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Li Taixuan's heart did a flip. He nodded his head and admired Lin Xiao very much. It seemed that this sixteen year old boy understood many things through enlightenment. No wonder the grandmaster accepted him as a disciple.

This time, Li Taixuan did not take Lin Xiao as a child. He told Lin Xiao about the situation of Tai Xuan Sect carefully.

There were three hundred and sixty counties in the Great Xia country, the Fire Meteorolite Continent. The Tai Xuan Sect once was indeed one of the five main sects of Red Vitex County, but as its secret environment withered, the talents reduced and the development slowed down. Although it looked impressive in appearance, in fact, it now became the third-rate force in the Red Vitex County. It couldn't be included in ten sects, let alone the five main sects. It was still famous in the nearby cities.

This was not the end of the story. In Li Taixuan's words, although Tai Xuan Sect was now recognized as the first sect by several cities, there was a Devil Sect which enjoyed a rapid development in recent years.

The Devil Sect was originally a small force, but a few years ago, it discovered a secret environment, and the strength of the sect advanced by leaps and bounds in several years, and now it has become the first big force in this area except for the Tai Xuan Sect.

Although the Tai Xuan Sect has declined, but it had remaining prestige or influence, the Devil Sect didn't dare to take reckless actions, but in the recent period of time, Li Tai Xuan found that the Devil Sect was inclined to act. He guessed that the Devil Sect might be supported by some other sects and it wanted to annex the Tai Xuan Sect.

After hearing out the introduction from Li Taixuan, Lin Xiao quickly seized the key word - the secret environment!

The wane of Tai Xuan Sect and the rise of the Devil Sect were all related to the secret environment, when Lin Xiao was about to ask Li Taixuan what the secret environment was, suddenly a signal flare exploded in the distance. Li Taixuan changed his countenance, and then he respectfully made a bow with hands folded in front to Lin Xiao, "Martial uncle, I'm afraid that the disciples of the Devil Sect came to create a disturbance again, and I'll go to check first. You can wait here. I'll call a disciple to show you the way."

After finishing the talk, Li Tai Xuan has reached a hundred meters away, so that Lin Xiao had to swallow his words.

Lin Xiao didn't wait for a long time, a disciple came to him. Seeing the disciple, Lin Xiao could not help sighing that this Tai Xuan Sect was too small, because the disciple was his acquaintance, Wu Gui.

When Wu Gui saw Lin Xiao, he immediately glared his eyes, and his face blushed. He still remembered that just now, the sect leader let him to accompany a person to visit the sect. Besides, his master warned him again and again that he couldn't neglect this person.

Wu Gui was so excited that he thought this person was an important figure, because the news that the sect leader had just accompanied a young man to visit the sect has been spread all over the whole Tai Xuan Sect, so he did not dare to neglect. Along the way, he imagined that after he accomplished this task, the sect leader would give him a lot of benefits. He thought he was really the beloved disciple of the sect leader.

However, now he saw that this young man was Lin Xiao, his good mood was gone in a minute, and his mood was worse than swallowing a lot of flies.

"Tell me, what kind of demonic magic did you use to make my master value you so much?" Wu Gui shouted at Lin Xiao.

Wu Gui thought that no one was more clear than himself about Lin Xiao's origin, and Lin Xiao's shabby look at the time when he first saw Li Xiao was still vivid in his mind. Beside, at that time, Lin Xiao did not have a single penny left on.

If someone said Lin Xiao had a strong background, Wu Gui would not believe it. He reminded that the divine cat vomited blood and was in a coma, so Wu Gui believed that Lin Xiao had some demonic magic, and there was on other explanations.

"h.e.l.lo, senior brother Wu, actually I am a new disciple of the sect leader."

Now, the Devil Sect looked at Tai Xuan Sect fiercely as a tiger did. Lin Xiao felt that they should put aside their personal resentment first. What's more, he had no hatred with Wu Gui.

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