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Chapter 717: Hotline For Relatives And Friends

“Yes, there’s the number 1329 at the top right of the medical record,” Chief Li said in a deep voice.

“Is there a problem?” Zheng Ren asked.

This… He had countless questions, but Zheng Ren asked so directly. He was way too straightforward.

Chief Li did not know how to answer for a moment.

He composed himself and immediately said, “I have three radiographic films in my hands. I can see the existence of four groups of capillaries.”

There was no need to exchange pleasantries. He would just skip straight to the point.

“There are a total of seven groups of capillaries. The position at the far end of the capillaries has not expanded significantly due to insufficient observation time after thrombectomy. However, the radiographic films can provide evidence.” Zheng Ren’s voice was a little tired but still very firm.

Chief Li was silent.

There were seven groups of capillaries?

“Chief Li, please place the first radiographic films on the radiographic film viewer.” Zheng Ren seemed to have guessed that Chief Li did not understand.

Chief Li was a little absent-minded but still inserted the radiographic films into the radiographic film viewer according to Zheng Ren’s instructions on the other side of the call.

“Chief Li, are you calling the hotline for relatives and friends to ask for help?” The chief of the orthopedics department had just finished brushing his hands and came back to disinfect and put on his clothes. When he saw that Chief Li was looking at the radiographic films while holding the phone, he teased him.

Everyone was on the verge of breaking down after performing so many surgeries. They joked a little to make the atmosphere there a little more relaxed.

However, Chief Li did not hear him at all. He had his back facing the operating table and was focused on looking at the radiographic films.

“Doctor Zheng, the position of the upper and lower-left corner of the radiographic films—” Chief Li voiced out the question in his heart. However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Zheng Ren on the other end of the phone.

“That position was specially made by me. The third branch of the anterior tibial artery is relatively thin so it’s easy to overlook it. This position can not be seen on a normal silhouette. During normal surgeries, the position of this blood vessel may be directly cut off.”

Chief Li stared unblinkingly at the silhouette on the radiographic film viewer. With just one sentence, he had an epiphany.

“Lead the orthopedic surgeon. This is not something that can be covered by local anatomy. Every person’s capillary vessel branches are different so it shows the value of an interventional surgeon.”

“Yes, yes. Please continue.” Chief Li’s tone subconsciously became much more respectful.

“Take a look at the first quadrant of the first radiographic films. There is a blood vessel there. It is the eighth branch of the popliteal artery. If we were to remove the bone, the orthopedic department would not preserve this blood vessel.”

The words were not very pleasant to hear but they were the truth.

Orthopedics surgery was also known as carpentry. They were allowed to could cut, chisel, and saw everything. Moreover, no one would be so meticulous in a destructive surgery like an amputation.

However, Zheng Ren did not want this to happen.

He wanted to be as meticulous as possible. It would be of great help to the patient’s postoperative recovery and the installation of prosthetic limbs.

Chief Li smiled. He felt that Doctor Zheng was a really practical person. However, he could not let the orthopedics department’s doctor hear this.

“This blood vessel only has a faint image because the blood pressure of the injured is relatively low after the thrombus has been removed. The capillary blood supply has not fully recovered. Time was of the essence so we only waited on the stage for ten minutes before we started the angiography

“The scope of this blood vessel can be preserved completely… In other words, the position of the amputee can be moved down about 1.3cm. The skin flap will definitely not have any problems. Please rest a.s.sured.”

Chief Li was silent.

If it were not for Zheng Ren’s reminder, he definitely would not have noticed that faint blood vessel. Even if he had noticed it, he would not be sure that it was fine.


“Doctor Zheng, are you sure that the capillaries near this blood vessel can be opened?” Chief Li asked hesitantly.

“I’m sure.” Zheng Ren’s voice came from the other end of the phone, very determined. It was not as ambiguous as the usual doctor’s words. “Ten minutes ago, this blood vessel could not be seen. However, ten minutes after the embolus was taken out, the image could be seen. This means that the embolus did not last long, so…

“Look at the third quadrant of the second radiographic films. There is a blood vessel in the lower-left silhouette. If you compare it with the first radiographic films, it is very easy to see the extension of the capillaries.”

Chief Li carefully compared the two radiographic films. Under Zheng Ren’s guidance, he discovered the changes in the blood vessels.

He looked at the time on the radiographic films and found that the two radiographic films were separated by 52 seconds.

Although the changes in the capillaries were not obvious, it was already very gratifying that there were changes in such a short period of time.

“Hey, Old Li, I’m about to make a move. Do you have anything to say?” Chief Sui asked.

“Wait a minute. I’ll be there in three minutes.” Chief Li seized the time to ask. He looked at the three radiographic films from the beginning again.

According to what the surgeon said, the information that these three radiographic films brought to him could be said to be a sea of information.

So that was what the radiographic films he made were about! Chief Li quickly figured it out.

However, figuring it out and being able to grasp such a huge amount of information in a short period of time—identifying the useful and useless capillaries—were two different things.

However, it was fine as long as they did their best.

“Doctor Zheng, our surgery has already begun. I’ll keep in touch. If I have any questions, I will give you a call to consult,” Chief Li said very politely.

“Alright, thank you for your hard work,” Zheng Ren said.

Hard work… He was a local doctor yet he was being told ‘good luck’ by a doctor from outside… Chief Li’s mood was a little strange.

However, all the unrelated emotions had to be put aside. All his attention had to be placed on the wounded.

Chief Li took one last look at the radiographic films. He turned around and walked behind the surgeon as he began to communicate with Chief Sui.


Zheng Ren sat in front of the operating table. He was about to fall asleep.

His lips were dry and chapped like the riverbed during a drought.

“Doctor Zheng, have some food and rest.” Chief Jiang walked in with a plate of covered rice and blocked Zheng Ren’s way to the operating theater.

He was very determined this time. He had to let Doctor Zheng have some food.

He had not eaten a hot meal for a few days and nights. Who would be able to endure doing surgery while wearing lead clothing in such a condition?

Zheng Ren glanced at him, took off his sterile mask, and grinned.

Before his expression could surface, the square muscle on his lower lip moved and pulled on the bruised wound. It caused a heart-wrenching pain to shoot through him.

“I can’t open my mouth. Forget it,” Zheng Ren said with narrowed eyes.

Chief Jiang did not speak. He only used his body language to express his dissatisfaction with Zheng Ren.

Helpless, Zheng Ren could only take the rice from Chief Jiang and uncover it. He lay on the table and almost fell asleep. He struggled and tried not to fall asleep. He picked up his chopsticks and tried hard to feed himself.

Usually, he was not willing to eat. Now that his hormone level was high, he could not feel hunger at all. Zheng Ren ate as if he was taking medicine.

“Boss, the way you eat is exactly the same as the search and rescue dogs that went to Nanchuan Town,” Su Yun said loudly. He had just walked in and saw Zheng Ren eating with his head down.

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