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The old crow flied out of the col. And it was closer us. It became bigger. When it was flying over the mountain, we noticed that the old crow was lengthy as the arms of the adults. And its eyes were ferocious.

Absolutely, it might be out illusion because of fear. But the old crow was indeed ferocious.

The old crow was flying over the mountain. Zhao Jie and I were frightened to stoop. However, Shang Haoming became so brave that he picked up one stone to throw towards the old crow. Although he didn't hit the old crow, the old crow was frightened.


After the old crow croaked, it clapped its wings and flied away.

Shang Haoming looked back and said to me and Zhao Jie, "Why are you scared? It is an old crow. My grandma told me to throw stones towards them, because its croak can call on bad things. We throw stones to expel the bad thing."

Zhao Jie and I picked up one stone, throwing towards the direction of the old crows, yet we were late to do that. But we hopped it would work.

After we threw stones, we kept silent. The cries came out of the col. However, the cries became peaceful. It was like a baby's cry. There was not bad feeling inside the voice.

We never so scared. Absolutely, it was because that we got used of this voice. After all, the baby just cried, and it never hurt us.

I looked at the col and I said, "Should we go under the col."

Since I pretend to be brave, I would continue to be brave. Master Liu said I had something to protect me last time when I went under the grave with Master Liu. I thought my treasure would be helpful when I would meet Red ghost or the baby ghost.

After Zhao Jie heard my words, he was against me. But Shang Haoming became braver. He said directly, "Xiao Yong, I will follow you. I never meet ghosts before. I will be regretful if I just hear the voice instead of seeing its look."

I said Shang Haoming was not less curious than me.

However, Zhao Jie said, "Fine, I can accompany with you. We should die together."

"Knock on wood. Zhao Jie, don't say that. Do you forget I had learned from Master Liu?" I said to Zhao Jie angrily.

Although we decided to make it clear in the col, we became hesitated when we were about to start off. In fact, we were scared. And it was really difficult to clear away the thistles and thorns by hands.

Therefore, we went to find a locus tree, picking up a dry branch. And then I used it to clear away the thistles and thorns.

I brought them to here. Therefore, I decided to lead the way. Shang Haoming follows me. And the last one was Zhao Jie.

We should be careful when we were walking in the col, because the slope was steep. If we are careless, we would fall down along the thistles and thorns. Even if I would not die, I would hurt.

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