The Sword of Antietam: A Story of the Nation's Crisis Part 41

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GEORGE WARNER, A Vermont Youth Who Loves Mathematics.

FRANK PENNINGTON, A Nebraska Youth, Friend of d.i.c.k Mason.

ARTHUR ST. CLAIR, A Native of Charleston, Friend of Harry Kenton.

TOM LANGDON, Friend of Harry Kenton.

GEORGE DALTON, Friend of Harry Kenton.

BILL SKELLY, Mountaineer and Guerrilla.

TOM SLADE, A Guerrilla Chief.

SAM JARVIS, The Singing Mountaineer.

IKE SIMMONS, Jarvis' Nephew.

AUNT "SUSE," A Centenarian and Prophetess.

BILL PETTY, A Mountaineer and Guide.

JULIEN DE LANGEAIS, A Musician and Soldier from Louisiana.

JOHN CARRINGTON, Famous Northern Artillery Officer.

DR. RUSSELL, Princ.i.p.al of the Pendleton School.


JAMES BERTRAND, A Messenger from the South.

JOHN NEWCOMB, A Pennsylvania Colonel.

JOHN MARKHAM, A Northern Officer.

JOHN WATSON, A Northern Contractor.

WILLIAM CURTIS, A Southern Merchant and Blockade Runner.

MRS. CURTIS, Wife of William Curtis.

HENRIETTA GARDEN, A Seamstress in Richmond.

d.i.c.k JONES, A North Carolina Mountaineer.

VICTOR WOODVILLE, A Young Mississippi Officer.

JOHN WOODVILLE, Father of Victor Woodville.

CHARLES WOODVILLE, Uncle of Victor Woodville.

COLONEL BEDFORD, A Northern Officer.

CHARLES GORDON, A Southern Staff Officer.



MR. CULVER, A State Senator.

MR. BRACKEN, A Tobacco Grower.


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