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But Wu Gui did not think so. He didn't was informed that his master accepted this boy as a disciple. Furthermore, he remembered that when he entered the Tai Xuan Sect for the first time, the master didn't accompany him to visit to the sect.

"I've told that there is a magic method in Devil Sect, called Locking Devil Method, which can inject the demon spirit into people's body to disorder the human mind, so you must be the spy of the Devil Sect!"

Lin Xiao got angry and laughed, "You can't a.s.sert whether I am a spy or not. I guess your master has warned you before you came! If you annoy me, I promise to let him eject you from the sect before you figure out if I am a spy."

Wu Gui was surprised. His eyes wandered, and he did not speak. He remembered that his master's expression was unprecedentedly serious. If he dealt with Lin Xiao at present, he might be punished by his master as Lin Xiao said. s.h.i.t! Why was this guy so spoiled by master!

Wu Gui felt unbalanced at heart.

Seeing his aim was reached, Lin Xiao smiled, and started another this topic. He asked, "Senior brother Wu, the sect leader have just told me the secret environment, so I want to inquire about it. What is the secret environment?"

"Haha, are you kidding me? You even don't know the secret environment?" Wu Gui was typical of showing off. When he heard that Lin Xiao didn't know the secret environment which was known to all, he immediately forgot about other things and laughed at Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao admitted what he really understood and what he did not know. He wouldn't feel ashamed, so he nodded his head honestly.

"Junior Brother Lin Xiao, in order not to let you lose face of our master and Tai Xuan Sect, today your brother will give you a lesson so as to tell you what the secret environment is. You must listen to me carefully."

Wu Gui pretended to cough for a while, seeing Lin Xiao c.o.c.king ears to listen, he said slowly, "The war between G.o.d and devil! This story started from the war between G.o.d and devil! "

Lin Xiao's eyelids jumped and he was surprised. The secret environment actually had been linked to the war between G.o.d and devil. It should not to be taken lightly.

Wu Gui talked tirelessly, and Lin Xiao listened to him with great interest. After a while, Lin Xiao has figured out.

G.o.d and devil were the strongest ones in ancient times. They could raise their hands to pick stars and touch the moon, and had supreme power. An airy wave of their hands could turn a continent into ashes. The war between them destroyed the whole universe, leading to countless stars broken, the s.p.a.ce disappear, and the world debris scatter. The large debris became the boundless continent, while the small ones became various secret environments.

All in all, the secret environment was a strange s.p.a.ce that n.o.body has ever set foot in before.

In the secret environment, the crisis and the opportunities coexisted, and there may be a variety of ancient ferocious beasts, and there may also exist the ultimate cultivation methods, divine medicines and pellets, the supreme army, and the rare crystal... In short, a good secret environment could make a sect suddenly rich overnight and get the great success soon. As long as there was a secret environment, everything was possible.

Through the introduction of Wu Gui, Lin Xiao has learned that there were two secrets environment in the Tai Xuan Sect. One of them was full of opportunities, of course, there would exist some danger. Now it was a place for the disciples to practice, and every disciple would be allowed to enter it every year.

But the other one had no value. The sect couldn't gain any benefits from it, so it was left in abeyance. If it hadn't appeared a wonderful view every one hundred years, it would have been forgotten by Tai Xuan Sect.

Speaking of this, Wu Gui suddenly paused to leave Lin Xiao in suspense.

Unfortunately, Lin Xiao was not interested in the wonderful view. He reminded of the mysterious Forsaken Cemetery. Was it would also a secret environment?

Wu Gui didn't hear Lin Xiao asking questions, so he did not continue this talk. He looked at Tripod Hall in front of him. Suddenly he rolled his eyes and said, "Junior brother Lin Xiao, let's show you Tripod Hall..."

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