked through trembling lips. His cheeks quivered on the brink of tears.. He was shivering from head to toe, even while holding the little compa.s.s closely. "How has he been climbing on such shaky legs?" I wondered.

Shang Haoming, beside him was as still as a tree trunk except for the hand holding the copper. His hand held the coin out like a shield, moving in a figure eight between him and the tiny red monstrosity.

I took a deep breath and spoke, momentarily caught off guard at the quiver in my own voice. "I've never seen anything like this before, but we can't stay here. Ku Tou said no one hears the cries beyond the mountain. There must be a reason it stays here."

They nodded in agreement. Shang Haoming's eyebrows locked together, "Ku Tou's a wimp. I'm gonna' whoop him next time I catch his scrawny a.s.s."

Casting another glance at the forlorn thing behind us, we wasted no time and beat feet towards the road. I was overwhelmed with relief when all three of us had safely planted our shoes on the gravel path. The feeling vanishedwhen the corpse followed without delay. We moved towards town, increasing our pace as often as we could. Only, when we walked quickly, it would scramble faster. When we slowed, it would slow. The cries that belted from the torn mouth quieted to an incessant pitch in my ears.

By the time we crested a hill and could see Ku Tou's village in the distance, we were all drenched in sweat. The corpse had kept pace. It didn't seem to be trapped in the mountains at all. "Why are you doing this?" I turned and screamed at it, suddenly furious. "What do you want?" I yelled.

"Xiao Yong!" Zhao Jie barked in surprise, his face paled and he raised the compa.s.s in defense.

"Why did we come here?" I returned. "I musta' been crazy dragging you guys up here to find a ghost! Now it won't leave us alone!" My eyes stung with hot tears and I felt my teeth clenching hard enough to bring an ache to my jaw.

I turned back to the corpse. "Master Liu said that ghosts don't have a physical being! You're not supposed to be here!" As if embarra.s.sed, the baby took a crawling half step back. I watched its mangled knee sc.r.a.pe against the gravel path, dislodging rocks and dust as it did so.

"But you are here… aren't you?" I asked it. The baby's single eye rolled upwards to meet mine. "How can you move?" I asked. "Are you a zombie?"

I shook my head, now talking just to hear something other than that awful ringing scream. "No. Master Liu said zombies are slow. Plus they're scared of fire and sunlight." I gestured up to the sky. "You wouldn't have come this far if the sun hurt you." I knelt down, careful not to get closer, but to see on its level. "What are you?"

A hand suddenly clapped down on my shoulder. I whirled around and lost my footing in shock. Swirling in the dust of the road, I spun and landed on my b.u.t.t, now facing the boys. Shang Haoming stood over me with a look of surprise. "What was that for?" I asked, not trying to hide the hurt. My shoulder throbbed where his meaty hand had landed.

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